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The Global Education Conference in Google Maps. Please add yourself using the directions below. Do not add your home address; pick a general location nearby.

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 Global Education Collaborative Member Map.

Do not delete the text in this description box! You will need a Google Account to do this!

Click on the link below the map above to get started.

Global Education Conference Network members are welcome to add themselves to this collaborative map. Edit this map and create a placemark indicating your name and location (work location, not home). Considering adding a link to your blog or school web site, too.

1) Click the Edit button. Note that tools pop up in the lefthand corner of the map.

2) Search for your particular location using the search box at the top of the page.

3) When you find it, it will pop up on the map in the form of a placemark. There is a feature in this placemark that says Save to My Maps.

4) Select the map you want to save it to.

5) Add or delete any existing text or links in the placemark and press OK. Note that you can activate rich text tools that allow you to customize further.


If you have questions, email Lucy at


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