2013 Conference Recordings

Session and Keynote Recordings

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. The first recordings to appear will be the full Blackboard Collaborate recordings; in a few days the .mp3 and .mp4 recordings will then appear.

Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use ctrl-F to search.




Gustavo Beltrami RECORDING U-Learning: Hacía un nuevo paradigma educativo
Sergio Daniel Bosio RECORDING Los caminos del conectivismo', De la escuela media hacia la Universidad
Paulino Brener RECORDING Prepara, Practica, Produce y Presenta
Alma Delia Chávez Rojas RECORDING TIC para enseñar y aprender
L.I. Alma Delia Chávez Rojas RECORDING TIC para enseñar y aprender
Antonio L. Delgado Pérez RECORDING DRAP: Diseño de Recursos de Aprendizaje Personalizados
Natalia Gil de Fainschtein RECORDING La educación necesita más Realidad Aumentada, con o sin computadoras
Nathalia Khayat; James Parr RECORDING La Red Interamericana de Educación Docente (RIED) y el Colaboratorio Interamericano para la Profesión Docente (Co-PED): Herramientas Prácticas para la Colaboración entre Docentes en las Américas
Jennifer D. Klein RECORDING Las Mejores Prácticas en la Educación Global Basada en Proyectos
Linda L. Martinez RECORDING Plataforma E-learning Chamilo como herramienta dinamizadora en procesos educativos a distancia
Linda Martinez RECORDING La importancia de las tecnologías libres como herramientas docente en el proceso de enseñanza.
William Vegazo Muro RECORDING Como debe ser la formación del profesor en el siglo 21
Jorge Alberto Becerra Ramírez RECORDING Tecnologías Aplicadas al Conocimiento TACs
Magister Luis Alberto Dávila Ramírez RECORDING Liderazgo del directivo docente y Docentes en la evaluation curricular de las Instituciones Educativas Oficiales en Colombia
Alfonso Sintjago RECORDING El Uso De Dispositivos Móviles Para La Creación De Entornos Personalizados De Aprendizaje (PLE) En La República Dominicana - Version en Español
Cristina Velazquez RECORDING Proyecto Celebraciones en la Red


Gregory Adler RECORDING Connect to the Global Family through Sister Cities
Samah AlJundi RECORDING Global Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills are dialectically connected
Mary Jo Allegra RECORDING The Art/Science Connection: How to build Successful Collaborations
Pam Allyn; Jennifer Estrada RECORDING Transformational Literacy for the 21st Century: Four Lessons from the LitWorld Model
Nasir Baba RECORDING Opportunities and obstacles of using Quranic schools to achieve EFA goals in Nigeria
Skyler Badenoch RECORDING Inspiring Life Long Stakeholders for International Education: From High School and College Students, to Corporate Executives, to Rural Villagers
Dana Bar-or RECORDING 21st Century Collaborative Language Learning
Jamila Bargach RECORDING E-learning Challenges in a Multilingual and Rural Environment: the Case of Southwest Morocco
Miguel Barreto RECORDING RAINFOREST ARTLINK: Connecting with the rainforest 2013
Karen Blumberg; Rekha Puri RECORDING LINEglobal - Gateway to India
Kathy Bosiak RECORDING Student Driven Environmental Projects
Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs RECORDING My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action
Dounia Bredes RECORDING Connecting Students & Teachers Online, Across Continents
Paulino Brener RECORDING Prepare, Practice, Produce and Present
Eva Brown RECORDING Infusing Global and Technology Education into Teacher Education
Sharon Brown-Peters RECORDING How to Foster Student Innovators with “Unreasonable Vision” to Promote Social Change
Don Buckley RECORDING Design and Maker Thinking - how can they be part of our Everyday in Education
Dr. Bernard Bull RECORDING Global Perspectives on Grading and Assessment
Dr. Bernard Bull RECORDING Helping Learners Develop Personal Learning Networks
Kirsten Bunch RECORDING Uniting Youth Through the Power of Music and Technology
Kim Caise RECORDING Connecting Classrooms through Global Project Based Learning Activities and Resources
Jaime Casap RECORDING The Transformation of Education
Fabiana Casella RECORDING Why my experience as a Cultural Exchange Educator helped bridge the gap between my community and others.
