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LINK Opening Ceremony & Welcome RECORDING LINK



LINK Tara Abrahams 10x10: Educate Girls, Change the World RECORDING LINK
LINK Pam Allyn Education Without Borders: Social Media, Mobile Technology, Global Literacy RECORDING LINK
LINK Anna Batchelder P2PU.org: Free & Open Professional Development & Collaborations for Educators Across the Globe RECORDING LINK
LINK Christopher Batchelder P2PU.org: Free & Open Professional Development & Collaborations for Educators Across the Globe RECORDING LINK
LINK Carol Black 3 Cups of Fiction: Why schools won't save the world, and what we can do about it RECORDING LINK
LINK Chris Dede How Immersion in Virtual Environments Aids Students in the Real World RECORDING LINK
LINK Karen Fasimpaur P2PU.org: Free & Open Professional Development & Collaborations for Educators Across the Globe RECORDING LINK
LINK Robert X. Fogarty Dear World RECORDING LINK
LINK Howard Gardner (TBD- generally Global Ethics)) RECORDING LINK
LINK Ed Gragert Getting Teachers from Globally RECORDING LINK
LINK Cable Green The Obviousness of Open Policy RECORDING LINK
LINK Greg Jacobs A Mic A Stage A Pen A Page: The Production & Pedagogy of Louder Than a Bomb RECORDING LINK
LINK June Lee The Impact of International Co-Productions of Sesame Street RECORDING LINK
LINK Michael Lees Global Issues Service Summit – Creating a Vision of Sustainable Change in Africa RECORDING LINK
LINK Louise Mares The Impact of Sesame Workshop's International Co-Productions RECORDING LINK
LINK Sasha Martin Hungry for Peace RECORDING LINK
LINK Ewan McIntosh The Problem Finders: how design thinking is releasing learning RECORDING LINK
LINK Geetha Narayanan Disrupting the Middle Grades- The Case for Creative Unity over Competitive Advantage RECORDING LINK
LINK Alan November Leadership: Managing the Transition RECORDING LINK
LINK Fernando Reimers Education and Globalization RECORDING LINK
LINK Nikos Theodosakis Collective Visions: Student Filmmaking in the Age of Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Jarmo Viteli Finnish Education – From Past Success to Future Excellence with ICT in Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Carrie Wagner Global Citizenship - Be the Link! RECORDING LINK
LINK Esther Wojcicki The School Fund- New Way to Help African Students and Teach Your Students RECORDING LINK



(Alphabetical by last name of main presenter.  Use CTRL-F Search by name or title keyword)


LINK Loren Abbate, TBB Program Leader (2010-11)
Thinking Beyond Borders
McKinley Follett, TBB Student (2010-11, CU 2015)
Thinking Beyond Borders Global Gap Year: A Teacher and Student Perspective RECORDING LINK
LINK Kader Adjout, Head of Global History
Beaver Country Day School
Global classroom and design thinking education RECORDING LINK
LINK Laura Adriance, PhD, Director of Professional Development
World Affairs Council, Seattle
Lessons from the Global Youth Leadership Institute: What the First Four Years Have Taught Us about Engaging Students for the Long Term RECORDING LINK
LINK Sulaiman Saud Al-Qassabi,
iEARN organization member and Sultan Qabbos University Nursing student
Mohammed Hamed Al-Shoukri
What I have done with (iEARN) organization to improve my skills and my teen peers RECORDING LINK
LINK Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries, Director McNair Scholars Program
University of Central Florida and University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics
Drs. Violeta Vidaček-Hains and Melody Bowden
Enhancing Information Fluency in Undergraduate Students and Faculty Through Study Abroad and Transcultural Communication RECORDING LINK
LINK Theresa Allen, Technology Teacher and Coordinator
Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Global Projects RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Larry S. Anderson, Founder/CEO
National Center for Technology Planning
Technology Policy: Keeping Your School--and YOU--Out of Trouble! RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Larry S. Anderson, Founder/CEO
National Center for Technology Planning
Global Leadership: Collaborative Opportunity or Conundrum? RECORDING LINK
LINK Shawn Avery, 6th Grade Teacher
Dennett Elementary
Global Connections Through Blogging RECORDING LINK
LINK Kathleen Bacer, Director, Online MA in Educational Technology
Azusa Pacific University
Engage your Students in Global Learning projects RECORDING LINK
LINK Bob Barboza, Educator
Super School University
Creative Podcasting on Kids Talk Radio, with 34 Countries working on the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Enhanced STEM Project RECORDING LINK
LINK Arshad Bashir
Appalachian State University
21st century skills in context of educational exchange programs RECORDING LINK
LINK Marg Beagley
Yarram Primary School
Judi Hale
The Aussie Argie Adventure RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Sue Bedard, Course Director
Full Sail Univeristy
Challenge Based Learning RECORDING LINK
LINK Andrés Leiva Beil
Educación en contextos de privación de la libertad RECORDING LINK
LINK Steve Bergen and Adjowah Scott, co-founders
Tech International Charter School
Adjowah K Scott
International Collaboration: Seeking 4 Schools to Partner with TI Charter in the Bronx RECORDING LINK
LINK Mr Alessio Bernardelli
Croesyceiliog School, TES and IoP
Using Live Broadcasting services to build collaboration between learners from different schools RECORDING LINK
LINK Michael Bernstein, Founder
PenPal News
Michael Bernstein
PenPal News - A free web app that uses news as a conversation-starter to connect students around the world RECORDING LINK
LINK Gayle Berthiaume, Consultant / Trainer
Gayle Berthiaume Consulting LLC
Julene Reed, Rita Mortenson, Lucy Gray, Ann Smith, Deanna Dykstra
Learning Through Global Connections, Exploration and Innovation RECORDING LINK
LINK Gayle Berthiaume, Consultant / Trainer
Gayle Berthiaume Consulting LLC
Connecting Kids Around the World RECORDING LINK
LINK Nancye Blair, Technology and Gifted Specialist
McKeel Elementary Academy
Powerful Web Tools for Elementary Global Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Joe Anthony Blum, COO
Global E:P:N Learning Foundation Inc
Dr. Ron Glossop, president AATE/AAIE; Professor Derek Roff, UNM USA, on SIMPLE GAMES FOR LANGUAGE-LEARNING. Prof. Robb Kvasnak, Ed.D., USA, on BELONGINGNESS AND INTEGRATIVE MOTIVATION IN SECOND-LANGUAGE EDUCATION. Dennis Keefe, prolific Textbook author (BEKKurso & PEPAS) and Int'l lecturer, on how the ESPERANTO INSULO project in Hainan, China, will help solve the LL problems. Also Duncan Charters, Ph.D., Prof of Foreign Languages, Principia College, IL USA, on Esperanto's most useful contribution to LANGUAGE LEARNING. Plus many others if time permits.
