2014 Conference Recordings

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. The first recordings to appear will be the full Blackboard Collaborate recordings -- in a few days the .mp3 and .mp4 recordings will then appear.

Check out the GlobalEdCon Keynote sessions on YouTube.

Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search.

Gregory Adler RECORDING Cutting Through the Common Core (State Standards) Using a Global Approach
Fenot Aklog RECORDING The Impact of the iEARN Photojournalism 2.104 Heritage, Hunger and Food Security Program
Samah AlJundi RECORDING MAD Day from Syria Makes A Difference
Theresa Allen RECORDING Digiteen/Digitween - Global Digital Citizenship Project
Ramil Andag RECORDING Social Media for Gender Equality: Exploring Popular Online Platforms for Mainstreaming Discussions on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities
Fariha Asif RECORDING Anxiety Factors in the Saudi EFL Learners
Abena Baiden RECORDING Collaborative Online Projects: Getting Started
Alina Balan RECORDING International Projects and Global Competencies
Christy Barham RECORDING Helping Students Embrace Cultural Diversity and Develop Global Awareness
Judy Barr RECORDING Cultural Diversity and Appreciation by Exchanging Greeting Cards
Cintia Bastos RECORDING Library Beyond Borders: Fostering Global Learners by Connecting Libraries around the World
Marek Beck RECORDING Adapting to a Changing World: The Future of Education
Kathy Beck RECORDING Go and Smell the Roses!
Stella Maris Berdaxagar RECORDING El Camino de la Praxis en la Aldea Global del Siglo XXI
Priti Bhattarai RECORDING School Uniform or Wedding Dress: How NGOs can Play a Key role in Combatting Child Marriage in Rural Nepal through Education
Michael Boll RECORDING Increase Global Collaboration and Recognize Achievements with Digital Badges
Max Bone RECORDING Service Learning for Highs School Students
Sheryl Bone RECORDING Opening Doors to Global Experiences, Cultural Immersion, and Volunteerism
Marina P. Bonser RECORDING Measurement of Global Thinking Levels via Analyses of Solutions to Problems
Ervika Munik Borlongan RECORDING Globally Connecting People Through Creating Cloud-Based Presentations
Kathy Bosiak RECORDING Student Stories in a Solar Cooking Project
Kolleen Bouchane RECORDING Get #UpForSchool! Join the movement to all children everywhere access to education
Nicolle Boujaber-Diederichs RECORDING My Identity, Your Identity Culture Project: Global Online Collaboration in Action
Christel Broady RECORDING Creating and Curating Knowledge from the Bottom Up with a Community of Practice
Eva Brown RECORDING FlippingPD - Pre-Service Teachers Teaching Teachers Globally
Sharon Brown-Peters RECORDING Social Entrepreneurship: The Student Voice
Don Buckley RECORDING Making and Learning - A Global Connection
Sarah Burke RECORDING Pen Pals Around the World~ Pen Pals por el Mundo
Kimberly Caise RECORDING Connecting Classrooms to Participate in Global Projects
Adam Carter RECORDING Tips on Designing a Global-focused Class
Creating Connections for Remote Faculty Members RECORDING Creating Connections for Remote Faculty Members
Fabiana Casella RECORDING Once you go global, there is no coming back!
Najwa Chalabi RECORDING Hearin the Silence Behind Learning Goals and Success Criteria
Jessica Charles RECORDING Empowering and Inspiring Youth to Start Small Businesses for Social Good
Purnendu Chatterjee RECORDING Integrating Science Teaching with 21st Century Skills
Mayus Chavez RECORDING Common Core Global Standards
Michelle Chien & Eric Chen RECORDING Telling Taiwanese folktales through WebEx videoconferencing
Bonnie Chiu RECORDING A global social enterprise empowering underprivileged women through photography to overcome structural constraints of women empowerment
Lillian Chu Hsiung RECORDING Keynote
Richard C. Close RECORDING The Value of Values in Transformative Learning Framework. How student values/experiences impact learning and instructional design methods.
Richard C. Close RECORDING How to Handle Classroom Global Diversity in Curriculum Design with a PowerPoint Template. From theory to PowerPoint instructional design in a STEM lesson.