Dr Gail Casey RECORDING Towards personalising learning in a global world
Barbara Cervone RECORDING In Our Global Village
Tatyana Chernaya RECORDING A Glimpse Into The Life of a Connected EFL Teacher
Jessica Chung RECORDING Bring the World to Your Walls: Engaging Learners with Global GraffitiWalls
Jake Clapp RECORDING The Student Experience in a Global, Online Classroom
Richard C. Close RECORDING Diversity, Learning Styles and Project Based Learning Upgrading classroom methods for a global Personal Learning Framework
Kim Cofino RECORDING Adventures in International Education
Salena Coller RECORDING New Maps in Higher Education: Interdisciplinary Education & Global Competency
Maria Colussa RECORDING The Connected Educator in Progress, A Beginner´s Journey
Todd Conaway RECORDING The 9x9x25 Challenge: A Reflective and Open Model of Professional Development
Lorie Cook-Benjamin RECORDING Navigating the Needs of A State Multicultural Education Association
Amanda Coolidge RECORDING Are you ready for Conflict Analysis and Management Practice? Assessing Quality, Academic Rigor, and Innovation.
Ashley Cross RECORDING Twitter for Educators: An Introduction to the Global Collaboration Network
Aqeela Jogee Cutter RECORDING The Impact of Physical Exchanges on West African Students
Rana Dajani RECORDING A Library in every neighborhood
Aileen Daly RECORDING Summer Abroad: Opening Youth up to a world of possibilities
Vicki Davis RECORDING Understanding the Middle East through a Simulation: AIC Conflict Simulation
Dr. Chris Deason RECORDING Historical Role Play in Second Life for promoting Global Competencies
Mozart Dee RECORDING 13 year old Trilingual Pioneer in Global Education - World as Classroom- LITERALLY
Omar Eldarawy RECORDING The Online Model United Nations Movement: The Move Towards Global Community
Tariq Refaat Bahi Eldin RECORDING International School Award
Tony Erben RECORDING Disadvantaged English Language Learners Connecting With Their Home Countries
Peter Evans RECORDING Educational safaris in rural villages in South Africa on the edge of the Kruger National Park
Hani Hamed Ezeldin RECORDING Plus World Technology , Change in Education
Anne Farrell RECORDING 15,000 students in Run This Way program for Peace and Nonviolence
Laura Feeney RECORDING Creativity in Education: Critical, Global, and Engaging
Noel Feria RECORDING 10+ Techniques for Empowering Students to Becoming Globally Connected Educators and Content Creators
Miguel Fuentes RECORDING Inquiry Approaches to Integrating Environmental Literacy and 21st Century Skills
Michael Furdyk RECORDING Imagining Future Friendly Schools: Global Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, and Student Voice
Michael Furdyk RECORDING Future Friendly Schools: living laboratories for 21st century teaching and learning
Dr. O'Shan D. Gadsden RECORDING From Theory to Praxis: The Integration of Multicultural Content & Pedagogical Practice
Ann Gaudino RECORDING Key Issues in International Clinical Placements
Lisa Glenn RECORDING Using Advocacy to Empower Students
Globaledcon Organizers RECORDING Opening Session - Global Education Welcome and Convocation
Globaledcon Organizers RECORDING Conference Closing Session
Maxie Alexandra Gluckman RECORDING Re-Envisioning the Education System - Global Communication and Collaboration
Michael Graffin RECORDING Global Classroom 2013-14 Stories & Project Launch
J.M. Grenier RECORDING Using Immersive Environments to Connect Global Language Learners.
