2012 Keynotes

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11:00 Seymour Simon / Liz Nealon (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
12:00 Dana Mortenson (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
13:00 Ilona Dougherty (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
19:00 Bobbi Kurshan (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)

7:00 Hussa and Hassa Blake (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
11:00 Andrew Revkin (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
20:00 Jenny Buccos (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
21:00 Chua Chor Huat (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
22:00 Bronwyn Stuckey & Sasha Barab (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)

10:00 Narcis Vives (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
11:00 Jeremy Gilley (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
13:00 Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
14:00 Carol Bellamy - CANCELED
17:00 Randy Weingarten (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)

10:00 William Kist (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
12:00 Michael Trucano (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
18:00 Larry Johnson (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
20:00 Jim Fruchterman (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)
21:00 Dale Dougherty (GLOBAL TIMES) (SESSION LINK)


SASHA BARAB is a Professor in the Teachers College at Arizona State University. He designs and researches learning environments to assist children in developing their sense of purpose as individuals, as members of their communities, and as knowledgeable citizens of the world. As one example, the Quest Atlantis project is a learning and teaching project that leverages strategies used in the commercial gaming environment to develop a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-16, in educational tasks.


CAROL BELLAMY presently serves as the Chair of the Global Partnership for Education Board of Directors. Since its creation in 2002, the Global Partnership has grown to become the premier global partnership focused on basic education, endorsing the education sector plans of 50 developing countries around the world and granting more than $2 billion in support of these strategies. Prior to this, Ms. Bellamy served as President and CEO of World Learning, a private, non-profit organization promoting international understanding through education and development in over 70 countries.

Bellamy previously served 10 years as Executive Director of UNICEF, the children’s agency of the United Nations. She was also the first former volunteer to become Director of the Peace Corps.

Ms. Bellamy has worked in the private sector at Bear, Stearns & Co., Morgan Stanley, and Cravath, Swaine & Moore. She spent 13 years as an elected public official, including five years in the New York State Senate. In 1978, she became the first woman to be elected to citywide office in New York City when she was elected President of the NYC Council, a position she held until 1985. Bellamy was named one of Forbesmagazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women in the World in 2004. In 2009, Bellamy was awarded the Légion d’Honneur by the Government of France. Bellamy also chairs the Board of Governors of the International Baccalaureate.


HASSANATU BLAKEis Co-Founder of Focal Point Global (FPG), a 501c3 nonprofit organization that empowers the world’s youth to tackle social issues through global education and technology.  Since 2010, FPG has mobilized nearly 50 youth in the US, Namibia, and Cameroon to address HIV and child trafficking. Hassanatu is also focused on improving global health. She has worked with NIH, CDC, and USAID. Recently, she worked with BroadReach Healthcare to strengthen management and leadership skills of health professionals in Zambia. Born in Limbe, Cameroon and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Ms. Blake holds a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and Master of Public Health from Emory University. She recently has been named 2012 White House Champion of Change, AfroElle Magazine 2012 Top 35 Women under 35, and Diplomatic Courier/Young Professionals in Foreign Policy 2012 Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leaders.


 HUSSAINATU BLAKEis Co-founder of Focal Point Global, a 501(c)3 non-profit thatat empowers youth to tackle community issues through global education and innovative technology. Ms. Blake worked for the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Counter-Trafficking Department in South Africa, where she aided African immigrants who were trafficked throughout the African continent. Hussainatu Blake was born in Limbe, Cameroon and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a bachelors degree in International Relations and German Studies from Tufts University and her Masters degree from Middlebury College’s MontereyInstitute of International Studies. She is currently a law student at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. She has also been named 2012 White House Champion of Change and AfroElle Magazine 2012 Top 35 Women under 35.


JENNY M. BUCCOS is the Director, Producer, and Series Creator of ProjectExplorer.org (www.projectexplorer.org) and an agent for global citizenship. In 2003, before the existence of YouTube, she founded ProjectExplorer.org, an educational organization who's mission is to bring the world into the classroom with free multimedia content and lesson plans that improve students’ global awareness and cross cultural understanding.

Over the last 6 years, she has directed/produced 375 short films for students working with leaders and visionaries including Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  ProjectExplorer.org also features a catalogue of over 1,400 text-based materials and 1,500+ images. Five million students – in every US state and 40 countries around the world – have logged on to ProjectExplorer.org to become more globally aware.

