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The 2011 Global Education Conference is pleased to announce two very special virtual opportunities for conference attendees! At any time during the conference week (November 14-18), you will be able to view two inspirational documentaries, Louder Than a Bomb and Schooling the World. Read on for more information!

Tips for watching streaming video:
  • You most likely will need decent bandwith to watch these films.
  • Allow a few minutes for the films to buffer before playing. 
  • Try turning off HD and watching in standard definition.
  • Check out this link: Stuttering on Vimeo


Louder Than a Bomb

During the conference (November 14-18), Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel of Siskel/Jacobs Productions have generously allowed us to view their award-winning and inspiring documentary, Louder Than a Bomb. This film tells the story of four teams from Chicago area high schools competing in the world’s largest poetry slam festival, also entitled Louder Than a Bomb and run by Young Chicago Authors.  Conference participants will undoubtedly be moved by the talent, dedication and character of the teenagers profiled; their stories serve as reminders of the power of youth voice and the necessity of the arts in schools.

We are also especially thrilled to have co-director and producer Greg Jacobs as a keynote speaker for the Global Education Conference. On Wednesday, November 16 (11/16/2011 12:00:00 PST) , Greg will join us online to tell the story of the film and to answer questions you may have. We highly recommend that you view Louder Than a Bomb before this session. To attend the live session, click here

Note that LTAB is no longer available for public viewing. Louder Than a Bomb is available for purchase and will also air on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network in the US on January 5, 2012. For local screening information and additional information, please visit the movie web site.

Schooling the World

A second documentary that is available for viewing comes from Carol Black. This film will be available during the conference week and the week following.

To view Schooling the World, visit:  
The password is: "schoolingtheworld"
All over the world, volunteers build schools in traditional societies, convinced that school is the only way to a 'better' life for indigenous children.

But is this true? What really happens when we replace a traditional culture's way of learning and understanding the world with our own? SCHOOLING THE WORLD takes a challenging, sometimes funny, ultimately deeply disturbing look at the effects of modern education on the world's last sustainable indigenous cultures.

Beautifully shot on location in the Buddhist culture of Ladakh, the film weaves the voices of Ladakhi people through a conversation between four carefully chosen original thinkers; anthropologist Wade Davis, activists Helena Norberg-Hodge and Vandana Shiva, and Manish Jain, a former architect of education programs with UNESCO, USAID, and the World Bank.

It examines the hidden assumption of cultural superiority behind education 'aid' projects; looks at the failure of education to deliver on its promise of a way out of poverty; and, finally, calls for a “deeper dialogue” between cultures, suggesting that we have at least as much to learn as we have to teach from these ancient sustainable societies.

Carol Black is a writer/director/producer of both entertainment and documentary television and film, co-creator with her husband Neal Marlens of the Emmy-Award-winning television series “The Wonder Years,” noted for its portrayal of the American public school experience. She studied education and literature at Swarthmore College and UCLA, and after the birth of her children, left a successful career in the entertainment industry to become involved in the alternative education movement and later to make independent nonprofit films. “Schooling the World” is the culmination of many years of research into cross-cultural perspectives on children and education.
Carol will also be a keynote at the conference. Check out her session on 11/16/2011 17:00:00 PST by clicking on this link.

View Schooling the World's trailer below:

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