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CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to free, high quality, multi-modal K-12 educational content (text, videos, lesson plans, exercise, simulations, and more) for students & teachers globally. They pioneered the generation and distribution of high quality STEM content through Common Core & NSES aligned digital textbooks called "FlexBooks®". CK-12 also offers a wide range of other products including INeedAPencil - free SAT prep, FlexMath - a full year interactive Algebra I curriculum, BrainGenie - middle and high school math and science practice materials, and studyHELP - a peer-to-peer learning platform which leverages Facebook's social graph. CK-12 is on a mission to enhance learning for students all over the world.

Hetav Sanghavi – CK-12 Foundation’s Senior Director for Marketing and Business Development brings over 10 years of product marketing, sales strategy and business development experience having worked at Apple, AOL, Yahoo& Deloitte Consulting. At Apple, Hetav helped create, develop and deliver sales programs and strategies for Apple’s online stores worldwide. These included innovative financing and customer experience programs marketing and adoption for Apple’s global customers. Before Apple, Hetav helped in advertiser marketing strategy & solutions for Fortune 500 clients at Yahoo! and AOL. At Yahoo!, he helped develop and deliver international sales strategy focused on Asia-Pacific and Latin America markets. Hetav received his B.S in Marketing and International Business from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.


Class Badges

ClassBadges is a free website where teachers can award artfully designed badges to their students.  Teachers have complete control on ClassBadges.  Each badge can be customized to meet the specific needs of each school or classroom.  Students use their ClassBadges account to easily keep track of and share all of their learning experiences. 

Esther Wojcicki has been teaching in Palo Alto, CA since 1984 and has built the journalism program from a small class with 19 students into the largest high school journalism program in the nation with more than 500 students and five journalism teachers. Students elect to write for one of five award-winning publications: Campanile, Verde, Viking, Voice, or InFocus. She is passionate about First Amendment rights for students and about using technology to support learning. She has won multiple awards from Teacher of the Ygear 2002 from California State Credential Commission to the 2011 Charles O’Malley Award from Columbia University Scholastic Press. She is a Knight Foundation Grantee and a MacArthur Foundation Grantee. She is Vice Chair of Creative Commons and Chair of PBS Learning Matters with John Merrow. She is also on the Board of Governors of the Washington, DC Alliance for Excellent Education.

James Sanders is the Innovation Manager for KIPP Bay Area Schools, where he oversees the region’s blended learning initiatives as well as the integration of technology in the classroom.  Before joining the regional staff, James was a KIPP teacher in both Los Angeles and San Francisco and was one of the first educators in the world to have a paperless classroom run 100% online.  Through various web and other cloud-based tools, James was able to create a dynamic blended-learning environment for his students that demanded collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. James consults for both schools and companies on matters of education technology.  He specializes in helping schools leverage web-based tools to increase rigor and student engagement.

Previously, James served as a project manager for YouTube EDU and his work at Google included YouTube Teachers, YouTube for Schools, and management of K-12 content curation. 


Crescerance was founded with the goal of helping schools take advantage of the Mobile Era in which we now find ourselves to better connect and

engage their communities.

We believe that involved communities result in higher academic and social outcomes, stronger values, and increased future success for students. We also recognize that it's not always easy for parents to stay involved with and engaged in their child's education. 

That's why we're helping schools give their parents, alumni, staff, and students everything they need about their School, in the palm of their hands. Crescerance offers customized Mobile Solutions for schools based on their specific needs, ranging from customized iOS and Android apps, text messaging capabilities, mobile websites, and more. "Crescere" means grow or expand and that’s exactly what we’re here to help our schools do - through Mobile. 

Alefiya Bhatia is the Founder and CEO of Crescerance. She began her career in early childhood education and has spent several years working both in the classroom and as a part of school administration in Atlanta area schools. Her degree in Psychology and Education from Emory University has served to power her passion for wide-scale education improvement. She brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to the company and is working hard to help schools better their communications through mobile. 

Critical Language Service

Critical Language Service brings interactive, organized Arabic courses to schools, homeschool groups, and independent learning groups via the Internet. Groups of students in any one location are connected to qualified teachers by one of two kinds of videoconference technology: telepresence and Skype. These courses function exactly like a traditional classroom and allow for engaging, real-time interactions between an onscreen Arabic language expert and Arabic language students. Because our telepresence instructors live and work in the Middle East, they are immersed in the culture of the language they teach; they bring in-depth knowledge and a unique perspective into the classroom. This allows students to discover and understand colloquialisms and cultural customs in a way that is usually only possible during study-abroad programs. Now, they have access to a whole new world—from the comfort of their own classroom.

