Commercial Participation

This is a free conference, and for the organizers, a labor of love that never fully compensates for the time involved. We have dozens of volunteers who also donate their time.

The conference is designed to be an opportunity for educators, students, and others to share their work, connect with others, and provide authentic, peer professional development.  

While we understand that there are commercial products and services which can benefit this audience, some of which we know are just starting and may not have much funding, this conference does not exist to promote those offerings. We do have a  very reasonable and minimal support and sponsorship levels that allow for commercially-related presentations, and you can email for more information. You has also been a special program for start-up companies you can find out about here.

Please do not ask us to bend the rules for you.  We spend a lot of time on this conference, especially in the last weeks, and we may choose not to respond to you if you continue to ask us to take time explaining this policy or try to get around it. If we determine that you are masking your commercial affiliation in order to make mention or promote your product or service, we will remove your session and will not allow you to present in the future.

If you work for a company and you want to present something unrelated to your company and your products, then we ask you to submit your presentation as an individual and without listing your company affiliation, and that you do not mention or promote your commercial service or product.

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