Julia Coburn RECORDING Using Multiple Student Perspectives to Break the Single Story
Vicky Colbert RECORDING Keynote: Escuela Nueva: Quality Education for Peace and Democracy
Michael D. Collins RECORDING Sociology: A Driver for Cultural Competence in a Connected World
William Colmenares RECORDING Cómo Crear Cursos Virtuales Con Sólo Una Conexión a Internet ... y No Morir en el Intento
Maria del Carmen Colussa RECORDING Keeping your batteries charged and learning together by connecting globally with other educators
Marshal Conley RECORDING Personalized Learning: A Guide for Engaging Students with Technology
Angela Crawford RECORDING A Call to Action: Improving Geo-Literacy Through Project Based Learning
Lucy Crehan RECORDING What can we learn from 'top-performing' education systems?
Sherry R. Crow RECORDING Looking at Cultural Differences in Motivating Students to Seek Information: A Study Conducted in Colorado Springs, CO and Kampala, Uganda
Jason Cummings RECORDING Speak First: Shifting Modern Language Programs from Writing and Grammar Toward Genuine Global Connection
Nick Cusumano RECORDING World Theatre Video Project- Connecting Globally Through Performance
Rana Dajani RECORDING We Love Reading
Patricia Davis RECORDING One World: Many Stories
Dylan de Waart RECORDING Global Buddy – Lessons From a Student-run Initiative to Connect Schools
Chris Deason RECORDING Conceptualizing Violence and Leveraging Skype to Promote World peace
Antonia Rosa Díaz RECORDING Educomunicación, Identidad y cultura
Oren Dolev RECORDING to play or not to play?!
Mariko Eguchi RECORDING Changing Perspectives of Japanese High School Students Toward the Chinese by Videoconferencing
María del Socorro Gómez Estrada RECORDING Programa Formación de Formadores UNAD: innovación en la cualificación académica y certificación de competencias
Anne Farrell RECORDING Toward education for nonviolence - connecting classrooms project
John Farrelly & Julie Keane RECORDING Keynote
Jennifer Fenton RECORDING Connecting with Coding: The Flat Scratch Cat Project
Robby Fernandez RECORDING Educator+: Taking the Google+ Step to connect educators and communities for accessible learning
Alice Forsythe RECORDING Global Education Coalition-New York City: Organizational Collaboration to Support Local Educators Develop Globally Competent Youth
Anne Fox RECORDING Promoting collaboration across borders: two approaches
Fabrice Fresse & Lauren Oswald RECORDING A French and American Classroom Connection: Improving Linguistic Cultural Proficiency through E-Learning
Sindell Perez Fuentes RECORDING Amigos Globales/Global Friends
Katherine Ganim RECORDING The Youth Design Summit: Bridging Creativity Internationally
John Jairo García RECORDING Pedagogía de la autoridad
Ann Gaudino RECORDING Skyping with the Guided Reflection Model
Dina Ghobashy RECORDING Virtual Schools: Potential Solution for Equity and Quality Education for All
Heidi Gibson RECORDING Casting the net wider: How can we encourage new participants in global learning?
Peter Gilmartin RECORDING A Strategy for Globalizing Secondary School: Global Citizenship/Competency Certificates
Rosemeire Batista Gimenes de Araújo RECORDING Teddy Bears Humanising Teaching
Ann Marie Gleeson RECORDING Turning Interests into Insights: Using Data Visualizations to Teach Global Issues
Troy Glover RECORDING TriWaters Tour Eco-Expedition: Biodiversity Monitoring through Citizen Science
Terry Godwaldt RECORDING Exploring the Middle East through video conferencing
Terry Godwaldt RECORDING Connecting your classroom to the global stage with Global Encounters
Prakshi Goel RECORDING Education For All
Kristen Goggin RECORDING The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Building Global Relationships that Endure
Olzan Goldstein RECORDING Multiplayer computer games from the perspectives of teachers and students
Felipe Gonzalez RECORDING Perfil Emprendedor UNiagustiniano
Michael Graffin RECORDING The Global Classroom Project: Stories & Project Launch 2014-15
Lucy Gray RECORDING Global Education Conference Welcome
Lucy Gray RECORDING Global Education Conference Closing and Thank You!