Jenny is a 2012 White House Champion of Change. She is a two-time recipient of a GOLD Parent’s Choice Award for Excellence in Educational Programming, and a 2010 recipient of a National Award for Citizen Diplomacy; honored alongside Academy Award winner Robert Redford for her work as a citizen diplomat. To date, Jenny has travelled to 48 countries. In October 2012, Jenny will begin production on her 7th educational series focusing on the country of Azerbaijan. She is currently developing a television series based on her experiences travelling and working abroad.


KAREN CATOR is the Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. She has devoted her career to creating the best possible learning environments for this generation of students. Prior to joining the department, Cator directed Apple's leadership and advocacy efforts in education. In this role, she focused on the intersection of education policy and research, emerging technologies, and the reality faced by teachers, students and administrators.

Cator joined Apple in 1997 from the public education sector, most recently leading technology planning and implementation in Juneau, Alaska. She also served as Special Assistant for Telecommunications for the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska. Cator holds a Masters in school administration from the University of Oregon and Bachelors in early childhood education from Springfield College. She is the past chair of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and has served on the several boards including the Software & Information Industry Association—Education.


CHUA CHOR HUAT was appointed principal of School of Science and Technology, (SST), a specialised independent secondary school that prepares university-bound students for the GCE ‘O’ level examinations, in June 2008. The school offers a distinctive 4-year programme that focuses on science and technology research, creative applied learning, and innovation and entrepreneurship.  As a Future School, SST leverages Information Communication Technology to augment students’ learning environment; the school collaborates with researchers from the sole teachers training institute in Singapore, National Institute of Education, to research how pedagogically-driven and technology-enriched environments can best foster higher order thinking, collaboration and communication, and relevant skills for the 21st century learner.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr Chua served as Principal of Ngee Ann Secondary School. Under his five-year leadership, the school achieved various excellence awards in teaching and learning. Mr Chua also steered the school to focus on technology use, innovation in learning, international networking and community work.

Graduating with First Class Honours in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore in 1992, Mr Chua started his teaching career a year later at Raffles Junior College after obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Credit from the Nanyang Technological University.  In 1998, he served in the Planning Division of Ministry of Education (MOE), before becoming Vice-Principal of Yishun Junior College two years later. In 2001, the MOE undergraduate scholar was awarded an MOE post-graduate scholarship to do his Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College, Massachusetts in the USA.


MARY A. CLISBEE of Fischler School of Education, Nova Southeastern University in Miami Florida, is on special assignment as principal of Ecole de Choix, a trilingual, progressive, private school in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Dr. Clisbee spent over 20 years as a school teacher, social worker and administrator before joining Nova Southeastern University in 2007. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Norwich University Military Academy, a master’s in community counseling from Salem State College, and a doctorate in leadership in schooling from the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Clisbee’s most recent research is focused on the educational system in Haiti; specifically the role of the school principal in improving education. She has expensive international teaching experience, having taught doctoral courses for Nova Southeastern University in Malaysia, the Bahamas, South Korea, Jamaica and Belize.

DALE DOUGHERTY is the co-founder of O’Reilly Media, the founding editor and publisher of MAKE magazine and the co-creator of Maker Faire. Make magazine started in 2005 followed by the first Maker Faire in the Bay Area in 2006. In 2012, Maker Faire was held in the Bay Area to over 110,000 guests, and also at a smaller scale in Detroit and New York. In 2011, the White House recognized Dale as one of the “Champions of Change: Make It In America,” for his work in helping to create high-quality jobs in the United States. In May 2012 Dale led the launch of Maker Education Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities for young people to make. He is passionate about fostering a new generation of ‘makers’ who are creative, innovative, and curious.


Passionate about fusing art and social change from an early age, ILONA DOUGHERTY's diverse experiences range from being a Canadian delegate to the United Nations at 17 years old to producing concerts across Canada. A life long social entrepreneur, in January 2004 Ilona co-founded Apathy is Boring, (www.apathyisboring.com) a national non-partisan charitable organization that uses art and technology to educate Canadian youth about democracy. As Apathy is Boring’s Executive Director she has been featured by the national media, worked with rock stars, and given thousands of youth the tools they need to get involved in their communities. Raised by socially engaged parents in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Whitehorse, Yukon, Ilona currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.