Dr. Michele L. Haiken RECORDING Anime as a Catalyst for Global Collaboration: Media Literacy Projects for the Flat Classroom
Jennifer Hanson RECORDING Latin American & Latino Literature for K-12 Classrooms
Jeffrey Harlan RECORDING Connecting Student Dreams Around The World
Jeffrey Harlan RECORDING The Dream Flag Project: Connecting Student Dreams Around the World
Paul Hartman RECORDING Learning English Grammar by Writing
Sara Hassan RECORDING DeforestACTION: Monitoring the Rainforest from your Classrooms
Caitlin Haugen RECORDING Global Teacher Education: A Resource for Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States
Marna Hauk RECORDING Earth E/mergent - Global Virtual Sensing Networks for Gaian Educational Emergence
Jeff Hoffart RECORDING Students as Creators or Makers: Tools to foster Higher-order Thinking Skills
Ashley Holben RECORDING Introducing Global Perspectives on Disability in the Classroom
Amy Hollinger RECORDING Professional Development for a Global Audience
Ruty Hotzen RECORDING Daffodils and Tulips project and Talking kites on the footsteps of J. Korczak
Betty Hurley-Dasgupta RECORDING ePortfolios as Environments for Global Engagement, Deep Learning and Authentic Assessment
Heidi Hutchison RECORDING The #Malala Project, An attempt at a Global PBL
Heidi Hutchison RECORDING GlobalEdCon Smackdown, A Sharing of Resources and Tools from the Week
Ian Tran RECORDING Teaching global challenges with Solution Focus to increase engagement and inspire action
Muhammad Saleem Ibrahim RECORDING Using Online Resources for Teaching EFL to Students from Under-served Communities
Christina Inge RECORDING Designing for a Global Eye: Helping Commercial Design Students Develop Global Awareness
Katherine Ireland RECORDING Developing and sustaining communities of practice in elementary history education: Doing history in the classroom with limited professional development support
Doug Johnson RECORDING Walking a Mile in Another's Moccasins: Purposefully Developing Empathy
Kate Sutton Jones RECORDING Transforming professional learning through global collaboration
Joel Josephson RECORDING Attaining the Creative Classroom with practical projects
Rozina Jumani RECORDING Global institutional partnership framework for achieving academic excellence: Facilitating the implementation of quality education programs at postgraduate level
Emily Karem RECORDING Teaching with Africa
Frédéric Kastner RECORDING The OER movement: Inspiring global Teacher & Student Participation and Creation
Brian Kayser RECORDING Creating a Global Project
Leslie Pralle Keehn RECORDING Out My Window
Nathalia Khayat; James Parr RECORDING The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN) and the Inter-American Collaboratory on the Teaching Profession (Co-TEP): Practical Tools for Teacher Collaboration in the Americas
Jennifer D. Klein RECORDING Fostering Global Citizenship in the English Classroom
Jennifer D. Klein RECORDING Fostering Global Citizenship in Our Schoolhouses
Jennifer D. Klein RECORDING 21st Century Pedagogies and Envisioning the Global Schoolhouse
Rachel Kornhauser RECORDING Learn how GNG's virtual exchange programs promote cross-cultural collaborations in your classroom
Bethany Kreider RECORDING Building Upon Your Physical Exchange Experience
Effie Kyrikakis RECORDING “ Window to the World” – a path for the school of the future
Lainie Liberti RECORDING Travel as an alternative form of Education – Life Learning on the Road
Emily Liebtag RECORDING Intercultural Sensitivity of Pre-Service Teachers': The role of international student teaching experiences
Julie Lindsay RECORDING How to go Global - Lead, Learn, League
Ioana Literat RECORDING Can MOOCs Really Make an Impact in the Developing World?
Rajib Lochan Das RECORDING Internationalization of learning in experiences of collaborative project 'Our Rivers, Our World'
Emily Longenecker RECORDING Complex World, Simple Strategies: Towards Deeper Global Understanding in the Classroom
José Manuel Sáez López RECORDING World Museum Scratch Projects
Laura Loveday RECORDING The use of social media in teaching information literacy and global collaboration
Jenny Lussier RECORDING Global Celebrations of Learning
Szymon Machajewski RECORDING Globalization of credentials by adopting skill driven badges instead of grades or degrees.
Michelle Macumber RECORDING Strategies for Infusing Global Concepts and Content into the K-5 classroom
Shawn Mahoney RECORDING The Importance of Global Competence Education for Adults.