Ideas, examples & projects for connecting educational classrooms linguistically RECORDING LINK
LINK Marina Bonser, PhD
Global Thinking World
Global Thinking Measurement and Development RECORDING LINK
LINK Profesor Sergio D. Bosio
Escuela Normal Superior 38 Villa Cañas Argentina
'La incorporación del teléfono celular en el aula como recurso tecnológico audiovisual.' RECORDING LINK
LINK Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs, Social Studies Teacher and Department Chair
Cypress Creek High School; iEARN USA
Said Belgra, English Teacher; iEARN Morocco
My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action RECORDING LINK
LINK Barbara Bray, Creative Learning Strategist
Educational Consultant and Writer
Kathleen McClaskey
Personalized Learning Toolkits: Designing New Pathways for Every Student RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Kimberly Brooks-LEwis
Fatih University
Global(ized) EFL Education and Stereotyping RECORDING LINK
LINK Eva Brown, Instructor/Developer
Red River College
Pre-service teachers from RRC EDUC2002 ICT Methods II
Building Global Opportunities Together--Anywhere, Anytime RECORDING LINK
LINK Jerome Burg, founder, Google Lit Trips
Google Lit Trips
Google Lit Trips: Sharing the wisdom of OUR Global Literary Heritage via Google Earth RECORDING LINK
LINK Señora: Anabel Sánchez Cabana
Realidad Aumentada aplicada al Dibujo Técnico RECORDING LINK
LINK Elisa Calle. Hipermedia, arte y trabajo colaborativo
Instituto IAVA
Hipermedia, arte y trabajo colaborativo RECORDING LINK
LINK Alastair Cameron - ICT evangelist
ELvis - European Link Virtual International School
Malcolm Moss
Elvis is in the Building - global online project success RECORDING LINK
LINK Charmagne Campbell-Patton, Program Manager
World Savvy
Kelsey Larson
World Savvy Students RECORDING LINK
LINK Germán Doin campos
Productor del film "La educación prohibida"
Sergio Bosio
"La educación prohibida" RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Idit Harel Caperton, President & Founder
World Wide Workshop
Shannon Sullivan & Amber Oliver
Globaloria Social Learning Network for Global STEM Education through Game Design RECORDING LINK
LINK Gail Casey: Classroom teacher, IT Co-coordinator and PhD student
Geelong High School and Deakin University, Australia.
Sue Dunlop: Classroom teacher, eLearning Trainer and Leader, Geelong High School, Australia.
Web2Where: Online Social and Participatory Media for the Global Classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Lisette Casey, Technology Integration Specialist
Manitou Springs School District
Jennifer Garcia, Learning Resources Centre Coordinator and Key Stage 3 ICT Teacher
LINK Mrs. Najwa Farha Chalabi
St. Kevin Elementary School- Toronto Catholic Distirict School Board
Your Students Are Changing: Are You? RECORDING LINK
LINK Ian Chia
Digital Education Publisher
Heidi Siwak and members of class 62
LINK Satyadhyan Chickerur
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Higher Engineering Education : Integrating Blooms Taxanomy, PBL, Students Personality and ICT for outcome based curriculum Design of Industry relevant Courses RECORDING LINK
LINK Lic. y Prof. Claudio Ariel Clarenc
Humano Digital
Las TIC y su influencia en la educación. Técnicas y recursos didácticos. Proyectos colaborativos con TIC RECORDING LINK
LINK Richard Close CEO
Chrysalis Campaign, Inc
Joanne Schwartz Ph.D Professor Kingsbough Community College
Techniques on How to Handle Poverty, Trauma, Adult Learning and the Web or " You can help the pushouts." RECORDING LINK
LINK Elisheva Cohen
Middle East Studies Center, PSU
Elisheva Cohen
Global Education through Hip Hop: Teaching about the Palestinian Territories, a Case Study RECORDING LINK
LINK Gayle Kolodny Cole, Online Educational Specialist
USC's Shoah Foundation Institute
Sherry Bard, Project Director, Educational Programs, USC Shoah Foundation Institute
Holocaust Survivor/Witness Video Testimony and 21st Century Learning RECORDING LINK
LINK Betsy Corcoran, Tony Wan, editors
Neil Dsouza (Mongolia)
Dipping into the EdTech fun -- outside Silicon Valley RECORDING LINK
LINK Dario Páez Cornejo
Federación de Establecimientos de Educación Católica Manabí, Ecuador
Javier Quijije
Las Rúbrica de Evaluación como una herramienta de autorregulación RECORDING LINK
LINK Cynthia Cornwell, Technology Resource Teacher
Culbert Elementary School, Loudoun County, Virginia
Virtual Field Trips and Video Conferencing to Enhance Classroom-to-Classroom Collaborations Around the Globe! RECORDING LINK
LINK Cris Crissman, PhD
North Carolina State Universit
"Imagine Better": Participatory Culture and Literary-Inspired Activism RECORDING LINK
LINK Benjamin Curran, Educational Consultant/Teacher
Engaging Educators
Book Club 2.0: How To Start and Run a 21st Century Book Club RECORDING LINK
LINK Dakota, Elisabeth & Sharmine
American International School of Mozambique
Sharon Peters
In a Recovering Nation how do we begin a compost education project? RECORDING LINK
LINK Mr Joe Dale
Independent languages consultant (freelance)
New Tools, New Opportunities, Personal Learning Networks RECORDING LINK
LINK Vicki Davis, Teacher/ IT Director
Westwood Schools / Flat Classroom Projects
Julie Lindsay, Director of E-learning Beijing (BISS) International School
7 Steps to Flatten Your Classroom: Simple Steps from the Flat Classroom Project RECORDING LINK
LINK Vicki Davis, Teacher/ IT Director
Westwood Schools
Vicki Davis
Simple, Powerful Online Classrooms RECORDING LINK
LINK Vicki Davis, Teacher/ IT Director
Westwood Schools
Digiteen Students
Digiteen Dream Team RECORDING LINK
LINK Sandra Soler Daza, Master en Tecnologías Aplicadas a la Educación. Docente Lic. en Informática
Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios
Leidy Rocio Rodriguez Cortes y Jonatan Castiblanco
Booking: Thursday, November 17, 2011 10:00 PM * Session Title: * Session Strand (use the ""tag""): * Language in Which You Will Present: * Your Name and Title: * Your Library, School, or Organization Name: Name(s) of Co-Presenter(s): * Session Description: * Area of the World from Which You Will Present: * Your Bio: * Link to GlobalEdCon11 Session Proposal (full URL with http://): * Target Audience: * Your Email: RECORDING LINK
LINK Anne De Manser
Mortlake College
Alison Coate, Olivia Campbell
Lessons from the teapot: Using Facebook in the classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK David W. Deeds, IT Manager/Teacher
Changchun American International School
Adrian Hodge
Global 3D Virtual Student/Teacher Community! RECORDING LINK
LINK Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D
Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL)
Nellie Deutsch
Integrating Technology into Blended Learning in Higher Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Maureen Devlin, Fourth Grade Teacher
Happy Hollow School, Wayland Public Schools, MA, USA
What's Your Culture? An Engaging Introduction to the Concept of Culture for Young Children RECORDING LINK
LINK Veronica DeVore, Assistant Editor of Education
PBS NewsHour Extra
Leah Clapman, Imani Cheers, Thaisi DaSilva
Living, Reporting and Understanding the News as a Global Citizen RECORDING LINK
LINK Robin Cochran Dirksen
Lead Deadwood School District, and BOSCO Uganda
Sam Shaw (Science Specialist for the State of South Dakota DOE OCCTE), Thomas Loughran (BOSCO BOD, Notre Dame Univiersity, I2U2).