Sophie Aron earned her in M.A. in Middle Eastern studies in 2008 from the School of Oriental and Africa Studies in London. She has studied Arabic in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, the United States, and the United Kingdom at a variety of universities, colleges, and institutes—both online and in person. She struggled with learning Arabic the way it was traditionally taught throughout her courses of study. Frustrated but determined, she began to research language learning and teaching methods, as well as technology-based alternatives. After taking a course to become an English as a Second Language instructor, she heard about jobs teaching English to students in Asia via interactive videoconference programs such as Skype. She was inspired to found Critical Language Service, and successfully combine her language learning, technology, and teaching expertise.


Culture Adapt

Culture Adapt is an online community and local campus for international individuals that want to better understand a new culture and accelerate their careers through classes, workshops, and online courses.

Mike Miller is a globe-trotting entrepreneur and the President of Culture Adapt. He has worked and lived as an expat in Suzhou, China, studied abroad in Hong Kong and traveled to over 30 countries. He earned a Chemical Engineering degree at WPI and worked in change management at a fortune 500 company before starting his first venture, So, Pick A Party. He's trained 1000's of international individuals and many businesses on cultural competence.


We are building a world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, non-profits, and organizations at all levels. Our goal is to increase the number of dubbed and translated educational videos online. Good content will connect people through understanding and a higher level of education in all the regions all over the world. We believe that good content cannot be limited by language.

Dubjoy technology enables people from all over the world to watch educational videos in their mother tongue.
We developed a web browser based tool which enables everybody who speaks at least two languages to dub and voice translate any online educational video.

The Dubjoy translation tool is extremely simple to use. People from all over the world have started translating with it, after watching only a 1 minute long explainer video. They dubbed Stanford and Khan Academy videos in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and other languages.
He is an entrepreneur, passionate about building services that people need.
He founded 3 companies since 2010, the first failed, the second got sold and he is currently hard at work on the third. He also loves farming, eating healthy food, travelling and extreme sports.


At Eddefy we aim to bring together the open educational web to help you find amazing videos, games, meetups and experiences that chart your personalized path to learn anything. Play, track, share and measure up to your learning goals, meet mentors and peers and find highly rated resources that help you move toward the career of your dreams. Eddefy connects learning objects to rate MOOCs, see expert recommendations and find the best curriculum and content available.

- Personalized education guides based on your unique learning preferences
- Eddefy toolset is designed for lifelong connected learning through sharing expertise
- Adds value to existing institutions, made available by mobile and accessible anywhere
- Connect thousands of content providers across media channels with new audiences
- Visual, graphic and adaptable learning technology for all ages



Gather Education

Gather Education is a virtual learning platform that allows teachers to hold classes and review sessions online without having to change the way they teach. Using the Microsoft Kinect to seamlessly translate an instructor’s motions to an avatar in a virtual classroom, Gather Education recreates the experience of a physical classroom online. Gather Education is currently exploring the many ways a virtual online classroom can impact global education from Mandarin teaching centers based in China, Swedish MBA programs, students studying abroad, or innovative high school teachers looking to clear up class time by holding reviews from home. Founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs focused on disrupting education, Gather Education hopes to make teaching in a secure environment available anywhere, any time, on any device. 

Pano Anthos’ interest in education stems from his time serving as a Lecturer at the University of Delaware right out of school. Seeing the need for disruption, even back then, Pano has spent his entire career in technology. He is 4-time serial entrepreneur and is currently the Founder of Guided Launch, a seed and early stage advisory and operating practice that works with early stage startups to launch successfully. Gather Education is his latest hatchling.


Heliotrope is a social enterprise. It was founded to market a proprietary learning game called Prelude. Prelude is licensed to school districts, community agencies, and companies. Heliotrope has robust partnerships within each channel. Prelude was awarded the Seal of Quality from Curriculum Services Canada, a national non-profit quality assurance organization. Prelude as also chosen as one of 2012’s new most "relevant, innovative education technology product“ by Software & Information Industry Association [SIIA]. 

Dr. Howard B. Esbin is the founder of Heliotrope, a social enterprise. He’s also creator of Prelude, a group learning game. Prelude is the result of Howard's graduate work combined with two decades of senior management experience in international development, philanthropy, and the private sector. His doctoral research examined how a rural community of Kenyan stone carvers transferred their multidimensional skills between generations informally, non verbally, and in extended family work groups. In the process, this one community developed an international market and ensured a higher standard of living compared to other communities. His postdoctoral research has focused on social learning, imagination, and positive psychology. The International Labour Organization, Education Canada, and UNESCO have published his essays. Howard is a trained visual artist and designer. He has just finished his first book – Prelude To Collaboration: A Learning Game for the World Today, which will be featured online in January. 