Following a successful first career as a civil engineer, GAVIN DYKESspent 20 years developing Technical Vocational Education and Training.  He started by contributing to engineering courses and increasingly focused on technology in Further and Higher Education.  He worked on computer-aided design then moved to developing Cisco Networking Academy and Microsoft Academy courses and integrating them into broader qualifications.  His work with technology led to developing, managing and implementing strategies for e-learning adoption, at first at institution level.  When Gavin was invited to work with the UK’s government in 2002 it was to contribute to development of policy and strategy of e-learning at national then at international level.  Since then Gavin has been engaged in strategies and policies for innovation and the use of technology to support education and training.  In that time he has worked with agencies including the OECD, UNESCO and the World Bank, with governments, with organisations such as the Innovation Unit, the New Media Consortium and Futurelab, and with major corporations such Microsoft, Cisco, Promethean and HP.  His current roles include Senior Director of International Relations for the New Media Consortium, Fellow of Education Fast Forward, and Programme Director for the Education World Forum.



JIM FRUCHTERMAN is a leading social entrepreneur and CEO of Benetech, a nonprofit technology company based in Palo Alto, California. He is a former rocket scientist who creates technology social enterprises that target underserved communities. In 1989, Fruchterman founded Arkenstone, a nonprofit social enterprise, to produce reading machines for people who are blind. In 2000, the nonprofit changed its name to Benetech and began creating new technology for people with disabilities, the human rights and environmental conservation communities. Fruchterman has received a MacArthur Fellowship and the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. He believes that technology is the ultimate leveler, allowing disadvantaged people to achieve more equality in society.


After a successful career acting in film and television, JEREMY GILLEY began making his own films in 1995 and in 1999 founded the non-profit film project Peace One Day to document his own efforts to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed date.

In September 2001, as a result of Jeremy’s efforts, a General Assembly resolution was unanimously adopted by UN member states, formally establishing 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace – Peace Day.

Under Jeremy’s leadership, Peace One Day’s campaigns and activities in Education, Music, Film, Sport, Dance and Online have proved that the day works. Throughout the years, millions of people have been active on Peace Day in every country of the world, and hundreds of organisations have carried out life-saving activities in areas of conflict. Notably, Jeremy and Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law travelled to Afghanistan to spearhead a campaign that, over the years, has resulted in 4.5 million children being vaccinated against polio in hitherto unreachable areas, as a result of Peace Day agreements by all parties in the region.

Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September, making it a day that is self-sustaining, an annual day of global unity, a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known. Inspired by a 70% recorded reduction in violent incidents on Peace Day in Afghanistan (source: United Nations Department of Safety and Security), on Peace Day 2011 Jeremy launched the Global Truce campaign: a global effort to mobilise the largest gathering of individuals in the name of peace ever on one day – Peace Day 21 September – and as a result measure a reduction of violence globally. Jeremy’s vision for this campaign is to build a series of coalitions and networks, enabling organisations around the world to share ideas and become inspired by one another’s Peace Day activities. Jeremy is now working with McKinsey & Company to develop a methodology of measurement – a formula that will generate definitive results in relation to the extended impact of the Global Truce campaign worldwide in relation to a decrease in violence on one day, allowing Peace One Day to track the growth in Peace Day activity and thereby improve the results year on year.

For Peace Day 2012, the focus of the Global Truce 2012 campaign, Jeremy and Jude Law produced a concert at Wembley Arena London, the third of three shows as part of the London 2012 Festival and Peace One Day’s ninth major concert. The Wembley concert was headlined by Sir Elton John, with performances from James Morrison and 2Cellos, featuring updates on the Global Truce 2012 campaign from around the world.

Jeremy’s latest documentary Peace One Day Part Three, produced by Gilley and POD ambassador Jude Law, received its premiere broadcasts on 18/19 September 2010 on BBC World, with coverage of 306 million households in 200 countries.

In July 2011 Jeremy gave the closing speech at the prestigious TED Global 2011 conference in Edinburgh.