Developing Authentic Global Collaborative Science Projects RECORDING LINK
LINK Carol Inugai Dixon, Language and learning manager
International Baccalaureate
Developing student language profiles for intercultural understanding RECORDING LINK
LINK David Donaldson, Director of Education
U.S. Fund for UNICEF
TeachUNICEF: Bringing the world to your classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Maria Droujkova
Math Future
Curriculum as a platform RECORDING LINK
LINK Lilian M. Dyer
Hi-Tech High
Mi Experiencia Educando Estudiantes en el Mundo Virtual RECORDING LINK
LINK Terry Eberhart, Executive Director of SMGECP
Social Media Club
Social Media Club Education Chapters RECORDING LINK
LINK Terry Eberhart, Executive Director of SMGECP
Social Media Club
Social Media Student Clubs RECORDING LINK
LINK Terry Eberhart, Executive Director of SMGECP
Social Media Club
Terry Eberhart Cultural and Geographic Variations in SM use by higher education instructors with their students RECORDING LINK
LINK Mgr. Mario Echeverría
Parker Echeverría y Asociados, UCA, UDB.
Google Docs como herramienta online para la formación y adopción de NIIF. RECORDING LINK
LINK Heidi Echternacht
Mardelle Sauerborn, Amy Murray, Matt Gomez
LINK Julie Elkan
Robert Adams Middle School
Blanca Beltran
Fun Ways to Infuse Culture and Technology into the Second Language Classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Julie Elledge
Story Quest Institute
Gayle Berthiaume
Inspiring Kids Around the World to Protect Endangered Species RECORDING LINK
LINK Peter Evans Coordinator/teacher
Aid Africa Foundation
Aid Africa CAS Service Safaris RECORDING LINK
LINK Christy Fennewald, Technology Coordinator
Osage R-3 Schools
A District Approach to Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Floralba Páez Fernández
Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
LINK Rob Ferrin, High School Humanities
Hong Kong International School
Creating a Global Issues Curriculum: From Awakening to Empowering Empathic Action RECORDING LINK
LINK Robert Fish, Director of Education
Japan Society of New York
Japan, US, and Pakistan Classroom Based Social Networking Project Session RECORDING LINK
LINK Mrs VERGNE.M. Annie Flore
Muraliv Venugopalan
Interculturality, Learning through Global Projects RECORDING LINK
European Collaboration through Math, Science and Technology (MaST) RECORDING LINK
LINK giuseppe Fortunati doctor engeneer
egocrea Florence university
iEARN project in Italy RECORDING LINK
LINK Anne Fox (Owner/Manager)
Anne Fox
Distributed Concurrent e-Design RECORDING LINK
LINK Lucretia M. Fraga, Associate Director for Instructional Technology
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Anytime, Anywhere: A Global look at Mobile Learning in Higher Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Jordan Frank, PR Director FBF; Executive Director, TWS
Francis Bok Foundation, The World School, Gordon College
Students of Today Building the Schools of Tomorrow in S. Sudan RECORDING LINK
LINK Almerinda Garibaldi (Brazil), Cornelia Platon (Romania), Omashani Naidoo (South Africa), Allan Kakinda (Uganda), and Lisa Jobson (USA), Program Managers for Adobe Youth Voices in iEARN
Almerinda Garibaldi (Brazil), Cornelia Platon (Romania), Omashani Naidoo (South Africa), Allan Kakinda (Uganda), and Lisa Jobson (USA), Program Managers for Adobe Youth Voices in iEARN
iEARN Adobe Youth Voices Youth Media-Making Programs from aross the Globe RECORDING LINK
LINK Paul Garofano - Educational Technology Specialist
Ramapo Central School Disitrct
David Grammerstorf
Redefining 21st Century Literacy: Is Digital Literacy Underrepresented In Curriculum Around The World? RECORDING LINK
LINK Emilio Garza, Assistant Principal
Foshay Learning Center
Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein
NetGeneration of Youth : A Catalyst for Education Transformation in the Global –Digital Age RECORDING LINK
LINK Kate Gatto, Program Officer
Sara Hassan
Take Your Classroom Global! RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Ann Gaudino, President
GlobalBest, LLC
Perspectives of the Education System in Finland RECORDING LINK
LINK Edward F. Gehringer, Assoc. Professor, Comp. Sci.