Akevy Greenblatt RECORDING Developing A Global PLN
Khendum Gyabak RECORDING Design Thinking among K-12 Teachers in Global Education Programs
Dondi Tóthné Bán Gyöngyi RECORDING Using skype , google hangout and writing mails/letters to help small students in a little classroom to open their eyes to the large world outside
Judy Ha RECORDING Promoting Cultural Competence for a Global Society (Strategies for both K-12 educators and students)
Leena Hannula RECORDING The Wonderful Third Life!
Jennifer Hanson RECORDING The World at Your Fingertips: Media Resources for the Global Classroom
Henry Harboe RECORDING LumenEd: Video Pen Pals with Developing World Classrooms
Jeff Harlan RECORDING The Dream Flag Project -- empowering and developing global awareness for K-12 students around the world
Doris McEwen Harris RECORDING Achieving Transnational Spaces Through Collective Will
Maha Hassan RECORDING Hot Teaching Spots
Brennan Heil RECORDING Online Learning
Benedicta Barrera Hernández RECORDING La cultura física como base de una mejor calidad de vida
Laura Higgs RECORDING The Role of the Principal in International Education
Adam Holden RECORDING The Role of Open Educational Resources in Developing Globally Diverse Courses
Ruty Hotzen RECORDING Talking Kites all over the world in the footsteps of J. Korczak
Ruty Hotzen RECORDING Daffodils and tulips-PBL
Stephan Hughes RECORDING Presenting #NT2T: Helping Twitter newbies become Tweachers
Sumaya Ibourk RECORDING Integrating a language trip into the Modern language curriculum
Cheryl Iozzo RECORDING Using international student art exchanges to deliver 21st Century Learning Skills
Katherine Ireland RECORDING The quiet leader: leadership attributes of elementary school social studies teachers in an era of deep change
Usha Jagannathan RECORDING Empowering Educators to Adopt Virtual Labs in Online IT Classrooms
Amy Jambor & Sheri Williams RECORDING Global Collaboration - The Student Perspective
Leon James RECORDING Examining methods for promoting college student engagement in course-based collaborative projects online
Lorena Jiménez RECORDING La aplicación de la teoría de las inteligencias múltiples en la educación virtual
Michael O. Johnston RECORDING Maps Matter: Making Sense of Maps
Fernando Jorquera RECORDING Resistencia al cambio
María José de León RECORDING La Red Interamericana de Educación Docente (RIED): Actividades y Herramientas para la Profesión Docente en las Américas
María José de León RECORDING The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN): Activities and Tools for the Teaching Profession in the Americas
Rozina Jumani RECORDING Releasing creativity and confidence among Youth through non formal life skills program in underprivileged urban setting
Leslie Pralle Keehn RECORDING Global Citizenship License
Kern Kelley RECORDING Students as Tech Support
Noble Kelly RECORDING From Empathy to Action: Assessing your Social Justice Impact
Noble Kelly RECORDING Education Beyond Borders: fostering global competency by connecting educators and classrooms
Shea Kerkhoff RECORDING Mutually Beneficial Professional Development for Teachers in North and Central America
Simmi Kher RECORDING Connecting for Cross-Cultural Dialogue Globally
Natasha N. King RECORDING Globally Connecting Children with Special Educational Needs through Student-centered Approach in Teaching
Daniel Kinzer RECORDING Planetlines Connect Students Around the World
Jennifer D. Klein RECORDING Meeting in the Middle: Avoiding the Exploitative Pitfalls of Global Learning
Bonnie Koenig RECORDING Ideas and Tips for Enhancing and Nurturing your Global Competency
Effie Kyrikakis RECORDING Building Essential 21st Century Skills Through Global Collaboration Projects
Chris Lazarski RECORDING Tastes Great! Less Filling! Urban high school students maximize global learning through iEARN Photojournalism 2.104 Heritage, Hunger and Food Security Program
Jami Leibowitz RECORDING Building and Maintaining a Virtual Global Community: Global Partners in Education
Jami Leibowitz RECORDING The Global Understanding Program: Preparing Students for the Global Society
Anatoly Lezhen RECORDING How American Higher Education is Missing Out on the Global Pie
Lainie Liberti RECORDING Experiencing Global Education Through Immersive Learning Communities- A Case Study
Julie Lindsay RECORDING Flat Students - Flat Learning - Global Understanding
Julie Lindsay RECORDING Flat Connectors - Global Collaborators - Meet and Share
Paul Loranger RECORDING How do we fit global education within our curriculum at various grade levels?