On 19th October 2011 Jeremy was awarded the IVCA Fellowship.  On 1 December 2010 Jeremy and Peace One Day were awarded the Carnegie-Wateler Peace Prize 2010 at The Hague. Other awards include: Cinema for Peace 2009 – Most Inspirational Movie of the Year (The Day After Peace); Geneva Cinema Vérité – Cinema Vérité Award (The Day After Peace); Zimbabwe International Film Festival – Best Documentary Award (The Day After Peace); Britain’s Best Award 2008 (Campaigner of the Year); IVCA Clarion Award Winner 2008 – Champion Award; Jeremy was the recipient of the James Hammerstein Award 2006.

Jeremy is the author of a children’s book The Making Of World Peace Day, illustrated by Pulitzer Prize-winner Karen Blessen, published by G.P.Putnam’s Sons, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group.

In October 2012 Jeremy spoke at the third annual One Young World Summit, Pittsburg, USA. 

Visit Jeremy’s website: http://www.performingartistes.co.uk/jeremy_gilley/index.htm. To find out more about Peace One Day and the Global Truce campaign visit: www.peaceoneday.org



BETH KANTER is the author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, one of the longest running and most popular blogs for nonprofits.  She co-authored the book titled “The Networked Nonprofit” with Allison Fine published by J Wiley in 2010 that received Honorable Mention for the Terry McAdams Award.  Beth has over 30 years working in the nonprofit sector in technology, training, capacity building, evaluation, fundraising, and marketing.   Her second book,  Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,  with Co-Author KD Paine, will be published in October, 2012.

In 2009, she was named by Fast Company Magazine as one of the most influential women in technology and one of Business Week’s “Voices of Innovation for Social Media.”  She was named Visiting Scholar for Social Media and Nonprofits for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in 2009-2012.  She was a Society of New Communications Research Fellow for 2010.


 WILLIAM KIST has been researching classroom uses of new media across disciplines and grade levels for over 15 years.  His profiles of teachers who are broadening our conception of literacy were included in his books, New Literacies in Action and The Socially Networked Classroom.  Building upon this work, Dr. Kist’s just-published book, The Global Schooldescribes teachers who are using new media to collaborate with students and teachers across the world.

A former middle school and high school language arts teacher, Dr. Kist has also served as a language arts and social studies curriculum coordinator, and as a consultant and trainer for school districts across the United States, specializing in technology integration and curriculum mapping.  Currently, an associate professor at Kent State University, Bill has presented nationally and internationally with over 50 articles and book chapters to his credit.  While serving as Director of the Commission on Media for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), he also had the opportunity to be Lead Co-Editor for NCTE’s Pathways for 21st Century Literacies, an online professional development curriculum focusing on new literacies.  Dr. Kist continues to be sought out for interviews in the press regarding new literacies, including such publications as U.S. News and World Report and Education Week.  A member of the National Book Critics Circle, he reviews books for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and remains active as a filmmaker and musician himself having earned a regional Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music Composition.  Throughout his career as an educator, Bill has remained active as a professional musician.  His original music has been compiled on his album, Movie Music.  Dr. Kist blogs at www.williamkist.com, and he may be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/williamkist.


BARBARA "BOBBI" KURSHAN provides executive level leadership of a series of entrepreneurially focused programs and efforts (such as the Milken-Penn GSE Educational Business Plan Competition) and helps develop new degree and non-degree programs at the Penn Graduate School of Education. Dr. Kurshan has been involved with education and technology for over 35 years.

Dr. Kurshan has had a career as both an academic and award-winning entrepreneur. Kurshan has honed her vision of “what can be” using technology while supporting the growth of new education companies and developing innovative software products. She began her teaching career at Virginia Tech, where she obtained her doctorate, and was the Director of Academic Computing and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Hollins College for many years. As a professor, she researched the impact of technology on learning and helped her students explore the applications of technology across the curricula.

Kurshan then became an education entrepreneur. As President of Educorp Consultants Corporation, she provided strategic consulting and seed funding in the areas of education, technology and innovation; and as the Executive Vice President of WorldSage, a consortium of for-profit higher education institutions in the EU to address education for the 21st century, she identified innovative investments in learning institutions. As the past Executive Director of Curriki she helped to build one of the most innovative and robust global open source education communities. She has previously served as the Co-CEO of Core Learning an education investment fund and the Chief Academic Officer of bigchalk. She currently serves on the Board of several education companies. She developed the first children’s software products for Microsoft and also created award-winning products for McGraw-Hill, Apple, CCC (Pearson) and others.