North Carolina State University
Student-Authored Wiki Textbooks: Composition and Review RECORDING LINK
LINK Ralph Genang
Creative Project Collaboration with the best teachers in the world RECORDING LINK
LINK Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D., Adjunct Faculty
Boise State, WGU, Argosy, AIU, and Broadview Universities
Using Mobile Devices for Community and Team-Buildiing in Global Learning Collaborations RECORDING LINK
LINK Geoffrey Gevalt, director
Young Writers Project
Connecting to the World Begins at Home -- Young Writers Project RECORDING LINK
LINK Judy Goldberg
Youth Media Project
John Braman, Braman Group International
Gathering Around the Fire: Story in the Digital Age RECORDING LINK
LINK Shelly Gooden, MA Information Technology, Doctoral Learner, Online Instructor
Capella University
How to tame the digital divide dragon with tools you can find laying around the web. RECORDING LINK
LINK Mrs Britt Gow
Hawkesdale P12 College
Science Across the Globe RECORDING LINK
LINK Mr Michael Graffin
Global Classroom
Mrs Deb Frazier
The Global Classroom Project 2011-12: A Global Learning Community is Born RECORDING LINK
LINK Jason Graham Grade 1 Teacher & ICT Coordinator
Bandung International School
Chris Roche- Harrow International School, Thailand ICT Coordinator
Collaborative Tools for Global Communication & Reflection RECORDING LINK
LINK John Graves, PhD Student
AUT University
SlideSpeech: Present Directly to Video Using Text-to-Speech RECORDING LINK
LINK Barbara c.g. Green, Assistant Chair Composition Department, School of General Education
Kaplan University
Carrie Hannigan, Josef Vice, and Stephanie Thompson
Using Composition and Technology to Foster Global Citizenship RECORDING LINK
LINK Laura Greenstein, Founder: Assessment Network
East Lyme Schools
Core Standards and 21st Century Skills are Not Mutually Exclusive RECORDING LINK
LINK Debbie Grieve ASB Online Academy Co-Director
American School of Bombay
LINK Alicia G. Guajardo, Senior Associate
American Red Cross
Dana Specht, Carrie Wall, Joan Kelley-Williams
Even Wars Have Limits - Teaching from a Humanitarian Perspective RECORDING LINK
LINK Mike Gwaltney, Instructor
Oregon Episcopal School, Online School for Girls
Building a Global High School Blogger's Collaborative RECORDING LINK
LINK Mike Gwaltney, Instructor
Oregon Episcopal School, Online School for Girls
Writing Across the Curriculum for the 21st Century RECORDING LINK
LINK Mike Gwaltney, Instructor
Online School for Girls
Developing a Global Issues Curriculum that Engages, Contributes, and Connects RECORDING LINK
LINK Barbara M. Hall
Associate Faculty, Ashford University
and TA Program Supervisor, Capella University
Intersubjective Implications of Global Participants in Threaded Discussions RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Ken Halla
Hayfield Secondary, Fairfax County, VA (USA)
Technology Tips for the Classroom: One Hour To Bring Your Class Smack Into 21st Century RECORDING LINK
LINK Leena Hannula Educational Curator
Sinebrychoff Art Museum
School Projects as highlights at Museum Educational Work RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer Hanson
Primary Source
Michelle Rago, Library of Congress
Finding Global Primary Sources RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer Hanson, Librarian
Primary Source
Reading Around the World RECORDING LINK
LINK monika hardy
TSD Innovation Lab
Jodhbir Singh, Amy/Everett Lewark, Cristian, Peter, Sierra, Thomas Steele Maley, Roberto Greco, Carol Black, Mary Ann Reilly, .
LINK Robert Harrison, Curriculum manager
International Baccalaureate
Resourcing Global Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Sara Hassan, Program Officer
Amanda Cembal, DeforestACTION Project Assistant
DeforestACTION!: Global Education for Environmental Stewardship RECORDING LINK
LINK Lisa Hayman
Asia Education Foundation
Lisa Hayman
Australia – Asia BRIDGE Projects– connecting classrooms across cultures. RECORDING LINK
LINK Terry Heick, Director of Curriculum
10 Tips for Globalizing Your Curriculum RECORDING LINK
LINK Carl Heine, Lead Innovation Architect
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Jim Gerry, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Creating the Globally Connected STEM Classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Bobby Hobgood, Coordinator of 1:1 Online Community of Practice
The Friday Institute - North Carolina State University
Ellen Hart
Reaching & Teaching Future-Ready Students RECORDING LINK
LINK Beth Holland, Senior Associate
Gaining Global Perspective in an Elementary Classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Ruth Hou & Donna Román, Teachers
iEARN Holiday Card Exchange RECORDING LINK
LINK Liz Howald, Program Director
Primary Source
Asia Society
Primary Source & Asia Society Present: Teaching About Afghanistan Through Primary Sources RECORDING LINK
LINK Megan Howard, Director of Teaching & Learning
Trinity School
Personalized Language Learning; A Self-Paced, Innovative, and Cooperative Approach to the Teaching of World Languages RECORDING LINK
LINK Chun-Chan Hsu
Teachers College, Columbia University
The Taiwan Government Scholarship Program: A Review of Taiwan’s Diplomacy through Internationalization in Higher Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Miftakhul Huda
Gunma University, Japan
Hery Yanto The
Utilizing technology to facilitate learning: 1000guru.net RECORDING LINK
LINK Rushton Hurley, Executive Director
Corinne Takara
Videos for Communities and Service RECORDING LINK
LINK Katherine Ireland, graduate student
University of New Brunswick
Using a storytelling approach to curriculum for more equitable learning in multi-ethnic classrooms RECORDING LINK
LINK Alys Jordan
Nova Southeastern University
Alys jordan
Teaching Across the Globe RECORDING LINK
LINK AJ Juliani
Colllabo and Wissahickon High School
Anthony Gabriele and Steve Mogg
Colllabo: The Question and Answer Community for Educators RECORDING LINK
LINK Allan Kakinda
Mihaela Runceanu, Alema Nasim
A online course model for preparing educators worldwide to integrate youth media-making into the classroom. RECORDING LINK
LINK Derek Kaufman, Technology Resource Teacher
Potomac Falls High School, Loudoun County Public Schools
Cloud-Based Collaboration: Administrators, Teachers, and Students Engaged Through Collaborative Projects RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Karen P. Kaun, Executive Director
Knowledge iTrust
Mentoring youth invention for sustainable, equitable societies. RECORDING LINK
LINK Noble Kelly, president
Education Beyond Borders
Various (panel)
From Global-"i"-zation to Global-"we"-zation RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer D. Klein, Director of Educational Development
Research Journalism Initiative
Terry Godwaldt, Centre for Global Education (Alberta) Katherine Walraven, TakingITGlobal (Ontario) Mark Turner, Research Journalism Initiative (Haifa)
Arab Spring: Using Social Media to Teach in Real Time RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer D. Klein, Founder and Educational Consultant
Principled Learning Strategies
Kate Lang, TakingITGlobal
Las Mejores Prácticas en la Educación Global Basada en Proyectos RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer D. Klein, Founder and Educational Consultant
Principled Learning Strategies
Mark Thomas, Director of Research Journalism Initiative
Live Video Conferencing: Strategies for Humanizing Global Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer D. Klein, Global Partnerships Director