Kara Mac Donald RECORDING e-Books; Diversifying the ESL & FLT Writing Classroom with Project-Based Learning Adaptations
Teresa MacKinnon RECORDING Breaking down barriers to learning
Michelle Macumber RECORDING Globalizing Lessons: Any Standard, Any Subject, or Any School
Amiena Mahsoob RECORDING The Ebola Crisis: How the International Community is Responding and What Students Can Do to Help
Ezra Samantha M. Mancenido RECORDING Globally Connecting Classes through Interactive Learning Objects
Baida Marouane RECORDING ACCESS Program's Enhancement activities: honing students' collaboration, leadership, and communication skills
David Marshak RECORDING SelfDesign Leads to Global Consciousness
Sasha Martin RECORDING 10 Practical Tips for bringing food from around the world into the classroom
Sonia Massari RECORDING Teaching and Learning about food in the future: ICT, Innovative Food Systems, Social Entrepreneurship and Interaction Design
Sonia Massari RECORDING Teaching Food Studies: onsite and abroad
Sonia Massari RECORDING The Milan Protocol: open dialogue between academia, private and public sectors
Roslynne McCarthy RECORDING Food, Photos, and Tajikistan
Carole McCulloch RECORDING Speechcraft Online: Connecting the Speakers' Trainers Globally
Will McDononough RECORDING The Global We : Middle School Pedagogy for Global Engagement
Kathleen McInerney RECORDING Going Global at Home
Maureen McLaughlin RECORDING Keynote
Elsa Daniela Pérez Mendía RECORDING MOOcs como herramienta de aprendizaje
John Mergendoller RECORDING From Packets to Gold Standard Project Based Learning
Ann Michaelsen RECORDING How to create a student centered global classroom using Skype, Twitter and blogs
Wendy Milette RECORDING MY HERO presents New Media Technology for Global and Local Activism!
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING The World is Our Classroom
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING Tech Talk Tuesdays: Global Connections
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING Skype in the Connected Classroom
Anne Mirtschin RECORDING Hello Little World Skypers
Yoshiro Miyata RECORDING World Museum Projects: Collaboration Projects in Scratch
Mohamed Ramadan Mahmoud Mohamed RECORDING Using Video to Teach EFL in a Cultural Context
Pierre Moncal and Katrina Ingco RECORDING Using Facebook and Twitter as Online Classrooms: Connecting Educators and Learners Around the Globe
Thomas Moncrief RECORDING Connecting Students to Language and Culture through a Culture Cafe
Lili Monk RECORDING Global Bridges Project- Creating Global Citizens by Connecting Students Around the World Through Relevant, Collaborative Projects
Tonya Muro RECORDING 100 Years: 100 Countries - AFS' Intercultural Learning in Teachers Colleges as a Pathway to Peace
William H. Vegazo Muro RECORDING Herramientas web 2.0 para generar aprendizajes colaborativos en el aula
Ian Murray RECORDING Linking Leaders with Communities - Moderation Best Practices
Lindsey Myers RECORDING Going Global: Facilitating and Designing Collaborative Classroom Projects at Home and Abroad
Omashani Naidoo RECORDING Teacher Professional Development- A South African Perspective
Pedro Néstor Ibáñez RECORDING "Eso que HACEMOS Ahí (en Presencia Del otro maléfico) del nuestro de estar-en-Siendo en disciplina" con "Humanidad Hacia otros", Ubuntu.
