Important Information for Presenters From Steve

Thank you so much for presenting at the 2017 Global Education Conference. The following is important information--please read through it now so that you are prepared. We especially need to let you know that we are switching back to Blackboard Collaborate as the conference platform, and we need to make sure that you take the training (more below).

1. If you have been asked to make edits and have not received an acceptance email from Lucy Gray, please make the suggested changes to your proposals and let Lucy know when you are ready to have her review your proposal again. ALL PROPOSALS MUST RELATE TO OUR MISSION. 

2. The following only applies to accepted sessions. If your session has been accepted AND if you haven’t yet scheduled your actual presentation time, please do so NOW. Because we have sessions being presented from many different time zones, as a speaker you schedule your own session time at This allows you to see the available slots and to pick something that works within your time zone, and around other time commitments. We're quite proud of how this works, as it is one of the benefits of a virtual conference, but if you should run into any difficulties finding a time that works for you, email us directly at We encourage you to do this quickly, as proposals are being reviewed in the order in which they were submitted, so your priority for selecting a session time depends on you scheduling right away. When you do select your time, be sure that the scheduling system has the correct time zone for you!

To schedule your session, you should open to find your presentation proposal. You can do a search on your name to find it, or click on "My Page" in the top menu and then click on the "discussion" link on the left side to find it. Open the session booking link from above in another tab. You will find it easiest to copy the information from one to the other rather than re-type it.  Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking.

3. Please check to make sure that the time of your presentation session is correct. It will be listed on the schedule page for your time zone. NOTE: In the US and other places there will be a time change the morning of November 5th. If you check the calendar before then, the times should still be accurate because the calendars are based on specific cities. (Buty if you’re a time buff, you’ll notice that the GMT +/- times are off by an hour, but will match after the 5th.)

4. As a presenter, you need to make sure you are a member of the conference "presenters group" on the network website (under the presenters menu item). This group is a backup for announcements to presenters. Join the group (or check to make sure you're already a member) at

5. You are responsible for knowing how to use the conference presentation platform. This year we had planned on switching from Blackboard Collaborate to WizIQ, but encountered too many technical difficulties in that platform and so are sticking with Blackboard Collaborate. We know it's not as snazzy as some other platforms, and does require some specific platform learning, but nothing matches its capabilities in low bandwidth (which as a global conference we have our fair share of) and moderator/presenter rights. We have a variety of training resources available for you and it is imperative that you take the training, even (especially) if you believe you are an exception and don’t need to for some reason!

Live training sessions are starting right away. Please go to and be sure to plan on attending one of the times. You can also join the Blackboard Collaborate Practice Room anytime to try uploading your slides, test your audio, and explore Blackboard Collaborate features.

6. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help to volunteer and moderate some sessions when you are not presenting! It makes a huge difference to a presenter to have a volunteer helper in his or her virtual room. You can see how to sign up for volunteer time slots during the conference here, or just show up in the lounge and let us know you are available. We could really use as much help as you can give--so don't be shy about helping for multiple sessions!

7. Remember to consider the audience that attends your session as a "studio audience." Because we have multiple sessions in each hour time slot, and around the clock, many who will want to attend your session will have to watch the recording--so remember that your "studio" attendance only represents a portion of those who will watch and benefit from your presentation. Don't ever be discouraged by low attendance!

8. Please continue to let people know about this free conference! You can find social media information here and promotional materials here. Tweet about the conference and your participation using the hashtag #globaled17, and retweet our tweets!

9. On the day of your conference presentation, please follow these steps:

  • Check the private/hidden page just for presenters and moderators which gives your special links for each individual session. It will be posted just before the conference at This is where you will find the link to enter your session room with the correct privileges. The page is just for presenters and moderators and has all session permissions, so please do not share it except with co-presenters. If you are sending someone to the conference or want them to watch your session, please have them register at and then we’ll send them to the Sessions and Schedule page for them to go through the calendar in their time zone.

  • Enter your presentation room at least 30 minutes before your session begins to check your microphone and sound, to upload any presentation slides, and to welcome attendees.

  • If you need some help before your session, the volunteer lounge will be open during the conference and we will be glad to help you. The link to the room is If you come into the volunteer lounge, please use the chat for asking questions and not your microphone, as volunteers in the lounge will also be in other sessions and the sound will be distracting to them.

  • We will work hard to try and have a volunteer moderator for each session, and at the very least one of the volunteer supervisors will come in and check you before your session. If for some reason you do not have a volunteer moderator in your session and you experience any difficulty, you can leave your session room active and also log into the volunteer lounge room and ask for help.

Again, we are so very delighted to have you participating in the 2017 Global Education Conference. Thank you!


Steve Hargadon & Lucy Gray

Co-Chairs, 2017 Global Education Conference

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