World Leadership School
Suzanne Fogarty, Elena Hirsch
Building a High Stakes Educational Partnership between Brooklyn, NY and Bumpe, Sierra Leone RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer D. Klein, Professional Development and Outreach Coordinator
Kate Gatto
Best Practices in Global Project-Based Learning RECORDING LINK
LINK Prof. Frank Kowalski
Colorado School of Mines
Susan Kowalski
Using an Educational Tool as a Platform for Global Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Mgr. et Mgr. Lenka Kroupová
Language School with the State Language Exam Rights PELIKAN
Esteem individually, engage internationally: Autonomous Personal Learning for Language Teachers RECORDING LINK
LINK Reina Cortellezzi Lagos
Escuela Técnica Rosario y Colonia
La disfuncionalidad en el proceso de enseñanza y de aprendizaje conduce a la sociedad a perder la credibilidad en el sistema educativo, al joven a pensar y sentir que la escuela es un “no navegar” y los docentes a vivir el fracaso. Ante este panorama, muchos docentes buscamos el encuentro con colegas, pedagogos y expertos en ciencia que habitan otros territorios (disciplinares, praxiológicos, epistemológicos y geofísicos-virtuales). Las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC) se convierten en el nexo habilitante para la concreción de una intencionalidad fruto del deseo de saber y comprender ante la falta de logros educativos. Un proceso de lectura on-line sobre Proyectos Colaborativos es andamio para el acercamiento a la Comunidad de Educadores para la Cultura Científica (CECC), a Portal Relpe y Aulas Hermanas y vía e-mail recibíamos la invitación para ser parte del Programa Globe. Mientras, el currículum espera a ser abordado en su totalidad. RECORDING LINK
LINK Nicole Lamers, Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
LINK Michael Laundry, Teacher
International School of Bergen
Design and Implement Global Teaching Strategies as a Full-time Teacher-on-Call in an International School RECORDING LINK
LINK Grazina Likpetriene
Radviliskis Art school
Vincenzina Pace, Italy
eTwinning - community for schools in Europe (French) RECORDING LINK
LINK Grazina Likpetriene
Radviliskis Art school
eTwinning - community for schools in Europe (Lithuanian) RECORDING LINK
LINK Grazina Likpetriene
Radviliskis Art school
Larisa Tichonova
eTwinning - community for schools in Europe (Russian) RECORDING LINK
LINK Julie Lindsay
Flat Classroom Projects
Embedding Global Collaborative Projects into the Curriculum RECORDING LINK
LINK Barbara Lindsey, Director, Multimedia Language Center
University of Connecticut
Melina Masterson, Claudio Pinna and Carsten Witt
Preparing Our Educators to Learn and Teach in Global Communities of Practice RECORDING LINK
LINK Jayme Linton, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Newton-Conover City Schools
Jayme Linton
Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips RECORDING LINK
LINK Ioana Literat
University of Southern California
Virtual Bridges: Stimulating Intercultural Understanding and Ethnic Tolerance Through Virtual Interaction RECORDING LINK
LINK Ioana Literat
University of Southern California
Shifting Notions of Materiality in Future Learning Spaces RECORDING LINK
LINK Emily Longenecker
Kristin Laboe
Beyond Travel: Strategies for Using Blogs to Enhance International Professional Development Experiences RECORDING LINK
LINK Penny Lorenzo, Assistant Dean of Faculty
Kaplan University, School of Legal Studies
Gurmit Kaur, Academic Department Chair
Learning with a Global Perspective RECORDING LINK
LINK Thomas Lyons, Consultant
Educational Awareness and GCEC Tbilisi
A Model Approach to Education for a Global Prospective RECORDING LINK
LINK Mª Magdalena-Docente de infantil y primaria
colegio el Murtal
Mª Magdalena
Radio Solidaria Amiga, online RECORDING LINK
LINK Jon Mannion
Constructing Learning through Technology
Dennis Bayeng
IT and Learning Centers for Streetkids in Manila Philippines RECORDING LINK
LINK Branka Marceta, Technology Projects Coordinator
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network, Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education
Susan Gaer, Google Certified Teacher, Professor ESL, Basic Skills and Instructional Technology Coordinator 2010-2011, Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education Penny Pearson, Coordinator of Distance Learning, OTAN
Promising Practices and Innovation in California Adult Literacy Education Programs - Equipping Low Skilled Adults for the Global Economy RECORDING LINK
LINK Walter Agudelo Marin
Colegio Manuel Mejia Vallejo
Computación en la NUBE (proyectos colaborativos) RECORDING LINK
LINK Ms Kate Markham
School of Health and Related Research, The University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Keir Philip
Specific and general applications of a recent piece of research entitled: Online Public health education for low and middle-income countries: factors influencing successful student outcomes RECORDING LINK
LINK Linda Martin, Technology Coordinator
St. Helena School
Beyond 4 Walls - Global Connections for Classroom Instruction RECORDING LINK
LINK Lisa Martin, Co-Founder/Co-Director
Online Model United Nations (O-MUN)
Jingshen Zhao
Synchronous Online Simulations: Model United Nations RECORDING LINK
LINK Pheo Martin PhD, Director
Realizing Education's Potential institute
Curriculum For Global Education - Global Shifts In the 21st Century RECORDING LINK
LINK Juliana, Mayara, Clarice, Olivia, Maire
American International School of Mozambique
Sharon Peters
Livro Aberto: Opening Books to Promote Literacy in Mozambique - a Student-Driven Project RECORDING LINK
LINK Deanne McBeath, Educator & Janna Wilson, Educator
Village Charter School, New Jersey, USA & Sk'aadgaa Naay Elementary School, Skidegate, Canada
Finding Solutions to Hunger RECORDING LINK
LINK Holly McCracken, Faculty Member
Capella University
Experience as the Foundation for Authentic Learning Online RECORDING LINK
LINK Jess McCulloch
Laurimar Primary School
The Black Line Mystery RECORDING LINK
LINK Jess McCulloch
Laurimar Primary School
Dead Tastebuds - The Inner Workings of and Lessons Learned from The Lunch Box Project RECORDING LINK
LINK Mike McKay / Professor Merryman - Adjunct English Professor
Mukogawa Women's University
Cypris Chat - Virtual World English Learning Community in Second Life RECORDING LINK
LINK Kate McNamee, DCPS Embassy Adoption Program Coordinator
District of Columbia Public Schools
Elizabeth McNamee
Embassy Adoption Program: Making Global Local RECORDING LINK
LINK Lennox Meldrum, Curriculum Manager (Physics and Mathematics)
International Baccalaureate
Developing a rigorous and internationally recognized curriculum RECORDING LINK
LINK Daniela Pérez Michel, Coordinadora Innovación Educativa
Consejo Nacional de Alianzas Educativas
Webinars: una estrategia de formación continua con alianzas multisectoriales RECORDING LINK
LINK Diane Midness, Director of Professional Development
iEARN-USA and Buck Institute of Education
Tim Kubic, Deanne McBeath
Global Collaboration, Project Based Learning and the Common Core State Standarards RECORDING LINK
LINK Plamen Miltenoff, Professor
St. Cloud State University
Rachel Wexelbaum
eTextbook in Academia: Issues and Solutions RECORDING LINK
LINK Mrs Anne Mirtschin
Hawkesdale P12 College
Veronica Woo, Yew Yan Koo
Cultural eLearning Adventures RECORDING LINK
LINK Ramón Antonio Aragón Mladosich, Ing.
