• Organizations

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    This sub-group of the GEC is for non-profit and for profit groups that focus on global education initiatives. Anyone is welcome to join!

  • Global Leadership Summit Group

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    Welcome to the Global Leadership Summit Group! Connect with other attendees of the fourth annual Global Leadership Summit! This event will take place on Friday, March 15th in Chicago, Illinois at ASCD's Empower 19 conference.  Join this group using the link to the top right to participate in follow…

  • Curriculum

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    Share ideas and resources for teaching global citizenship and global competence in this group! 

  • GEC Twitter Users

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    If you are a user of the microblogging service called Twitter, or would like to learn more about this phenomenon, join this group!

  • Classroom Connections

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    This group is for educators looking to pair up with other classrooms using Skype, Hangouts and other connective tools. Find out how you can connect your classroom to the world.