Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find and listen to a recording of one of the sessions?

  1. Find the appropriate link in our archives and find a recordings page. On the recording pages, presenters are listed in alphabetical order by last name of presenter.
  2. Click on the link you want.
  3. On the next page there is a little button right at the end of the displayed table - look for format Blackboard Collaborate and click the little play button underneath. That will take you to the recording. See screenshot below:x`x`

How do I find the link to the session or the time schedule?

The links to individual sessions including keynotes will go up just prior to the scheduled day.

  1. The calendar of events can be found on this schedule and sessions page.  
  2. Find your time zone, click on that time zone and you will go to the timetable of sessions.
  3. Read through the sessions,
  4. Click on the ones you want to attend. It will open up a small window and the link to the room can be found.
  5. Click on that link.
  6. You will enter the Blackboard Collaborate room where the workshop takes place.

Where does the conference take place?

The conference is online and virtual. Each session will have a specific link to take you to Blackboard Collaborate - a virtual classroom or meeting place. You will find these links from the Sessions and Schedule page. (Follow instructions above).

Is there any training for presenters?

See the Training Page.

What should I do prior to the conference, what should my presentation look like, etc?

Most of these questions together with tips and hints can be found on this Presenters Checklist.

What format should my presentation take?

The conference sessions take place in Blackboard Collaborate (BbC) - a virtual conference room. It uses MS Powerpoint so presentations should be created in or converted to MS Powerpoint. Keynote presentations should be converted to MS Powerpoint or each slide should be saved as jpgs. Jpg files can also be uploaded into BbC. 

Do I load my Powerpoint presentation somewhere?

Close to the conference, we will send you a private link to your presentation room. You will only load your Powerpoint presentation, 30 mins or so before your presentation. Find the link to your room click on the link and you will enter Blackboard Collaborate - the virtual conference room. A moderator will help you upload your slides.


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