Universidad del Valle de Orizaba
Usos de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación, TIC, en la Educación Superior: Lecciones aprendidas en el uso de Blogs y Microblogs RECORDING LINK
LINK Honor Moorman, International Studies Schools Network Coach
Asia Society, International Studies Schools Network
Amy McCammon, International Studies Schools Network Coach
What does it mean to be a Global Educator and how can we design lessons that help students become Global Citizens? RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr Maria del Carmen Patricia Morales
University of Leuven
The globally solidary responsibility as an educational goal RECORDING LINK
LINK Dra. Maria del Carmen Patricia Morales
Universidad de Leuven (Lovaina la antigua)
Hacia una educación interdisciplinaria, intercultural e intergeneracional (3 I) RECORDING LINK
LINK Sean Thomas Moroney M.Ed.
99 Ways to Give & Receive: Service Learning & CAS Informing Global Awareness & Citizenry RECORDING LINK
LINK Sean Thomas Moroney M.Ed..
Dean K (Tentatively)
ISTE & IB A Marriage Made in Digital Heaven RECORDING LINK
LINK Ken Morrison, Assistant Professor
Linton Global College, Hannam University, Daejeon, South Korea
Using New Media to Solve New Challenges in a Connected World RECORDING LINK
LINK Adelina Moura
Carlos Amarante High School
Conceição Ribas
Connecting Classrooms Project RECORDING LINK
LINK William Vegazo Muro Teacher
I.E FCS 6039
Usando la webquest para aprnder el Patrimonio del Perú RECORDING LINK
LINK Lauren Murphy, 5th Grade Teacher
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
5th grade students
Enhancing and extending classroom learning through video conferencing RECORDING LINK
LINK Nicole Naditz, Teacher
Bella Vista High School
Through Their Eyes RECORDING LINK
LINK Vlad Napadensky
Gene Napadensky,PhD,Craig Perrier, Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator for History and Social Studies and History Sergei Allahverdov, PhD in history
An interactive, educational historical atlas RECORDING LINK
LINK Lydia Judith Castro Navarrete
Secretaria de Educación Pública (JN sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Intercambios Docentes... Ventana a la multiculturalidad RECORDING LINK
LINK Safietou Ndiaye, Teacher of English
Lycée Moderne de Dakar
Shaping better learners,better citizens and tomorrow's leaders through Project Based Learning RECORDING LINK
LINK Aleks Nesic, Intercultural Specialist for Assessment and Training
Florida State University, Center for Global Engagement
Pathways to Understanding the Other: Developing Students’ Global Competence RECORDING LINK
LINK Katie Neville, Technology Resource Teacher
Hamilton Elementary School, Loudoun County (VA) Public Schools
Communicate with Your School Community and Your World using 21st Century Communication Tools RECORDING LINK
LINK Bryan H. Nichols
University of South Florida
Learn about earth smarts: A freely available educational construct for socioecological literacy RECORDING LINK
LINK Matt Nink
Global Youth Leadership Institute
Marines Fonseca
Seeking Excellence in Global Ed. Travel Experiences RECORDING LINK
LINK Kae Novak, Instructional Designer
Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education
Chris Luchs and Rurik Nackerud
Play as Professional Development: Teaching, Learning and International Collaboration in Virtual Worlds and Game RECORDING LINK
LINK Douglas O'Brien
Special Ed Department, Forest Park H.S.
Edu-Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Rita Oates, PhD
Globalize Learning with Local Opportunities and Technology Tools RECORDING LINK
LINK Rita Oates
ePals 101: Global Collaboration Across 200 Countries, With Free Projects and Communication Tools RECORDING LINK
LINK Toni Olivieri-Barton, Technology Coordinator
Shanghai Community International School
Sheri Deneef and Ashley Holst
LINK Emma Olson Development Officer
The MY Hero Project
Jeanne Meyers
The MY HERO Project: Resources to Create, Share and Discover Inspirational Media RECORDING LINK
LINK Sandra Opoku National Coordinator
The Global Poverty Project
Jay Frere Harvey
The Global Poverty Project presents 1.4 Billion Reasons for Youth RECORDING LINK
LINK G. Andrew Page, PhD
Dionysius Technologies
Kimberli Holmquist, Alaska Pacific University; Ragnar Purje,Australia
Global Virtual Project Based Learning (GVPBL): A Structured Theoretical Framework for Cross Hemispheric Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Erik Palmer, Author (Well Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students, Stenhouse, 2011), Consultant
Erik Palmer Consulting
Oral Communication for an Interconnected World: Creating Competent Speakers RECORDING LINK
LINK Luz Pearson - ICT Coord - Teacher
Pablo Bongiovanni, Luz Pearson
#Redeschat, networked learning about a hashtag RECORDING LINK
LINK Althea Penn, m.ed.adm., Educational Consultant
Penn Consulting
Using Technology to Promote Global Awareness in the Early Childhood Classroom PreK-2 RECORDING LINK
LINK Antonio L. Delgado Pérez, M.A. Ed.
Prof. Vanessa Barreto
Megatendencias Educativas del Siglo XXI RECORDING LINK
LINK Denise Perrault, Head of Online Learning
International Baccalaureate
Crossing Boundaries with Global Online Secondary Education RECORDING LINK
LINK Craig Perrier, Instructional Systems Specialist: Social Studies/History
Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)
Essentializing the Global “Other”: Defining and Teaching “Culture” as a 21st Century Skill RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer Peterson, Academic Technology Coordinator
Graded-The American School of São Paulo
Karina Sanghikian
Designing and running a global project has its challenges but anyone can do it! RECORDING LINK
LINK Shannon Peterson, Assistant Director
Lakes International Language Academy
Kimerly Miller
World Language Teaching to Language Immersion Teaching: Opening Career Doors RECORDING LINK
LINK Thomas Petra, Teacher
Real World Math
Connecting to Real World Problems with Google Earth RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Tonya Muro Phillips, Director of Programs
Global Nomads Group
Sylvia Wong, Education Officer, Concern Worldwide US; David Donaldson, Director of Education, TeachUNICEF; Diane Midness, Director Professional Development Workshops, iEARN; Aqeela Cutter, Program Coordinator, iEARN
Going Global in the Big Apple with the Global Education Coalition – New York City (GEC-NYC)! RECORDING LINK
LINK Tonya Muro Phillips, Director of Programs
Global Nomads Group
Exchange 2.0- Enhancing Intercultural, Youth Exchanges with Global Nomads Group’s Interactive Videoconferencing RECORDING LINK
LINK Susan Jacques Pierson, Assistant Professor Education
Cabrini College
Bridges to Swaziland: An Educational Partnership between the students at Cabrini College and the children in St Philips Mission, Swaziland RECORDING LINK
LINK Janet Platenberg