Olek Netzer RECORDING Democratization: Stuctural Change of Regimen and of the Living Experience at Schools
Olek Netzer RECORDING Education Against Dehumanization: Radical Change of Approach to Peace-Education
Alaine Newland RECORDING Human-Centered Design in the Classroom
Jill Nugent RECORDING Global Collaboration in Science Education
Kate E. O'Hara RECORDING Student Achievement in a Global Community: Educators Fostering Transformative Actions in a Standardized System
Kate E. O'Hara RECORDING Urban Teachers and Web 2.0 Tools: Enacting a Critical Pedagogy Online
Caroline L. Ocaya RECORDING Fostering International Collaboration Through Language Exchange
Susie Oh RECORDING Bringing the World to our Classroom: Connecting and Communicating on a Whole New Level
Toni Olivieri-Barton RECORDING Students Presenting A Week in the Life - Environmental Issues
Erin Olson & Leslie Pralle Keehn RECORDING Out My Window
Sebastian Panakal RECORDING The Elders mentor younger ones at "The School in the Cloud"
Vicky Papageorgiou RECORDING Global Collaborative ELT Wikipedia project
Lisa Parisi, Donna Roman, Toni Olivieri Barton, Emily Roth, Maire O'Keeffe, Betsey Sargent, Matt McGuire & Robyn Thiessen RECORDING Our Global Friendships
Leslie Paynter RECORDING Changemakers School Network
Leah Penniman RECORDING Science in Service: Student-Led Sustainable Development in Haiti
Edna Phythian RECORDING Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Susan Jacques Pierson RECORDING Maintaining Bridges to Swaziland Via Social Media
Cornelia Platon RECORDING Developing students’ creativity and media skills through AYV program
Rohit K. Pothukuchi RECORDING KEYNOTE: Rohit K. Pothukuchi "Empowering students through social networks: Verdentum & possibilities ahead
Raymond Pun RECORDING Teaching First Year Library Research Experience in China: Strategies, Assessments, Challenges and Opportunities
Tania Rashid RECORDING TakingITGlobal's Free Virtual Thematic Classroom
Tania Rashid RECORDING TIG's Free Educational Games
Tania Rashid RECORDING Take Your Classroom Global
Carlos Bravo Reyes RECORDING Modelo del Diseño instruccional para las aulas digitales que emplean Moodle en ambientes a distancia
Diane Rice RECORDING Bridging Cultures & Worlds Connect
Thomas Röhlinger RECORDING Global Education strategies for a world at an historic 'tipping-point'
Victor Hugo Rojas RECORDING The role of ELT+IT in promoting global collaboration and networking in professional development
Donna Román RECORDING Lesson For All: the right of education and the barriers worldwide
Julio Aviles Romero RECORDING Alternativas lúdicas basadas en TIC para la ensenanza del cálculo en el bachillerato
Sue Ron-Gonzalez RECORDING Using Adinkra Symbols from Ghana to Explore Universal Values and Student Identity
Paramita Roy RECORDING A Virtual Trip to Asia
Jennifer Russell RECORDING Connecting Educators and Youth through Virtual Exchange Projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and U.S.
Iram Sadiq RECORDING Introduce PBL In Your Teaching To Make Your Student A Global Citizen
Daniel Sadowsky RECORDING Free UNICEF Teaching Resources on Climate Change, Ebola, and More!
Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam RECORDING ICT’osphere Surrounding ELT world: Reviewing Web-Tools in Use
Dimitrios Salampasis RECORDING Peace and humanitarian education: driving education within the deep waters of global uncertainty
Silvana Salica RECORDING Flipped Classroom para la asignatura Informática
Alba Silvana Salica RECORDING ¿Informática sin computadoras?
Martin Salido RECORDING Globalizing Education through Online Teaching
Paul Salopek & Liz Dawes Duraisingh RECORDING Out of Eden Learn: Slowing down and exchanging stories in the digital age
George Saltsman RECORDING Preparing Leaders for Global Education
Yvonna Sarkees RECORDING Feedback-Are You Doing Your Part?
