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Looking to find schools with 3rd/4th/5th graders wanting to SKYPE about The Lorax on Tuesday, March 2nd for Read Across America Day. We are booking time slots for 1:00 - 1:45 PST, as we are in California and that is our assembly time for all students. THANKS!!

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I assume you mean the Seuss book? I might be able to get some 3rd graders interested in Nashville, TN, which is after school at 3-3:45 our time. I am checking....

Terri Schulz
Ensworth School, Nashville, TN 37205
I am interested in this class has not skyped yet, but I am learning about it with Lucy Gray today. We do a big Dr.Seuss week and I want to focus on the Lorax beyond this. I have a 4th grade class. How are you going to work this?


Book us for 1:00.

Call me at 1:00 on Tuesday. We will have a few minutes to skype at that time.


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