Steuart Weller Elementary
Adina Popa, Monica Kissel, Julie Galvin
Big Cat Crisis: The story of a global partnership that sought to save big cats from extinction RECORDING LINK
LINK David Potter, Director of Development
Connect All Schools RECORDING LINK
LINK Marcy Prager - Education Consultant
Primary Source
Civics in the Elementary Classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Nina Prodinger, CVO
Shared Mindspace: trading places for high impact RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Juan Quintana
UMET - Aguadilla
Equipad al estudiante NO al salón RECORDING LINK
LINK PhD Carlos Bravo Reyes
Cátedra Digital
Sistema personal de aprendizaje RECORDING LINK
LINK Pernille Ripp 5th grade teacher
West Middleton Elementary
Pernille Ripp
The Global Read Aloud - how one idea connected 4,000 students RECORDING LINK
LINK Boyd Roberts, founder, animator
International Global Citizen's Award
Promoting and recognising development as global citizens: The International Global Citizen's Award RECORDING LINK
LINK Joan Roehre, Distance Learning Facilitator
Kenosha Unified School District
got water? Join this annual virtual expedition from Guatemala with your students (March 2012) and gain an understanding of our most basic human need: water. RECORDING LINK
LINK Donna Román and Zeenat Munir
iEARN Master Trainer Seminar reflections: Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art grant recipients discuss their experience RECORDING LINK
LINK Donna Roman Teacher and Andrew Barrett Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Community Unit School District 304
Reading Across the Globe: addressing the context of cultural difference through collaborative discussion RECORDING LINK
LINK Paula D. Ruby, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology
Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR
Ralph Ruby Jr., Professor of Computer and Information Technology
Global Village Communications using The Ruby Translator on A Mobile Learning Device RECORDING LINK
LINK Mihaela Runceanu, The National College „Ecaterina Teodoroiu”, Romania, Computers and Programming Teacher, Online Course Facilitator, Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator
The National College „Ecaterina Teodoroiu”
Svetlana Yakubovskaya, Ivo Marçal Vieira Junior
Connecting with students for creating media projects RECORDING LINK
LINK Amanda Silene Russi. Docente
Aprender en Colaboración Desde la distancia, con los PTI es posible. RECORDING LINK
LINK Edna Sackson
Mount Scopus College
Rajendran Dandapani
Kids talking to Kids RECORDING LINK
LINK Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam
Ozyegin University
LINK Dr. Haido Samaras, Director of Instructional Design and Development
Anatolia College, Thessaloniki
Ellen Proestopoulos, Theodore Filaretos, Kleanthis Lagopoulos, Athinodoros Bandis, Antonis Apostolou, Elias Kalabokis, Eleni Hatzimavroudi, Alexia Seridou,George Lysaridis , Alexia Dara, Thanasis Papadimitriou, Christos Atlasis, Thodoris Andriopoulos, John Koutsogeorgiou, Kosmas Dimosiaris, Eleni Mavridou, Maria Spyropoulou, Dimitris Papadamou, Elsa Exintaveloni, Diamantis Bitzilekis, George Papazoglou, Dimitris Tzouris
Getting a Sense of the Whole Game: The Idea of Scientific Conferences as Educational Simulations RECORDING LINK
LINK Steve Sandy, Technology Resource Teacher
Loudoun County Public Schools
Jennifer Amores-Kalich
Across Curriculum and Across Oceans: collaboration , technology and 21st century skills for students RECORDING LINK
LINK Jim Sarris, High School Spanish Teacher
Horace Greeley High School
Foreign language exchanges via Skype: more productive, more relaxing and more fun with this free resource RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr Robert Sbaglia, ICT coordinator, Castlemaine North Primary School
Castlemaine North Primary School
Simone Uren
Within, Across, Beyond - Using technology to connect kids and realise a vision RECORDING LINK
LINK Valerie Schmitz - Director
KM Global Charter School
Dr. Mary Ann Kahl, Michele Koper, Karen Nipko
Integration of the Asia Society Global Competency Matrix in Teaching and Learning: Developing KM Global Charter School RECORDING LINK
LINK Mark Schulte
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Using global journalism in your classroom RECORDING LINK
LINK Ida Sessarego- Intermcambio cultural entre estudiantes Chilenos y Franceses
Universidad Santa María
Ida Sessarego
Intermcambio cultural entre estudiantes Chilenos y Franceses RECORDING LINK
LINK Ida Sessarego- Teacher of English
Universidad Santa María
Chile - France e-penpals RECORDING LINK
LINK Kim Sivick, Coordinator of Lower School Technology
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
Richard Mwenyi, Bududa, Uganda
Authentic Learning Experiences for Elementary Students, a U.S. - Uganda Connection RECORDING LINK
LINK Patricia Smith, Technology Resource Teacher
Loudoun County Public Schools
Peggy Tyree
What’s Black and White and Promotes Collaboration? Discover how QR codes bring down classroom walls RECORDING LINK
LINK Rebecca Smolar, Project Manager
SUNY Levin Institute
Teaching Global Workforce Skills RECORDING LINK
LINK Steven Sowell, English Department Chair
Chadwick School
Kate Elortegui, Kathy Clement
Making Global Collaboration Work: A Concrete Example for the 21st Century RECORDING LINK
LINK Tom Stanley
Rick Kazee and Tom Zimmerman
LINK Jeffrey Stanzler Lecturer in Education
University of Michigan School of Education
Web-based Simulations for Multi-Level Teaching and Learning RECORDING LINK
LINK Aiuba, Stefano, Jusob, Alykhan
American International School of Mozambique
Sjoerd, Freddie, Juvenal, Joe, Mario, Alessio
Service Learning on Campus: Building Skills in Ecology and Conservation in a Recovering Nation RECORDING LINK
LINK Jaime Steward k-12 technology integration specialist
Carrabec Community School, RSU #74
Making Connections Around the World RECORDING LINK
LINK JAck Strelec, teacher, coordinator
tesla EOP
jack Strelec
LINK Mary Carole Strother
Finch Elementary
Lynda Swanner
Haiku for Kids: Connecting Kids Around the World through Poetry RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr Bronwyn Stuckey
Massively Minecraft
Joanna Kay, Dean Groom
Digging into Minecraft RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr Bronwyn Stuckey
Indiana University & Arizona State University
Play2Learn in Quest Atlantis RECORDING LINK
LINK Hana Sustkova
Lacadalet o.s. (NGO)
Lacadalet and the (inter)national poetry Channel RECORDING LINK
LINK Kristen Swanson, EdCamp Philly Organizer
EdCamp Philly
Marybeth Hertz, Kevin Jarrett
Occupy PD: Taking Control of Your Professional Development RECORDING LINK
LINK Richard Swanson, Assistant Principal
Hingham High School
Julia de la Torre, Executive Director, Primary Source
Creating a Global Education: From Mission to Practice RECORDING LINK
LINK Hery Yanto The