JELYPals is a social venture that seeks to tackle the negative perceptions Africans and Afro-Americans have of each other. By creating an online pen pal system, we are pushing the conventions of traditional pen palling by integrating web 2.0 technologies and designing a system to contextually fit for the needs of African and Afro-American communities. JELYPals is an opportunity not only to negate formerly held stereotypes but also an opportunity to increase digital literacy and language literacy in a fun and engaging way. We at JELYPals have strong ties to both communities and recognize that as people of African descent we are a part of the same struggle. We are bound by the same history and disproportionately impacted by poverty, crime and disease. Nonetheless, we believe firmly in the power of youth, the potential of Africa and its diaspora and the possibility of change.

A self-proclaimed passionista, I am a lover of all things Africa, design, and technology. I am interested in the ways technological content can be contextualized and designed so that it meet’s the needs of individuals in resource poor communities. My life experiences are a testimony to my dedication and passion for intercultural relations, technological accessibility for the resource poor and contextual innovation. From my days as an undergraduate at Michigan State University I have continuously been involved in projects that seek to make positive impacts in African communities. From projects that have taken me to communities like rural Tanzania and to poor communities in Pittsburgh, I strive to make a difference in the world, through my love for technology and design. As a first genration Nigerian-American, I embody transnationalism whereby I relate to both Nigerians and Americans. This sense of transnationalism motivates much of the work I currently do. As a sister of the diaspora, I feel it is my duty to aid my brother and sisters in the diaspora who have not had the same opportunities as me. I believe we all have the capacity to make a difference if we are just inspired.

Klab Lab

Each year, we take our mobile recording studio on the road to engage with students in their natural habitat - the classroom. Our tour has been nationally recognized as a new more effective way to engage students in the classroom.  The tour has taught us that students are most engaged when they are presented with the opportunity to create.  Our mission is to develop the tools make creation, and thus engagement possible. 

Dave Haberman leads KlabLab song writing and in-classroom engagement on the Sound of Knowledge Tour 2012. He is an experienced musician and educator that combined the two in his own class lesson plans before joining KlabLab in 2011. Dave has played music since the fifth grade and recorded an album with his band Of Shape and Sound in 2009, but he has always had dual ambitions: music and education.  Dave has worked as a substitute teacher and volunteered in before and after school programs.  Dave pursued teaching credentials at San Jose State University, but left the program and joined KlabLab after he recognized serious limitations in the current bureaucratic approach to education that fails to empower teachers and engage students.  Now, with KlabLab, Dave is working with students and teachers to write the soundtrack to the education revolution. Dave lives in Pleasanton, Calif. with his wife and baby.

Doug is a professional musician and music producer inspired to revolutionize education one song at a time. An avid music lover and former member of the band Nural, Doug’s the primary producer of sound templates and a classroom collaborator. Doug began playing piano at age seven and joined his first band at age 14 while maintaining excellent grades.  After high school, he studied computer science and music production. His recording studio has been taken over at KlabLab’s office, and Doug created the tour bus mobile studio to bring professional sound to the education revolution. Doug lives in his hometown of Livermore, Calif.


Knowmia is an online platform that helps students succeed in school.  We crowd-source video lessons and courses from teachers everywhere to provide a breakthrough new way to address the supplemental education market.  Knowmia's platform empowers teachers to engage with their own students through video content and interactive courseware while giving these same teachers the power to reach students everywhere and generate additional income by addressing their supplemental education/tutoring needs. 

Knowmia launched in August 2012 with an initial focus on high school and has attracted passionate teachers from around the world, building a library of over 8,000 video lessons from over 800 teachers, with high levels of user engagement.  

Knowmia’s co-founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with a history of working together to create simple and accessible consumer experiences.  Both were executives on the team that built and managed the Flip Video line of pocket camcorders. 

Ariel Braunstein is Co-Founder and CEO of Knowmia.  He has a long track record of building consumer software and hardware businesses including gaming platforms, ecommerce websites and consumer electronics.  Ariel was Co-Founder and Head of Products at Pure Digital Technologies, which developed the iconic Flip Video line of pocket camcorders and was acquired by Cisco in 2009.  He then was Head of Products for Cisco Consumer Products, where he oversaw Flip Video as well as networking devices and software from Linksys, Pure Networks and other consumer brands. Previously Ariel ran Interact Inc., a gaming platform startup out of Israel and led product development for which was later sold to Sega of Japan.

Scott Kabat is Co-Founder of Knowmia.  He is an experienced entrepreneur and operating executive, with a focus on marketing and sales for consumer businesses.  Scott led the marketing team that launched and grew the Flip Video brand of pocket camcorders, which was acquired by Cisco in 2009, and subsequently was Worldwide Head of Marketing for Cisco’s consumer home networking business.  Scott previously worked in various brand marketing, sales and business development roles at The Clorox Company and was a management consultant at A.T. Kearney in Chicago.  He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.