Recent awards include the prestigious WISE Award for Innovation at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha Qatar and “20 to Watch” award from NASBE in 2009. In 2008, Kurshan was named Laureate, Tech Awards from Technology Benefiting Humanity. In 2007, she was awarded the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize. In 2005, she was received the ISTE “Making It Happen” award and the Women’s Venture Fund’s “Highest Leaf Award.” 


LARRY JOHNSON is an acknowledged expert on emerging technology and its impacts on society and education, and has written five books, seven chapters, and published more than 50 papers and research reports on the topic. He speaks regularly on the topics of creativity, innovation, and technology trends, and has delivered more than 75 keynote addresses to a long list of distinguished groups and organizations all over the world. He is the founder of the Horizon Project, which produces the acclaimed series of Horizon Reports that are used by over a million educators in more than 100 countries.

Dr. Johnson currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of the New Media Consortium, an international not-for-profit consortium dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies, and Director of the Edward and Betty Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts (MIDEA). The NMC’s and MIDEA’s hundreds of member institutions constitute an elite list of the most highly regarded universities, museums, and research centers in the world.

In his current post at the NMC, Johnson routinely brings visionaries and thought leaders from across the globe together to define and explore new ways of thinking about and using technology, and to examine emerging trends and issues. The NMC’s annual Horizon Report, now published in six languages, has become one of the leading tools used by senior executives in universities and museums to set priorities for technology planning. NMC summits and large-scale projects have helped set the agenda for topics such as visual literacy, learning objects, educational gaming, immersive learning, the future of scholarship, and social networking.

Having served as president and senior executive at institutions in both the higher education and not-for-profit realms, he has more than 25 years of experience in the global education arena, and has served in campus roles from professor to dean, CIO and provost, and president. His educational background includes an MBA in Finance and a Ph.D. in Education that focused on research and evaluation. Among much other recognition, Dr. Johnson has been honored as a Distinguished Graduate by his alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin. 


 DANA MORTENSON has dedicated her professional life to educating and engaging youth in community and world affairs, to close the Global Competency gap in American education. Her deep belief in the transformative power of global education to contribute to peace, justice and equity on a global scale led her to co-found World Savvy in 2002. She has since led the organization through extensive growth and expansion –reaching more than 250,000 students and 2,000 educators from three offices nationwide since founding—and expanded programs to include global project based learning, arts and media integration, professional development and international exchange and service learning. Dana is a recognized expert in the field of global education, and serves as Advisor and Board member to a range of nonprofits focused on international education and youth development. She is a frequent speaker on the subject of global citizenship and social entrepreneurship. She is a 2011 Ashoka Fellow and was named one of The New Leaders Council’s 40 Under 40 Progressive American Leaders in 2010. Dana holds a B.A. in International Relations from Connecticut College and a Masters in International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

 HÉLA NAFTI is a Tunisian citizen who started her career as a teacher of English, then became a senior teacher, adviser and teacher trainer.

Héla Nafti is currently a senior inspector in English Language teaching, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, textbook writer, developing ICT content for Tunisian curricula and translator. She took an active part in the development and implementation of the educational process in Tunisia. 

She has also been an iEARN coordinator since 2004. In 2011, she became president of TEARN, Tunisian Education and Resource Network. She is a member of Education For All committee in Tunisia, member of the Tunisian Virtual School, and a member of SOROPTIMIST International and Vice-president of the Tunisian League of Education.

Héla Nafti has always been involved in citizenship activities, focusing mainly on ways to improve understanding between communities and on people around the world. She has a strong desire to empower our youth with 21stskills that would help them acquire the necessary knowledge to build a better world.  

Since she has been involved in iEARN, her passion has grown and she believes she is a part of a strong, powerful community that is making a difference in the world with fantastic actions carried out by determined youth and leading teachers, who will ultimately bring the necessary changes for a world based on the values of understanding, exchange, openness and tolerance, through ICTs.


 LIZ NEALON is an award-winning executive producer and industry leader who played an integral role in shaping indelible youth brands like Sesame Street and MTV.  Ms. Nealon is currently the CEO & Publisher of StarWalk Kids Mediaand Seymour Science LLC, an early mover in children's digital publishing. The company’s streaming digital platform serves Schools and Libraries with a highly valued catalog of digital books, both fiction and nonfiction, from award-winning authors and illustrators.

