We sincerely thank you for volunteering your time to benefit thousands of educators around the world!

Please join this group, as it is the discussion and email group for volunteer moderators. Instructions are below.

For the half hour before each session slot, we ask those who have volunteered for the upcoming time slot to “check in” with us in the lounge/assignment room http://www.volunteerroom.live–that’s where we check with our presenters, make sure that everyone who needs help preparing their room gets it, and assign volunteers to a particular session.


End of Conference Update

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers that make this conference happen! Steve and I could produce this event without you. Your time is valuable and we appreciate your efforts. We are especially grateful to those who put in long hours covering sessions so that Steve and I could sleep or attend to other duties! 

Certificates will be available for attendees, presenters, and volunteers within the next day or so. 

Recordings are here: https://www.globaleducationconference.org/page/2019-conference-recordings . The presentations that took place in the Zoom platform are not listed there yet. Steve will do this when he has time, mostly likely in the next few weeks.

Keynotes are in our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/globaledcon.