Kuepa offers blended learning solutions for the Latin American market. Kuepa brings new technologies into classrooms in the region, offering a fully-online platform of curricular contents and also advanced solutions for school management and personalized follow-up of the student’s learning outcomes. Kuepa bets on improving the quality of education in Latin America combining the best of technology and personalized education. Kuepa is the first blended education company with a Latin American focus, bringing blended learning, an innovation itself, into a market where it doesn’t exist. In a critical economic context, we are entrepreneurs moved by the dream of creating a sustainable company with a much needed sustainable social impact.

Gabriel Sánchez Zinny is Director at Kuepa and at Formar Foundation, a non-profit organization with ties in both Latin America and the United States that is dedicated to addressing the education and training issues at the early childhood, primary, and secondary schooling levels (pre-K through 12). He is also the Managing Director at Blue Star Strategies, LLC, a government affairs company in Washington D.C. His previous professional experience includes working at the Inter-American Development Bank to implement new technologies in the education sector, and directing the Argentina program at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars. Gabriel continues to work with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation on initiatives regarding its Latin American think tank network.

Gabriel is co-author of four books on education policy and publishes monthly opinion columns in several Latin American newspapers on international politics and regional relations with the U.S. He studied Economics at the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina and completed his Masters Degree in Public Policy at Georgetown University.


Livemocha is committed to creating a world in which every human being is fluent in multiple languages.

Fusing traditional learning methods with online practice with native speakers from around the world, Livemocha offers an unparalleled language learning experience that promises conversational fluency and allows learners, teachers, and organizations to connect, communicate, and share knowledge. Since launching in 2007, Livemocha has grown to over 15 million members from over 190 countries, highlighting the international demand for an engaging, collaborative, and flexible approach to language learning.

Based in Seattle with satellite offices in the DC area and Brazil, Livemocha treats language as a performing art to be used, practiced, and applied and believes that language learning should be accessible to the widest possible range of people.  A tool set that includes flexible skills-based learning; content creation tools designed to leverage the cumulative knowledge of over 1 million teachers, linguists, and polyglots; and initiatives such as the Livemocha Scholarship Program, which helps underfunded schools bolster language programs, underscore the company’s commitment to widespread, global communication. By connecting learners with native speaking peers and teachers, Livemocha has transformed language learning into a form of communication in itself, driving skill acquisition and the cross-cultural exploration crucial for navigating in a new language.

Michael Schutzler, Chief Executive Officer,  is a respected business leader with more than 25 years of proven operational success in the telecommunications, enterprise software, printing, and internet sectors. He has served as an angel investor for more than a dozen companies, many with successful exits, and is the author of an acclaimed book on leadership – Inspiring Excellence. Prior to Livemocha, Schutzler led the consulting firm CEOSherpa, where he served for three years as a CEO advisor and executive coach for startups and mid-sized companies in the financial, pharmaceutical, and technology industries.

Prior to CEOSherpa, he served as the senior executive at RealNetworks responsible for global marketing, advertising sales, and managing the worldwide games division. During his tenure, Schutzler expanded the casual games business internationally, growing revenues to over $100 million and establishing the company as a dominant player in the online gaming world. As senior vice president at, he accelerated product development and transformed online marketing for the company’s billion-dollar business. Prior to that, Schutzler served as CEO of, the service recognized as one of the first social networking sites. He led the company from a small, struggling start-up to a nationally recognized brand and category leader with nearly $100 million in annual revenues. Earlier in his career, he served in sales management, product management, and engineering roles in several industries throughout the US, Asia, and the Middle East.

Open Tapestry

Open Tapestry provides an online social learning platform that facilitates the discovery, adaptation, and distribution of open educational resources. When a teacher finds a great resource on the web, they can clip it to a collection—or Tapestry. They can categorize their Tapestries according to topic, so all of their content stays organized. Teachers can follow colleagues’ Tapestries and share content with 

others. Our mash up tool enables teachers to edit an existing webpage to exactly how they want it and save it to a Tapestry. We give teachers the tools to transform great pieces of content directly into lessons and modules, so s

tudents get exactly what they need. Teachers can build pages out of their content and sequence content into presentations. We also provide analytics to track students’ activity on lessons. Open Tapestry tracks licenses and attributions on any content that is clipped, and it integrates with any LMS.

Joel Duffin received a PhD in Instructional Technology from Utah State University, and Bachelors degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Utah. Joel’s passion is in helping youth learn about math, science, and technology. For the past twenty years, he has worked in software startups with the intent to increase learning and teaching ability through the use of technology. In 2010, he started developing a tool for leveraging open content which has become Open Tapestry.

PenPal News

PenPal News is an edtech company that connects middle and high
schoolers to have meaningful conversations about real-world issues. Classroom both domestically and internationally participate in six-week literacy-based online exchanges that align with Common Core State Standards. In our Red-Blue initiative this fall, we connected over 7000 students to discuss important election-year issues. As our company and curriculum grow, we will continue to offer students opportunities to gain new perspectives and find common ground.