Prior to her work with StarWalk Kids Media, Nealon has served as Executive Producer of numerous successful children’s television series and co-productions, including Knock First, Out There, The Famous Jett Jackson and Ghostwriter, and was also Executive Vice President/Creative Director for Sesame Street worldwide. She led the development of successful children’s websites including the Emmy and Peabody Award winning SesameStreet.org, the preschool virtual world Panwapa.com, and the popular KidzBop.com video-sharing site, an industry leader in kid-created content and safe social networking for older kids and tweens.

In addition, Nealon spent a decade as a writer/producer at the start-up of MTV. She traveled the world as Senior Vice President of International Programming, launching the MTV brand in Europe, Brazil, Japan and Australia. Nealon’s colleagues dubbed her the “keeper of the trademark” due to her ability to adapt and articulate the MTV vision and attitude as it was expressed in diverse cultures and musical environments.

ANDREW REVKIN is the senior fellow for environmental understanding at Pace University's Academy for Applied Environmental Studies and writes the award-winning Dot Earth blog for The New York Times. He has spent nearly three decades covering subjects ranging from the assault on the Amazon rain forest to the troubled relationship of climate science and politics.

From 1995 through 2009, he covered the environment for The Times as a staff reporter. His quarter century of coverage of global warming has earned most of the major awards for science journalism along with the John Chancellor Award for sustained journalistic excellence from Columbia University. Revkin has been a pioneer in multimedia communication, blogging and shooting still and video imagery in farflung places. He has also carried his journalism to a new generation in The North Pole Was Here: Puzzles and Perils at the Top of the World, the first account of Arctic climate change written for the whole family. His other booksare The Burning Season, which was the basis for a much-lauded HBO film, and Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast.

Revkin lives in the Hudson River Valley with his wife and two sons. In spare moments, he is a performing songwriter and sometimes accompanies Pete Seeger at regional shows.



DANIEL RUSSELL is the Uber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness in Mountain View.  He earned his PhD in computer science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence until he realized that magnifying and understanding human intelligence was his real passion.  Twenty years ago he foreswore AI in favor of HI, and enjoys teaching, learning, running and music, preferably all in one day.  He has worked at Xerox PARC before it was PARC.com, was in the Advanced Technology Group at Apple where he wrote the first 100 web pages for www.Apple.com using SimpleText.  He has also worked at IBM and briefly at a startup that developed tablet computers before the iPad.  


SEYMOUR SIMON, whom the New York Times called “the dean of the [children’s science] field,” is the author of more than 250 highly acclaimed science books, more than seventy-five of which have been named Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children by the National Science Teachers Association. He has introduced tens of millions of children to a staggering array of subjects, and his Collins photo-essay series is co-branded with the Smithsonian Institution, giving them a special seal of approval from a leading authority on science and education.

His website, SeymourSimon.com, is widely used by educators to engage school-age children in STEM content, reading and writing. The website was a 2011 Webby Honoree, and in 2012 won a Parents’ Choice Award and was selected by ALA as one of their 12 “Great Websites for Kids.” Seymour Simon’s interactive, read aloud iBook, WHY DO PUPPIES DO THAT, received the QED Award and was one of five finalists in the Children’s category of the Publishing Innovation Awards at Digital Book World 2012. 

Seymour Simon is a founding partner in StarWalk Kids Media (www.starwalkkids.com), a streaming content provider and marketing platform for eBooks, apps and other engaging, educational content. The company distributes its product to schools and libraries, teachers, caregivers and parents seeking high quality and affordable children’s literature, with a special emphasis on nonfiction. StarWalk Kids has assembled a best-in-class catalogue of award-winning titles by beloved authors and illustrators, available through a website which enables educators to search for books by Lexile Level, Alphabetic Level, and Common Core Standards.

Seymour Simon has been honored with many awards for his work, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science/Subaru Lifetime Achievement Award for his lasting contribution to children’s science literature; The Washington Post/Children’s Book Guild Award for Non-fiction; and the Lifetime Achievement Aw

ard from the National Forum on Children’s Science Books.

 BRON STUCKEY is an educational consultant in gameful design and community development working across games for kids like the Arizona State University's Quest Atlantis and the Massively Minecraft's gameplay community. Bron has spent the last year in the gamification of professional learning communities for educators. She supports children and teachers across the USA and around the globe to see virtual worlds, communities and games as spaces for digital citizenship. She is @bronst on twitter, Bronwyn Stuckey on Facebook.

