Here are a couple of ideas that I have about using Twitter in this ning....

1) Members can post their Twitter IDs in this space if they'd like to follow other members or be followed.

2) If you add tags to your Twitter posts, it makes searching twitter for keywords more effective. I propose that if we post something in Twitter that has to do with globaleducation, we use the tag #globaleducation.

3) There are profile apps that you can use on your page in the ning to customize your content. One is called Twitter Tracker. You can post a search by tag on your page using this . For instance, I am going to post a search for #globaleducation and anything using this tag will appear in my Twitter Tracker box on My Page.

4) I also use Tweetdeck, a third party application that makes it easier to monitor Twitter. I created a search in there as well to track anything tagged #globaleducation.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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twitter id sarahmcp

I've got Twitter Tracker and now Tweetdeck but not sure how they work.
Twitter Tracker is a widget or app that goes on a web page and you can use it to search Twitter for specific terms. For instance, you could use the term "earthquake" and any time someone mentions that term in twitter, it will pop up in Twitter Tracker for you. I'm going to try Twitter Tracker and use the term #globaleducation to see what comes up! Feel free to use whatever term works for you or interest you.

Tweetdeck is an application that lets your Twitter stream update automatically; you don't have to refresh a web page to see changes or new Tweets. It gives you three standard windows for your twitter friends tweets, your direct messages and the messages that have been pointed towards you using the @ symbol. You can also add additional windows if you want to monitor something. Using the search tool (looks like a magnifying glass), I search for things like Everyday Math, NECC etc. and that way I can track what people are saying about topics that interest me.

Does this help? Play around and I think you'll discover some ways for customizing these tools to work for you!
I love following hashtags but don't make them too long b/c then you run out of room. What about globaledu?
I didn't see this reply until now. Good point! I like globaledu. I've fallen off the bandwagon in terms of using hashtags. I'll try #globaledu!
Can we form a TweepML group- I think it's easier to follow everyone that way.
There was a Tweeple group formed on September 15 and posted here. I'm also making a list of everyone who posted their Twitter name in this group. I'm not going to individual profiles to track down Twitter names, so if you don't list it under the What is your Twitter Username thread, it won't be included.


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