Hassan Sattar RECORDING Include Mandatory Life Skills Education as One Preventive Intervention Against Avoidable Mental Disorders Caused by Inability to Manage Stress & Frustration
Kathleen Schwille RECORDING Keynote
Amy Shaffer RECORDING The Library: Global Clubhouse for Creative Good
Rob Siegel RECORDING Transition Toward a Global Society: A K-8 Social Science Framework
Chryssanthe Sotiriou RECORDING Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship
Kara Spilker RECORDING Supporting Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Acquisition for ELLs in the Content-Based Classroom
Amanda Stamp RECORDING Teaching Global Competency Through Skills-Based Learning
William Stewart RECORDING Bringing the Study Abroad Experience Home: Using Tech to Share Your Stories
Susan Stillman RECORDING iSEL: Connecting Global Educators through EQ and Social Emotional Learning
Ellen Street RECORDING The Global Experience Continues: Research and Experience from an Exchange Student on Reverse Culture Shock
Student Technology Leadership Team RECORDING A Student-Led Virtual Technology Conference? A New Model for Collaboration!
Hana Šustková RECORDING The meaning of unknown words - the role of language in global education
Lisa Swayhoover RECORDING Education for a Better World Imaginarium: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Global Education Lesson Plans
Vasileios Symeonidis RECORDING Towards Global Citizenship Education
Anjela Taneja RECORDING Developing the New global EFA Framework: Post 2015 perspectives and processes across the world
M. Monte Tatom RECORDING Collaboration with TwitCast
Homa Tavangar RECORDING Beyond Food, Fun, Festivals: Global Education Tools for Meaningful Learning & Connection
Kristy Taylor RECORDING Promoting a Global Perspective in Health Education Curriculum for Grades K-20
Reuben Thiessen RECORDING SMILE Together: Collaborative, Inquiry-based Learning using Innovative Hardware and Software.
Sarah Thomas RECORDING Connecting the Dots: Global Collaboration in the Information Age
María Torres RECORDING No sé, enséñame tú...
Shenna Kate Torres RECORDING Go Global: Collaborating Teachers and Students Across the World Using Google Classroom
Harry Tuttle RECORDING Modern Language Global Speaking Standards: ACTFL Can-Do Statements
Harry Tuttle RECORDING Global Understanding Through The Teaching of Culture and Mobile Devices
Joyce Valenza RECORDING Going Global: A Literacy, a Process, a Library Call to Action
Catalina Valenzuela RECORDING Learning One To One: Preparing the students for the 21c challenges
Ruth Valle RECORDING Mystery Skyping: Why We love It
Tina Vasquez RECORDING Opening Minds Through High School Global Citizenship Course
Cristina Velázquez RECORDING Proyectos colaborativos de iEARN Latina
Cristina Velázquez RECORDING Uniendo Voluntades: Voluntad de mejorar la Educación + volundad de mejorar el Aprendizaje de los Estudiantes
Christie Vilsack RECORDING Developing Partnerships
Revathi Viswanathan RECORDING Fostering Societal Consciousness through Soft Skills Training
Jennifer Vollmann RECORDING Building Student Global IQ
Elena Voloshina RECORDING Teachers
Eric Walters RECORDING Connecting and Collaborating: Student Learning and Leadership Opportunities in STEM
Katie Wampler RECORDING Global Outreach Through Skype
Aja Watkins RECORDING The Youth Influence on Education Policy
Andrew Weiler RECORDING If you want success, change what you do!
Susannah Wheelwright RECORDING Incorporating Linguistic and Cultural Traditions
Ric White RECORDING A Simulation of Ellis Island Leads to Better International Awareness
Courtney White RECORDING Critical Dialogue: Advancing Education Systems’ Adaptive Capacity to Bring Global Competency to Scale
Jennifer Williams RECORDING Collaborative Learning Spaces: Classroom Designs for the 21st Century
Katie Williams RECORDING The Maker Mindset: Fostering a Design Mentality to Solve Real-World Problems
Rebecca Winthrop RECORDING Keynote
Stephanie Wujcik RECORDING Serving from Scratch: Developing a Global Education Course for Good
Jim Wynn & Gavin Dykes RECORDING Keynote: Education Fast Forward, The first four years and the next 200.
Melda N. Yildiz RECORDING Transforming Teacher Education through Transdisciplinary and Translational Research
Matthew York RECORDING Improving Teacher Training in the Developing World With Locally Created Video and Cordless Projectors
Rita Zeinstejer RECORDING Maximize Collaboration and Sharing with Google+ Hangouts

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