MICHAEL TRUCANO is the World Bank's Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist, serving as the World Bank's focal point on the topic within theeducation sector and leads the World Bank's related analytical work on under its flagship Systems Approach for Better Education Resultsinitiative as it relates to information and communication technologies (SABER-ICT). In addition, Mike provides advice and support to World Bank country-level education projects seeking to utilize ICTs in various ways in multiple countries around the world; current areas of activity include ICT/education policy development, the use of mobile phones in educationICT and education indicators, 'new economy skills for Africa', development of national ICT/education agencieschild Internet safety, and low-cost 'ICT devices'. As part of his duties, he co-chairs the World Bank's internal cross-sectoral thematic group on ICT and education, which helps to maintain the organization's internal knowledgebase on related topics and sponsors numerous speakers and knowledge-sharing events each year.

Mike is a frequent public speaker on the use of ICTs in education around the world, and on ICT use for development purposes more broadly. He serves frequently as a 'master of ceremonies' or moderator at conferences and industry events, including the annual global symposium on ICT and education in Seoul, and has helped organize a number of FAILFaires, exploring how can people and organizations can more openly talk about, and learn from, 'failed' projects and initiatives, in the hope that sharing lessons from 'failure' might make 'success' more likely in the future.

Mike is also the principal contributor to the World Bank's widely read EduTech blog (http://blogs.worldbank.org/edutech). His essays and posts on the World Bank EduTech blog have been collected into three separate volumes, available for free download.

Mike previously served as the ICT and Education Specialist at infoDev, the multi-donor 'ICT knowledge shop' housed within the World Bank's Global ICT Department (GICT), where he coordinated activities related to information and communication technologies and the Millennium Development Goals ("ICTs for MDGs"), especially as they related to education. He also led infoDev's work exploring the use of various low-cost ICT devices to meet developmental objectives in the social sectors, an initiative he continues to help lead from within the World Bank education sector, and managed the program's mobile banking work. Highlights during his time at infoDev include Knowledge Maps: ICT and Education (what we know, and what we don't, about ICT use in education in developing countries), over 75 country-level surveys of ICT and education in Africa and the Caribbean, a handbook on Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects, and the ICT in Education Toolkit for Policymakers, Planners & Practitioners (with UNESCO, used in over 25 countries to date).

Mike brings experience working in a variety of capacities with on-the-ground ICT/education and ICT4D initiatives in several regions of the world, including feasibility studies, evaluation and assessment, teacher training and professional development, appropriate technologies and targeted policy advice, especially related to uses of ICTs in education and community telecentres. He joined the World Bank Group in 1997, first with the IFC, and then serving on the Education and ICT for education teams at the World Bank Institute, where he was a core member of the team that developed the World Links for Development Program.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @trucano.


 EMMANUEL VAUGHAN-LEE is a director, producer, musician, and composer. In 2005 he founded the Global Oneness Project, a webby award winning media platform and production-company. He has directed and produced numerous award winning short films–A Thousand Suns (2009), What Would it Look Like (2009), A Game for Life (2008), Barrio de Paz (2007), Seva Café (2007) that have been widely distributed online and aired on PBS, LINK TV, and ABC Australia among others.  His new feature documentary Elemental (2012) is currently playing at festivals.  Prior to his work in film Emmanuel performed and recorded as a sideman with some of the biggest names in jazz, as well as releasing two records under his own name, Previous Misconceptions (2002) and Borrowed Time (2005).


NARCIS VIVES is President at Fundació Itinerarium and a Spanish Ashoka fellow (2008). He works in education contributing to the paradigm shift of traditional transmission of information to entrepreneur and cooperative learning using ICT, and mobile learning.

He is the co-founder of several educational networks like iEARN (International Educational and Resource Network) and Atlas de la Diversidad  which are international networks of Primary and Secondary schools that participate in telecommunication projects that contribute to the welfare of the planet and its people using ICT.

Together with his team at Itinerarium Foundation, he works in the Mobile Learning  field with a platform called eduloc for teachers and students to create location based content to be experienced using mobile phones and tablets with GPS.


TONY WAGNER recently accepted a position as the first Innovation Education Fellow at the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard. Prior to this, he was the founder and co-director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for more than a decade.

