I'm using a resource for students that help them while they speak via Skype. If anyone would like to try it out, let me know.

Also, does anyone know of a school or schools in Central/South America that use Skype with their students?



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I am thrilled that you'd like to try it out.

Why don't you register and play around with it. Look at the videos to get a better idea. If you hav any questions, just let me know.

I know your kids are going to love it.



Hello! I´m new to the globaledcon community that´s why I´ve just  read your post.  I host a Skype community group in the Edmodo teachers´social network.  I would really appreciate your contribution since you´ve had experience using skype in the classroom. This could be a way to light the spark in other teachers.  At present there are 101 members, all seeking for partner classes. Most of them are from USA but there are also other countries. Thank you for now and let me know if you´re interested mentioning where you teach and what is your subject.  I´m a freelance teacher of English as a foreign language based in Argentina. Regards,  María del Carmen



I would be happy to participate in your group. I teach in Chappaqua, NY at Horace Greeley High School. I teach Spanish to high school students although I did teach adults for many years.

Please let me know how I can help out.

All the best, 



Thank you for your answer. As I told you I´m the host of The Skype community within the edmodo teachers´ social community.  The idea is to share experiences so as to get others involved in the skyping experience. 

Teachers join the group and then post comments, ask questions or simply ask for classes with similar interests to participate in Skype based projects.

I´m myself quite new to internet based resourses and media, so I´m personally looking for expanding my knowledge and in order to do so I found myself collaborating with a teacher of Spanish as a second language by exchanging videos, presentations or simply by dropping comments whenever her students post anything. My responses are in Spanish, her students make videos in English for my students.  It´s very simple and at the same time very rewarding!

 If you would like to join first the edmodo and then the skype community I can send you an invitation to your email account and once you´re logged in, you ask for a connect request to me and then a join request to the skype community.

That´s about it, hope to hear about you soon!




Great. I'll wait for your inviation to Edmodo.


I need your email address so that I can email the invitation, couln´t find it in your profile :(

You have to know that Edmodo has been experiencing some technical issues lately, so don´t worry if you try to sign in and the site is down, just try later, they give all the info via tweeter.



Hi Maria,

It's jimsarris1@gmail.com.



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