Before starting PenPal News, Michael was an educator of sorts; he worked as a journalist and producer for NPR's "On The Media." Doing this work made him think about how news could be used to connect people around the world. After surveying the limited options available for teachers to connect classrooms nationally and internationally in an easy, user-friendly way, Michael set out to build a platform that would do just that. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Studies from Pomona College.


Penyo Pal

Penyo Pal is an award-winning startup that takes the pain out of learning languages for children around the world.  Penyo Pal uses kid-tested characters to create  games and interactive stories for mobile and web, so children learn while having fun. With over 50,000 kids that have tested our games already, Penyo Pal is excited to re-imagine the way kids can prepare for our global community.  Featured in Forbes, CBC, Globe & Mail, BNN, EdSurge and the National Post.

Jane Wu is the Co-Founder of Penyo Pal, an award-winning education technology startup that builds games and interactive stories to teach kids language.  With early traction and a passionate team, Penyo Pal is poised to change the way kids can prepare for the global community.  Jane is a judge for Canada’s Top Teen Philanthropist, and an alumnus of the State Farm Youth Advisory Board and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.  She is a recent graduate of Queen’s University with a B.Comm in Strategy and a B.A. in Environmental Studies. 

Rasa Tabula

Rasa Tabula is an integrated ONE STOP online collaborative learning management platform. The cloud infrastructure site gives members access to Student Information Systems (and Supplementary Education Services) data management, collaborative educational resources all within one space at a very competitive low cost. With data sharing (folders, documents, photos, videos, links white board) and dynamic real timecommunication (instant messaging, email notifications and AV chat), streamlined logistics (master calendar scheduling, payments, events),  classroom coordination (project collaboration; quizzes, pretests, discussion forums, webinars). Rasa Tabula allows users to learn at their own pace; reduce administrative tasks and make educational resources and collaboration accessible 24/7 - in a safe, secure and protected environment.

Rasa Tabula has an experienced founding team Dr. Reena Mehta and Dr. Huzefa Mehta in domains of technology and education.

Reena has 15+ years of Building Industry experience in USA, as a Designer in the fields of Environmental and Sustainable designs. Reena has taught at San Jose State University and hold a doctorate in Architecture and Environmental Studies from UC Berkeley and has worked as a Project Manager/Program Manager on multi-million dollar Architecture-Engineering corporate projects for five years.

Huzefa has 20+ years of experience in hi tech industry from software and hardware development ranging from successful startups to big companies. He holds a B.Tech in EE from IIT Bombay, a doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering and has a MBA from Haas Business school at UC Berkeley.

Reach the World

Reach the World’s mission is to help elementary and secondary school students and teachers to develop the knowledge, attitudes, values and thinking skills needed for responsible citizenship in a complex, culturally diverse and rapidly changing world.  Through its interactive website, RTW enriches the curriculum by connecting classrooms to volunteer world travelers who are studying or exploring around the globe.  RTW identifies and trains volunteer travelers, manages web-based journalistic content posted weekly by these travelers, and delivers training and support to the schools in its programs.  The National Geographic Society Education Foundation named RTW a Model Program in Geography Education.

Tonia Lovejoy has been managing school partnerships at Reach the World since 2009, and continues to play an integral role in curriculum planning and design as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Her passion for global education started in early childhood while tracing her father’s footsteps around the globe as a Naval Officer. In 2001, she joined Peace Corps Nepal where she taught elementary and middle school students. Sealing the deal on her lifelong commitment to promoting global education in the classroom, in 2008 she completed a two year sailing voyage from Australia back to New York spent reporting to New York City public schools aboard the educational sailing vessel Makulu. Tonia received her undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston in 2000. Prior to attending this conference she will be presenting at the HP Catalyst Summit for Innovation in Education, earmarking her first trip to China!
Tonia blogs for the HP Guide to Digital Learning website:


Headquartered in Mt View, CA, Root-1’s vision is to optimize practice-based learning. Established in December 2010, Root-1 was featured by Fast Company (February 2012) as one of the “World’s Most Innovative Education Companies.”  With over 500,000 users, its apps have been featured by MindShift/KQED as one of the “10 Awesome Apps for Learning," and by Apple’s App Store as “New & Noteworthy.”

Manish Kothari is a co-founder of Root-1, Inc. (, whose goal is to make learning much more engaging and effective. From November 1993 through March 2006, he was President and co-founder of AlphaSmart, Inc, an education technology company ( At AlphaSmart, he was responsible for overall management of worldwide sales, marketing and operations for AlphaSmart, Inc. In addition to helping build and grow a $40MM business, he was part of the executive management team during AlphaSmart’s IPO (NASDAQ: ALSM) in February 2004, and, the subsequent acquisition of AlphaSmart by Renaissance Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLRN, in June 2005.

