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I teach high school English in a one-to-one school in Boston, MA, USA, and I am looking for international or rural schools to partner with between October and December 2011. My 16 students are 16 and 17 years old, but connecting with any students between the ages of 15-20 would work well for us. (I have some contact me even if these dates don't work for you).


My students have written "This I Believe" essays modeled after the series on National Public Radio in the United States. I'd like to pair each student with at least one other student to either:


a) write a collaborative essay entitled "This We Believe" 


b) create a collaborative video project entitled "This We Believe"


We would use Skype and other free online tools to make this collaboration happen. I have significant experience arranging such collaboration, so I'm happy to work with any teacher, regardless of your comfort level with technology, collaboration, or language. More important to me than past experience is finding teachers who:

  • are willing to "make the time" in our busy classroom lives to sustain the collaboration
  • are flexible in their delivery of their curriculum
  • are excited by connecting students from different cultures and places




Robin Neal:


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I love the This I Believe series! Great project, Robin! This is a great example of how to structure a project so that others can join in. Good luck!


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