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Hi, I'm a teacher in a small School in Sydney, Australia. I work with students aged 8 -12 years. I work with a mainstream class and also a Gifted & Talented group. I'm looking to link up with interested schools and teachers (internationally) with a focus on Skype and potentially some student collaborative tasks through the likes of Wiki. If you interested, send me a reply. Regards Jed.

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I work with classes in the US and in Africa but you may be interested in becoming part of a global initiative.  Check out k12 Next Generation and see if this wouldn't be of some interest.

Tracy Hanson, Founder

I have been in the Beaconhouse School system for three years and have worked in the capacity of an English teacher. I was promoted as the branch coordinator last year. I have loved working with ICT and enjoy integrating lessons with ICT and collaborating with students in other countries. I usually like to enroll my students online on projects that help them collaborate through Social networks, Skype sessions, blogs and e-plas. They have connected with students and writers in England, Jordan and recently USA. I am looking forward to join a project in which I interact with school on Global Dignity Day and am sure my students will come up with unique ideas.  You can email to me on my ID

Hello, Jed!

May be my students 9-13 will work with your group to collaborate through  Wiki.

Our School life will be an  interesting project, won't it?

Best wishes,

Elena Grigorouk

I teach grade five in New York. I would love to connect on a project. Let me know what you have in mind.


I teach students of different ages in Ukraine and I find Skype conferencing interesting. I believe teachers in my gymnasium will be glad to join you. 

Best wishes,

Helen (Kharkov Gymnasium, Ukraine)


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