Taru Malhotra RECORDING Integrating technology in primary classrooms: from the learning theories
Clyde Mann RECORDING Spreading Day of Innovation Globally, Sparking Infinite Possibilities
Balda Marcia RECORDING The Olympic Games 2012, working collaboratively in a globalize world to develop cultural awareness.Connecting classroom programme.
Melanie McCreary RECORDING Creating Responsible Global Digital Citizens in the Technology Age
Wendy Milette RECORDING MY HERO Learning Circles & CALL TO ACTION
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING How to get started with Global Projects
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING Stories from Hello Little World Skypers
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING The World is My Classroom
Anne Mirtshin RECORDING Teaching and Learning Across the Globe
Albert N. Mitchell II RECORDING Educate Every Child on the Planet: The World Top 20 Education Poll
Honor Moorman RECORDING Knowledge to Action: From global awareness to global citizenship
Louise Morgan RECORDING Work With What You Have
Cheryl Morris RECORDING Beyond Geography: Team Teaching From Across the Country
Genevieve Murphy RECORDING Bringing The World to Your Classroom
Attila Nagy RECORDING Teaching in a school which sometimes becomes a hostile environment for a teacher or how to teach in an ex-conflict area
Alema Nasim RECORDING Use of Media Arts and Performing Arts for Cross Cultural Understanding
Kae Novak RECORDING EduMachinima Fest: Assessing 21st Century Skills
Rita Oates RECORDING Research Says...” Best Practices in Global Collaboration
Susie Oh RECORDING Passport to the World
Mark Otter RECORDING Designation for the Global Ready Teacher!
Lisa Parisi RECORDING Natural Disasters and Us
Dr. Luis Perez RECORDING Building a Global Culture of Accessibility with Mobile Devices
Craig J. Perrier RECORDING Globalizing the High School U.S. History Survey Course: Free, Collaborative, and Self-Paced Professional Development
Susan Jacques Pierson RECORDING The Power of Story
Carly Pildis RECORDING How to Use Your Personal Story to Advocate for Access to Education
Will Piper RECORDING Think Globally, Look Locally
Federico Pistono RECORDING Esplori: a platform to teach and learn anything, in any language, on video
David Potter RECORDING Making International Education for Everyone
Silvia Raithel RECORDING New Education Highway: Using Technology, Community Partnerships, OERs and Targeted Teacher-Training to Provide Access - Even in Areas Without Internet - to Free, Quality Education
Tania Rashid RECORDING Take Your Classroom Global!
Tania Rashid RECORDING Learning through online educational games
Tania Rashid RECORDING One stop shop: TIGed Thematic Classrooms
Julene Reed RECORDING Polar Bears, Global Connections, and Citizen Science
Dr. Nitzan Resnick RECORDING A collaborative, cross curricular, skills and habits of mind based language for all - A must in personalized learning
Samantha Reynolds RECORDING Tools and Strategies for Global Education in your Classroom
Margaret Riel RECORDING Improving your Skills as a Global Educator through Action Research
Katharine Robinson RECORDING From static to dynamic: engaging students with technology to teach global issues
Perri Robinson RECORDING Using Instructional Technology to Accelerate Students into STEM Careers
Thomas Röhlinger RECORDING Join Radijojo World Children's Media Network: Award-winning global competency empowerment for your students!
Donna Adams Román RECORDING Lesson For All: the right of education and the barriers worldwide
Donna Román RECORDING Irish-American Project
Kara Roth RECORDING How to Design and Implement a Global Citizenship Certificate Program
Matthew Rudisi RECORDING International Service Learning Projects - Best Practices
Jennifer Russell RECORDING Connecting Classrooms in the U.S., Middle East and North Africa through Online Projects
Vera Saar RECORDING Navigating the Cultural Side-effects of Global Education and the Compression of Change
Dimitrios Salampasis RECORDING Rethinking and resetting horizons of education: creating the skills of the road to employment
Catherine Saldutti RECORDING Global Competencies for 21st Century High School Science Curriculum: Integrated, Student-centered & Content-rich
Anita Samuel RECORDING Strategies for creating culturally inclusive online programs
Imogen Scott RECORDING IFAW's Animal Action Education Program
Maria D. Shaheen RECORDING From the USA to Africa: A Unique Primary STEM Global Partnership Emerges
Stacy Shipman RECORDING Intercultural Personhood Theory as a Framework for Global Competence
Atsuko Shiwaku RECORDING IIME develops 21st century skills through international collaborative learning
Alfonso Sintjago RECORDING The Use of Mobile Devices For The Development of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE) In The Dominican Republic (Case Study) - English Version
Dr. Jamal Din Slimani RECORDING Able-bodied People’s Perceptions of and Communication with Persons with Disabilities.