Prior to joining AlphaSmart in 1993, he served on the staff of Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. (then a division of Eli Lilly & Company) in strategic planning and marketing roles. While at CPI, he was responsible for product marketing for a new device used to interface with implantable pacemakers and defibrillators. 

Manish currently serves on the Board of MindCrest, Inc. (, a Chicago-based legal off-shoring service provider, is a member of the Advancement Council for the School of Engineering & Technology at Brigham Young University, and is a Charter Member of TiE - Silicon Valley. From 2006 through 2009, he served on the Advisory Board of, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. In Fall 2009, he was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University.

Ketan Kothari is a co-founder of Root-1, Inc., an education technology company ( Ketan Kothari was CEO and co-founder of AlphaSmart, Inc. Since its founding, he was responsible for the strategic direction and overall business management. In addition to helping build and grow a $40MM business, he was part of the executive management team during AlphaSmart’s IPO (NASDAQ: ALSM) in February 2004, and, the subsequent acquisition of AlphaSmart by Renaissance Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLRN) in June 2005.

Prior to co-founding AlphaSmart, since 1989, as part of Apple’s staff, he contributed to the success of several key products and services designed and marketed by Apple Computer, Inc. He also helped in strategic business planning for startups and other companies, such as Packeteer, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKTR). He has also participated in panels and other speaking engagements including the Stanford Business of Education conference in 2003. Additionally, Ketan is a Charter Member of TiE - Silicon Valley, and, a member of the Advancement Council for the School of Engineering & Technology at Brigham Young University. 

Ketan Kothari has been a seed or angel investor in over 20 companies, including, DoBox (acquired by Netopia, which in turn was acquired by Motorola, NYSE: MOT), DVDO (acquired by Silicon Image, NASDAQ: SIMG), and, Panopticon (acquired by BroadBase, which in turn was acquired by Kana, OTC BB: KANA.OB).

Ketan Kothari received an MBA degree in 1989 and a BSEE degree in 1987 from Brigham Young University.


SenMobile is a technology startup that specializes in building innovative mobile solutions targeting the base of the pyramid. We are currently providing solutions focusing on mobile learning for children in kindergarten, mobile health with a solution for pharmacies, mobile entertainment with a solution in local sport, and mobile accounting with solutions for small (informal) businesses. We have 7 apps published in the Nokia Store. One of our apps was downloaded more than 30,000 times. Yaboy, an Android app that crowd sources information about the prices of fish in different cities of Senegal, was the winner of the Ericsson Apps for Africa Competition for the Africa Central Region. PriceIt, a solution that crowd sources prices of goods and services, was one of the 15 finalists (out of +2000 applications) of the 2012 Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Contest. We believe in empowering people with immediate local content via mobile to improve productivity and transparency.

Dr. Christelle Scharff is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Pace University in New York City in the US ( Christelle has a Ph.D. from the Universite Henri Poincaré of Nancy in France. She teaches a wide range of computer science courses including Programming, Global Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, and Quality Assurance at Pace University. She has teaching experience in the US, France, Senegal, Benin, Cambodia and Vietnam. She was awarded grants from NSF, IBM, Microsoft, NCIIA, and Google. Christelle initiated a project on mobile for social changes called MobileSenegal ( that organizes meetups, bootcamps, competitions, and training for faculty in Senegal. She is the founder of SenMobile (, a technology startup specialized in mobile technology established in Senegal. 


At Silverback Learning Solutions, we deliver personalized learning environments that maximize the focus on achievement for individual students while improving collaboration and shared accountability for teachers, administrators, students and parents. Our flagship product, Mileposts™ collects and connects data from all types of student information, assessment, and curriculum systems at the state, district, school, and classroom level, enabling educators to collaboratively plan and deliver individualized instruction  and easy-to-build individualized learning plans with built-in agreements so that teachers, students, parents and administrators are fully informed and accountable for student learning. Mileposts provides full intervention management, including progress monitoring, aligned with national RtI guidelines. 

Rudi Lewis holds a BSEE from Utah State University and has 15 years of experience in engineering & marketing for Hewlett-Packard, Co. In 1995 he oversaw P&L of a $20M telecommunications line of business for HP. In 1999 he was a product manager for HP's Customer Contact Manager suite that was eventually purchased for $30M by Cisco (Intelligent Contact Manager.) In 2005, Rudi helped created a startup internet auto sales business,, where he helped lead the company's revenue growth from $0.5M to $5.6M over a period of five years.  Since 2010, Rudi has enjoyed diving deeply into the education industry, rekindling his knowledge and interest in the field imparted from parents that were both career public school educators.



Teachem is a free, easy to use tool for both sides of the educational equation: teachers and learners.

For teachers, they can collect and organize video content from YouTube in their own customized school, and group their videos into classes. Once classes are made, they can attach time-stamped flashcards to each video to guide the learning process.