Tony consults widely to schools, districts, and foundations around the country and internationally. His previous work experience includes twelve years as a high school teacher, K-8 principal, university professor in teacher education, and founding executive director of Educators for Social Responsibility.

Tony is also a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and a widely published author. His work includes numerous articles and five books. Tony’s latest, Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change The World, has just been published by Simon & Schuster. His recent book, The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need—and What We Can do About It has been a best seller and is being translated into Chinese.  Tony’s other titles include: Change Leadership: A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools,Making the Grade: Reinventing America’s Schools, and How Schools Change: Lessons from Three Communities Revisited.  He has also recently collaborated with noted filmmaker Robert Compton to create a 60 minute documentary, “The Finnish Phenomenon: Inside The World’s Most Surprising School System.”

Tony earned an M.A.T. and an Ed.D. at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.


RANDI WEINGARTEN is president of the 1.5 million-member American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, which represents teachers; paraprofessionals and school-related personnel; higher education faculty and staff; nurses and other healthcare professionals; local, state and federal employees; and early childhood educators. She was elected in July 2008, following 11 years of service as an AFT vice president.

In the months immediately following her election, Weingarten launched major efforts to place education reform and innovation high on the nation’s agenda. In September 2008, Weingarten led the development of the AFT Innovation Fund, a groundbreaking initiative to support sustainable, innovative and collaborative reform projects developed by members and their local unions to strengthen our public schools.

Weingarten served for 12 years as president of the United Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 2, representing approximately 200,000 nonsupervisory educators in the New York City public school system, as well as home child care providers and other workers in health, law and education.

For 10 years, Weingarten chaired New York City’s Municipal Labor Committee, an umbrella organization for the city’s 100-plus public sector unions, including those representing higher education and other public service employees. As chair of the MLC, she coordinated labor negotiations and bargaining for benefits on behalf of the MLC unions’ 365,000 members.

From 1986 to 1998, Weingarten served as counsel to UFT president Sandra Feldman, taking a lead role in contract negotiations and enforcement, and in lawsuits in which the union fought for adequate school funding and building conditions. A teacher of history at Clara Barton High School in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights from 1991 to 1997, Weingarten helped her students win several state and national awards debating constitutional issues.

Elected as the local union’s assistant secretary in 1995 and as treasurer two years later, she became UFT president after Feldman became president of the AFT. Weingarten was elected to her first full term as UFT president in 1998 and was re-elected three times.

Weingarten is known as a reform-minded leader who has demonstrated her commitment to improving schools, hospitals and public institutions for children, families and their communities. She has fought to make sure teachers and school support personnel are treated with respect and dignity, have a voice in the education of their students, and are given the support and resources they need to succeed in the classroom.

With her leadership as AFT president, the union has pursued an agenda that reforms education by holding everyone accountable, revamping how teachers are evaluated, and ensuring that children have access to broad and deep curriculum as well as wraparound services. The AFT agenda fights against finger-pointing and calls for a continued investment in education. It also highlights the work that teachers, nurses and public employees do every day to make a difference in the lives of others.

Weingarten holds degrees from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the Cardozo School of Law. She worked as a lawyer for the Wall Street firm of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan from 1983 to 1986. She is an active member of the Democratic National Committee and numerous professional, civic and philanthropic organizations. Born in 1957 and raised in Rockland County, N.Y., Weingarten now resides on Long Island and in Washington, D.C.

DORIS TSUEY-LING WU currently works as an English teacher of National Fenghsin Senior High School, also as Country Coordinator of iEARN Taiwan (http://www.taiwaniearn.org).  With 25-years teaching experience in secondary education and 10-years in international collaboration, her expertise is recognized in English teaching, online project-based Learning, and international PBL program involvement. Her outstanding collaboration with Ms. Maira Serrano in “Taiwan-El Salvador Cultural Exchange Project” between 2003-2004 has won her The Outstanding Achievement of Lina McGinnis and Sam Carison’s Collaboration Award. Since 2003, Wu has been invited to numerous Professional Development teacher workshops held for Taiwan K-12 schools, sharing her knowledge and experiences in international education. She has been invited as the workshop facilitator for iEARN Professional Development courses in places such as El Salvador, Indonesia, Malaysia, and USA. Wu has successfully hosted 2011 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where 450 international teachers and students from 42 countries participated (http://www.iearn2011.org).




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