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Learning from everywhere: English 3.0 Pilot Project RECORDING LINK
LINK Hery Yanto The
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Action research in education RECORDING LINK
LINK Hiên-Minh Lê Thi, Ph.D. (c)
Université du Québec en Outoauais
LINK George Thornton, Teacher
Oroville HS
Oroville HS Students, Tony Kindred, Steve Quick
One Schools Story, Student exchanges: Impacts & Success RECORDING LINK
LINK Lisa Thumann, Assistant Director
School for Global Education and Innovation at Kean University
Lisa Thumann
Flat Stanley Goes Digital RECORDING LINK
LINK Elton, Tim, Leighton, Toni, Azmyra, Minhaaj
American International School of Mozambique
Sharon Peters
Building Schools in Mozambique: How students can empower entire communities RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr Katya Toneva
International Communuty School
Haldor Lønningdal
Using Innovative Online Technologies RECORDING LINK
LINK Thi Tuyet (June) Tran, Ms
La Trobe University and Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Understanding Vietnamese students' learning approach: An exploration of some possible contributing factors RECORDING LINK
LINK Dimitris Tzouris, Instructional Technologist
Anatolia College
Lydia Roupakia, English teacher
Create, Learn and Connect Through Digital Stories RECORDING LINK
LINK Multimedia Madness
Colleen Wadman
Multimedia Madness RECORDING LINK
LINK Prende tu celular
Claudia Avila Vargas
Prende tu celular RECORDING LINK
LINK Catalina Valenzuela - Volunteer Advisor
Ondas - Colciencias, Colombia
From the school to the world: How science fairs can become a rich learning space for students and teachers RECORDING LINK
LINK Tom Vander Ark, Author
Getting Smart
Low Cost Blended Schools RECORDING LINK
LINK Prof. Cristina Velázquez
Instituto Tomás Devoto
Aprendiendo colaborativamente con modelo 1 a 1 en el aula RECORDING LINK
LINK Prof. Cristina Velázquez
Instituto Tomás Devoto
Blogs para educar colaborativamente RECORDING LINK
LINK Prof. Cristina Velázquez
Instituto Tomás Devoto
Proyectos telecolaborativos: cómo pasar de la idea al proyecto. RECORDING LINK
LINK Prof. Cristina Velázquez
Instituto Tomás Devoto
Redes Educativas Telemáticas y el aprendizaje basado en proyectos colaborativos RECORDING LINK
LINK Roselynn Verwoord, Educator
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Kathmandu, Nepal
Tap Raj Pant, National Programme Officer, Education Unit, UNESCO, Kathmandu, Nepal
Supporting Literacy through Mother-Tongue Education in Nepal RECORDING LINK
LINK Anna Vigliotti-Adjunct Professor
State College of Florida
Our Global Classroom-A Cloud Away RECORDING LINK
LINK Adriana Vilela, Specialist in Education
Office of Education and Culture (OEC), Organization of American States (OAS)
Michaela Reich, Consultant, Organization of American States (OAS)
“Inter-American Teacher Education Network” (ITEN). ¨Teacher Education for 21st Century Teachers: Concentration in Technology and Collaboration to enhance the Quality of Education in the Americas” RECORDING LINK
LINK Dr. Revathi Viswanathan
B.S.Abdur Rahman University
Promoting Industrial Project Presentations for International Collaboration RECORDING LINK
LINK Jennifer Vollmann Executive Director
New Global Citizens
Creating New Global Citizens RECORDING LINK
LINK Vinnie Vrotny, Upper School Integrator and Middle School Math Teacher
North Shore Country Day School
Constructing a Framework for Global Projects using TPACK+ RECORDING LINK
LINK Chris Walsh, Director of Innovation
New Tech Network
Paul Curtis
The New Tech Extreme School Makeover RECORDING LINK
LINK Sally Walsh
Boneo Primary School
LINK Eric Walters, Director of Science and Technology
Marymount School
Katie Krueger
iInnovate. iIntegrate. iPublish RECORDING LINK
LINK Angela Watson
Due Season Press and Educational Services
The Internationalized Curriculum: What Skills Do Students REALLY Need to Be Globally Competent? RECORDING LINK
LINK Willyn Webb and Lisa Nielsen, Eduators/Authors/Adjunct Professors
Delta Opportunity School/Colorado Mesa University/New York City
Teaching Generation Text RECORDING LINK
LINK Willyn Webb, author/educator/adjunct professor
Delta Opportunity School/Colorado Mesa University/New York City
Lisa Nielsen, the Innovative Educator
Break the Ban on Cell Phones and Open the Door for Global Connections: A 6 Part Plan RECORDING LINK
LINK David Wees, Learning Specialist: Technology
Stratford Hall
Computer Based Math RECORDING LINK
LINK Ross Wehner, Executive Director
World Leadership School
Overcoming the Digital Divide: How Computer Labs Can Reduce Poverty and Boost Online Learning for 1 Billion Impoverished Children RECORDING LINK
LINK Susannah Wheelwright, Grade 6 Teacher
Robert Adams Middle School, Holliston, MA, USA
Global Awareness Through Travel Literature RECORDING LINK
LINK Ms. A. Whitehurst
University of Bath
Global engagement through literature RECORDING LINK
LINK Gregg Witkin, Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator
Boynton Continuation High School
Youth Media Creation in the At-Risk Student Population RECORDING LINK
LINK Cathy Wolinsky, Instructional Technology
Donna Roman, Betsye Sargent, Toni Olivieri-Barton
Designing a Global Collaboration Using FlatClassroom® Model RECORDING LINK
LINK Yin-Mei Wong, PhD
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Preparation of teachers as educational researchers in the borderless new media community RECORDING LINK
LINK Karen Yager Dean of Studies
Knox Grammar School
Andrew Weeding and Wayne Inwood
Igniting Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation through Integrated Assessment RECORDING LINK
LINK Ariana, Yahn, Allysen, Chantal
American International School of Mozambique
Sharon Peters
Project Purpose: Students Making a Difference in Mozambique RECORDING LINK
LINK Lihsien Yang Chinese Project Assistant
Center for Applied Second Language Studies, University of Oregon
Peer Language Partner with Technology RECORDING LINK
LINK Melda Yildiz, Associate Professor
Kean University, Union, NJ
Linda Cifelli, Down Marie Dowd
Liberating Curriculum from Monolingual Textbook to Multilingual Mobile Open Source RECORDING LINK
LINK Curtis Young, Grant Programs Coordinator
Jake Sidransky
National Security Language Initiative for Youth: A Students' Experience Abroad RECORDING LINK
LINK Susan Zeiger, Program Director
Primary Source
Using Online Primary Sources K-12 for World History and 21st Century Skills RECORDING LINK
LINK Ms Rita Zeinstejer, EFL Teacher
Retired - at present: Freelance Consultant and Presenter
Honing Interaction with International Online Projects RECORDING LINK
LINK Bob Zenhausern CEO
Enabling Suport Foundation
Joshua Konkakoh, Katherine Bolman, Lucy Odhiambo
Education Special Forces: A Complete Education System RECORDING LINK

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