Joshua Sneideman RECORDING Hip Hop Educational Pedagogy - a globally growing field
Joshua Sneideman RECORDING A discussion of the impact of energy around the world, focussing on how to use energy in education as an interdisciplinary tool to bring teachers together, with a final discussion of the principles 5,6,7 of the Energy Literacy Framework as an example of how to use Energy as a theme to teach humanities.
Chryssanthe Sotiriou RECORDING Our school, a planet!
Larry Specht RECORDING Partnerships in Education: How Labor-Management Collaboration Is Transforming Public Schools
Larry Specht RECORDING Guarantee the right of high quality education to all American children
Larry Specht RECORDING Lessons from PISA for the United States
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy RECORDING One Gesture At A Time: Knowledge and Action Hand in Hand
Vance Stevens RECORDING How a community of educators meets online using Google Hangout with unlimited participants
Dr. Carolyn Stevenson RECORDING Education in Action: Internship and Educational Programs at SeaTrust Institute as Global Capacity Building
Peter Stidwill RECORDING Playful Learning: Connecting Educators through Games
Peter Stidwill RECORDING QUANDARY: Building creativity, empathy and ethical decision-making through play
Kristina Stoney RECORDING Teaching global challenges with Solution Focus to increase engagement and inspire action
Louisa Sullivan RECORDING Making a Better World Online for Children: Teaching Digital Literacy and Citizenship
Mark Suter RECORDING Multicultural Game Design Teams as an Intro to Computer Science
Shayne A. Swift RECORDING A Semester of Service
Ayat Tawel RECORDING Harry Potter Book Project in Edmodo: A Collaborative Initiative Between Students from Egypt and Canada
Malvina Tema RECORDING EU and the Albanian higher education system; What happens when they meet?
Sue Toms RECORDING Global voices: International school students developing verbal fluency with audiobooks.
Marilyn Turkovich RECORDING How to Change the World
Harry Grover Tuttle RECORDING Modern Language Students Learn About Other Cultures Through Their Mobile Device
Carine Ullom RECORDING Virtual Study Abroad: Leveraging Technology to Foster Cross-Cultural Competence Among U.S. and Macedonian University Students
Halyn Valley RECORDING Modern Day Slavery
Justin van Fleet RECORDING The Final Push to Achieve Education for All by 2015
Irina Volynets RECORDING Towards sustainable development together with ENO
Nicole Weitzner RECORDING Photojournalism 2.01 & 2.014: Engaging Educators and Youth in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and the United States
Susannah Wheelwright RECORDING Sharing International Films
Brandon Wiley RECORDING Six School-Wide Strategies to Globalize Your School
Jennifer Williams RECORDING One Montessori World: Connecting Elementary Students and Teachers from around the Globe
Sylvia Wong RECORDING Building Global Citizenship Among US Youth
Melda N. Yildiz RECORDING Global Harvest Project: Connecting Community through Co-developing Transdisciplinary Curriculum
Matthew York RECORDING Every Wall is a Classroom: Using Locally Created Video and Cordless Projectors to Improve Learning Outcomes
Curtis Young RECORDING Video Blogging as a Resource for Language Learning Enhancement
Dan Zanes RECORDING Communal Music-Making: What I've Learned So Far.
Rimma Zhukova RECORDING IEARN Local History project as a tool to develop the 21st century skills and enhance cross cultural dialogue

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