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Running out of options

I have studied articles on frustration and anger, Wikipedia describes it as, a common emotional response to opposition. We can identify it, put labels on it, cover it up, but eventually we may respond in a negative way, Our feelings get the best of us, Frustration can be considered a problem-response behavior, and can have a number of effects, depending on the mental health of the individual. In positive cases, this frustration will build until a level that is too great for the individual to… Continue

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Teaching about the Haiti earthquake

The following webpage gives links to help with this:


It comes from the UK Global Dimension web site - funded by the UK Dept for International Development and maintained by the UK Development Education Association. (Website is very good for resources and links- and is user friendly).

The Haiti materials include a PowerPoint presentation on Haiti… Continue

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Week 2 Engagement NC In The Real World

Promoting global awareness is important for students and adults. At the high school level, it can become difficult to include a focus on global issues or any issues in the humanities because the focus is often on achievement tests and meeting federal benchmarks. As an English teacher, I do have the opportunity teach students about culture relevant to the literature. I teach ninth and tenth grades so I have the opportunity to explore various cultures through the literature. One area that is… Continue

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Engagement 2 for Global Awareness Unit: Indian Fairy Tales

he resource I located is a collection of Indian fairy tales that were compiled by Joseph Jacobs. The collection can be found here. I think this would be a fun and interesting way for students to learn about Indian culture as almost everyone enjoys reading fairy tales. The fairy tales highlight a number of differences between Indian culture and American culture. However, they also highlight quite a few similarities. I… Continue

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NC in the Real World- week 2

The sixth grade at my school does a novel study with the book The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riorden in the beginning of the school year. One of the reoccurring elements that are mentioned in this modern day adventure is the impact of other civilizations and how they have influenced America. The book references Greek myths through out each chapter. The website, http://carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/index.html focuses on the Egypt, Greece, Africa,… Continue

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Global Learning - NC In the World

I’m a sixth grade teacher in Pembroke, North Carolina. I teach a series of lessons in February on World War II and the Holocaust. It is one of the historical events I choose to focus on because of the high interest my students have. I have found that through a literature circles experience which has my students explore several perspectives of characters that were children their own age during the events of the Holocaust, my students gain an insatiable appetite for more knowledge on the subject.… Continue

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Engagement of Global Awareness-Week 2, 1-24-2010


The 100 People project can be tailored to any grade level and though best for the typical social studies class it can/ has been used in many different… Continue

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Week 1: Original post (sorry it's late, officially a GEC member; wahoo!)

“How People Learn” Blog Response:

Video Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfN6xTa5HUQ

In the above video clip students are actively learning by participating in an Ipod/Studywiz pilot program in a secondary school in Australia. Students are invited to use IPods to engage them in their teacher’s lessons. Studywiz permits students to download teacher’s lessons, notes, etc. and upload them to ITunes so that… Continue

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Week 2: Engagement Resource

In order to help students think globally students must be able to make connections outside of the United States so that they can interpret how other cultures live and experience the world. To help minimize students’ current microcosms (Clark 52) I am extremely interested in creating an integrating unit in my Language Arts & social studies classroom with my 7th graders. The unit’s overarching question would be “What does a hero look like?” As an extension to last week’s study of Martin… Continue

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Using Edsitement in the classroom

Jennifer Cline- Week 2

I chose to use EDSITEment for teaching folk tales to my first grade students.

This is a great site that can incorporate art and culture, foreign language, history and social studies, and literature and language arts. I have chosen to focus on language arts and the topic of folk tales.

In first grade one of the standards states that students should be exposed to many different genres of stories (including folk tales).

The website has a layout of… Continue

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Brooke Crandall Week 2: Red Cross Blog

Merry M. Merryfield stated in her article "Scaffolding Social Studies for Global Awareness" that "Global

awareness becomes meaningful when students begin to act upon their interconnectedness with people across the planet. This stage is often characterized by collaboration across regions on authentic global problems in efforts to work for the common good." Meaning that teachers need to help students find ways and opportunities to become global citizens and work together to improve the… Continue

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100 People: A World Portrait

NC in the World

100 People: A World Portrait

There were several interesting resources on the NC in the World website that could be used in the English/language arts classroom either as part of a stand alone project or tied to a theme or text. Most of these resources could be used across the curriculum and could be adapted for use by any grade level. I had a difficult time narrowing down my selection, but I chose to explain in detail the resource… Continue

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Lighthouse Project: Connecting with Alaska (Grade 4)

Eldred Rock Lighthouse in Juneau, Alaska

http://www.questconnect.org/images/Eldred_Lighthouse.jpg The site I used to locate my global learning resource is through the Adventure Learning Foundation (

http://www.questconnect.org/). Members of this foundation travel around the world to speak with people from different places and… Continue

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CultureQuest--A way to increase students global awareness and learning

Using, North Carolina in the World, a UNC system organization which provides teachers with resources to teach global education and learning, is a direct link to a website called CultureQuest. CultureQuest is a resource where educators and students can engage in inquiry-based learning projects. CultureQuest projects focus on students learning about other cultures through the use of technology. Teachers can go on this site and search previous projects completed by other educators and students.… Continue

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Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War


Beyond the Fire is an interactive website that allows students to navigate through a world map showing the past homes of 15 teenagers. Each teenager shares their first hand account of their experiences while living in a war zone through images and audio. This website promotes global awareness because it teaches compassion and delivers history through primary sources that use… Continue

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NC in the World: Stories from a Small Planet

Using the North Carolina in the World website (http://www.ncintheworld.org/finder.php) , I found the resources to make a middle school fictional novel with global learning implications easier for students to connect to in the classroom. Will Hobbs’ Crossing the Wire is an engaging novel for students in grades 5-8 as it conveys an action-packed story that grabs the attention of even students who classify themselves as non-readers and it… Continue

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NC In the World: MY HERO

MY HERO is a non-profit website and multimedia journal and digital library that allows users from all over the world to share their stories, artwork, and films with a global online community. More specifically, "the mission of MY HERO is to use media technology to celebrate the best of humanity and to empower young people to realize their own potential to effect positive change in the world. The MY HERO website includes featured… Continue

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NC in the World: Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War

North Carolina In the World: Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War

The resource that I chose from ncintheworld.org is Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War. http://www.itvs.org/beyondthefire/index.html This site is an interactive, educational site where students can listen to teens’ stories in their own words while viewing images of the story as they tell it. Students can choose a teen or a country to view from the map.… Continue

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United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals

I found a lot of really great materials at http://www.ncintheworld.org/finder.php and was very excited to be able to scroll through some and begin to glean some great ideas from other people.

The one that I found most interesting that I would love to use in my own classroom is from the website Oxfam.org and deals specifically with the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. There are 9 goals that the UN would like to see… Continue

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www.ncintheworld.org great site that promotes global learning!

If you’re looking for a great resource for any type of global learning curriculum, try www.ncintheworld.org . The website has a search engine “Find Resources” that allows you to narrow your results by type (of teaching resource), region, grade, and media. In my search I discovered the non-profit organization, Adventure Learning Foundation-The Global Classroom Experience. At their website, www.questconnect.org,… Continue

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