For learners, they can absorb the content at their own pace, taking time-stamped SmartNotes as the view each lesson. Time-stamping everything is a critical feature of teachem, as it helps the learner to retain the content of the class. Each piece of information is attached to a specific point in the video, and can be viewed again at any time.

Built on the power of YouTube, teachem is the portal to a massive library of education videos, and greatly enhances both the teaching and learning experience.

David Schnurman is the CEO of FurtherEd whose mission is to create collaborative environments where individuals can actively teach, learn and share their knowledge. It's award winning companies and brands include, CPEline, teachem, & TrueStartups.  David's number one priority has always been to create a company culture that encourages lifetime learning. Over the past few years’s unique company culture has been recognized by many organizations, including: Crain’s #21 Best Company to Work for in NYC; named #11 Best Small Business by New York State Society of Human Resources; and most recently won the Human Resources and Leadership Award by the New York Enterprise Report.  Also it's success has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine,, Crain's NY, New York Post, and

David actively speak at high schools, colleges, associations, and businesses about topics ranging from marketing, leadership, e-learning, hiring, culture, networking and entrepreneurship. David is a regular guest speaker at SUNY LEVIN Institute FastTrac program which the City of New York partnered with the Kaufman Foundation to help business owners grow their companies. David also taught as an adjunct faculty member at Pace University's continuing adult education program. David is very active in the entrepreneur community including being a member of Entrepreneur Organization and on the Young Entrepreneur Council. David is the host of the longest running legal show, LAWLINE, that currently airs on WNYC among other networks around the country. David is also a licensed attorney in New York State. David recently completed his first marathon in Philadelphia. Lastly, David has a love for adventure and discovery. David paraglided in the Colorado Mountains, gone skydiving, and taken flying lessons.



Techcetera is a blog based community. It is becoming a key reference point on technology issues and topics for a Spanish speaking audience. It is a virtual community to talk about technology and its impact in our lives including our wallets. 
We are advanced technology users showing our readership how to take advantage of their “gadgets”. We talk with our followers about technology world trends, its problems and its solutions.

We are professionals from different walks of live convinced that technology is the future and that the future is today and in Spanish. We want to teach our audience and to learn from it and to keep a permanent conversation about technology trends, its needs and the opportunities it gives us.




Technolio, Inc. is a mobile applications company that specializes in providing educational, creative and fun experiences for toddlers. Technolio's portfolio includes 14 different apps that engage children's attention, teaching them important skills like counting, sound recognition, rhythm and beats, letters, spelling, tracing, telling time, pattern recognition and item groupings.  

With its award-winning Toddler Puzzle Shapes app, children can effectively learn how to improve visual perception and develop fine motor skills. Technolio takes a multi-cultural approach to their apps by also specializing in providing multiple translations for each app (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Hebrew and Chinese). Headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, Technolio works with nearly 1 million downloads worldwide.  For more information, please visit

Since 1998, I (Norah Goldman) have been professionally active in a strategic marketing communications, branding, advertising, product marketing and/or promotional event management role. I specialize in plan creation, product launches, public speaking, marketing programs, creative campaign management and ‘umbrella’ brand strategy (messaging alignment).

I have served as a Marketing Director for industries including consumer retail products, entertainment, medical technology devices and high-­‐technology software. Fluent in Spanish, proficient in French and global in ethnicity, both my personal background and professional experience focus on how to globally communicate messages with a local agenda.

International Preschool of Raleigh is a co-educational independent preschool of more than 135 international students from ages two to five years old. We provide a strong learning based academic curriculum, which embraces the best practices in education from around the world. Each class has reading, writing and math programs as well as scheduled time for art projects, music and thematic activities. We have specialized teachers for French, Spanish and Yoga.  Outside fun includes playground activities and a school garden. Smartboards, individual computers and iPads enhance our children’s learning and equip them with the IT skills needed  for the global village.

Tecia Colorida

Tecla Colorida is a spin-off from University of Porto, highly focused on the development of a new generation of learning environments to help on bridging the technological gap between schools and the real world. At Tecla Colorida we are passionate on making schools significantly more open, more engaging to parents, teachers, and learners, i.e., to help them all adapt better to the 21st century. The key product is (four or more o’s), a very simple and intuitive social learning environment fostering co-creativity that satisfies the growing needs for social learning, informal learning, and co-creation of new digital media, all neatly integrated and carefully anchored to the underlying real social circles, respecting their real-world privacy rules, and thus resulting very user-friendly.

As a young father, a passionate for education, and an engineer researching on social and collaboration software, Ademar co-founded Tecla Colorida in 2009 to lead the development of a social learning environment to help schools benefit from the enormous educational power of today’s social and collaboration web technology. As Professor at University of Porto (FEUP) he teaches several courses on software engineering, having specialized on software design (patterns, frameworks, platforms, infrastructures), agile methods (XP, Scrum, FDD), wikis and open collaboration tools, social software, and social learning environments. He is one of the members of the steering committee for the WikiSym, a series of international conferences devoted to research and practice on wikis and open collaboration. As vice-President of the Hillside Group, he sponsors and promotes various conferences related with software patterns (PLoP, EuroPLoP, ScrumPLoP, etc.). Ademar has been also a regular participant and co-organizer of ISDT – The Gary Chapman International School on Digital Transformation, a joint organization of U.Porto and U.Texas at Austin. 


 Tutoring Matching Service

Tutor Matching Service has developed an innovative online marketplace built directly within Facebook that enables students to connect with qualified private tutors. Tutors sign up for free within our community, and students can easily find, schedule, and pay for tutoring using our online tools.   

Additionally, our company has just released a first-of-its-kind free app for online tutoring that combines tutoring-specific whiteboard tools with face-to-face video chat.  This is the first cross-platform app to work across iPad, Android as well as the web to enable students and tutors to conduct synchronous tutoring sessions remotely.

We believe that the combination of a Facebook-based community/marketplace and tablet technology will provide a platform to harness and unlock the brainpower across the globe, allowing individuals to easily connect with and teach one another in new ways.

Ethan Fieldman is CEO of Tutor Matching Service and an entrepreneur with a passion for education and technology.  As an 18-year old sophomore at the University of Florida, Ethan founded a live college tutoring business in Gainesville, FL.  Following his graduation, Ethan continued to operate his live tutoring company for the next several years and grew it to become a multi-million-dollar-a-year business with over 60,000 total customers.  In 2010 he founded Tutor Matching Service, the first online tutoring marketplace built within Facebook and was awarded the $50,000 Cade Prize for Innovation.

Ethan attended the University of Florida on a National Merit Scholarship and achieved a 4.0 GPA while earning a BSBA in Finance with a minor in Economics.  In high school, he graduated as salutatorian of his class and was a National AP Scholar.  Ethan was also an All-Central Florida football player and was named the Top Male Scholar Athlete in Central Florida.  


United Classrooms (UClass) is a free online platform that connects classrooms around the world. When a teacher signs their class up, students can log in to a secure classroom profile page where they can share content with their own teachers, classmates and parents as well as collaborate with other classrooms across the globe through messaging, feeds, discussion boards, multimedia projects, mapping, and global classroom searches (all translatable).

Launched this past August, UClass already has thousands of users in over 30 countries, has been featured in a TEDx Talk, has partnered with Teach For America and Teach For All, and has been endorsed by Wendy Kopp and Jeffrey Sachs. UClass seeks to give students access to a world of possibility and to equip the next generation for more active and informed citizenship in their classrooms, their communities and their world. 

Zak Ringelstein is a co-founder of United Classrooms at, a new and free online platform that leverages social networking technology to connect classrooms around the world. A teacher first and foremost, Zak believes that the ceiling needs to be lifted off of the classroom for students to develop into the world changers our education system should be preparing them to be. Zak graduated from Columbia University in 2008, then forwent his medical school plans to teach 4th and 5th grade with Teach For America in Phoenix, AZ. He spent last year teaching at an international school in Tanzania where he and a colleague tried to connect their students with other students around the world, but found little success due to the limitations of the technology that existed. 

They have since moved to New York where they have nurtured United Classrooms from a scribbled notebook page to an expanding global network of thousands of students. 

Homa Tavangar has 20 years' experience working with governments, businesses, international organizations and 

non-profit agencies in global competitiveness, organizational and business development, and cross-cultural issues. Homa currently serves as an advisor to, PBS Parents, Education First (EF) Foundation, several global corporations, a children's TV show pilot, and as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Since the publication of Growing Up Global she has been honored to visit and present at schools a

cross the United States, to students, teachers and parents, to help build more globally-oriented and connected communities. 





Teach A Class aims to bridge the gap between education initiatives, such as Khan Academy and CK-12, and students at low-income schools in developing countries. We bring the power of online education to students who otherwise would not have access to it. Using our cloud-based, plug- n-play wireless toolkit called NomadEDU, which is pre-packaged with learning material, we can enable a classroom cloud anywhere in the world.

We simultaneously equip local teachers with quality teaching aids and provide a global distribution capability to all content creators. Additionally, we have integrated some groundbreaking, learning modules, such as the SMILE Program on NomadEDU, by which teachers and students can also develop their own questions and videos, allowing for collaborative learning.

The organization is currently piloting the product in five schools in India, three orphanages in Mongolia and two orphanages in Indonesia. Our impact goes beyond k12, as successfully demonstrated in Mongolia by health education and vocational training in partnership with Mercy Corp and World Bank respectively.

Our goal is to empower existing stakeholders like Teach For India, Pratham and other education-focused NGOs with these micro-clouds, customized to their needs, so as to enable a new holistic learning environment for children in their centers.

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