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Kolejka: A new educational board game about Communism

I wrote this post about a new game that will be coming out on February 5th in Poland - read on!



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We Apologize in Advance: The Jersey Shore goes to Italy

I wrote this posting today about MTV's decision to send the cast of the popular show "Jersey Shore" to Italy this spring.  I am convinced it is going to be a disaster.  Read on.....



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The Transformative Power of Intercultural Experiences

This is a guest post by educator and documentary film maker, Arnd Wachter:



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Dr Craig Shealy - Why We Believe What We Believe

I am thrilled that Dr Craig Shealy has been added to the list of talented international speakers that I can book through Melibee Global.  Dr Shealy is a psychologist who has spent most of his life researching where our beliefs and values come from - and how our world view shifts.  He is the founder of the BEVI (Beliefs and Values Inventory) and the Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute (IBAVI).  To read more about him and other presenters that can be booked for… Continue

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Don't Break the Chain

Three or four times a year, I get really motivated to get in shape. I buy a running magazine. I listen to the RunRunLive podcast. I make goals for the quantity and duration of runs, create a running log to keep track of it all and generally start out gangbusters. I awake early to slip into my shoes and out the door. I religiously do my regimine of situps and pushups and I begin to get into shape - until it happens. I…


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Invitation to Participate in Study on 21st Century Skills

John Barell, professor emeritus at Montclair State University, is conducting a study for Corwin Press. It is a follow up on two previous publications, Why Are School Buses Always Yellow? Teaching Inquiry Pre…


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The Future of Education

Why and what is the purpose of future education?First and foremost is to secure "living" of humans in the planet earth.Instead of claiming our achievements in science and technology etc; which are virtual,when we look around us globally today we come across only "creative destruction" dominating every where in all our activities.Look at today's snow and chill storm around the world killing thousands of people and destroying our development assests created by our…


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Study Abroad and Guns

Please feel free to read and share this blog posting:






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Teacher Interview Request

Lime Design Associates (www.limedesignassociates.com) is looking to interview teachers from the U.K., India, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the U.S. on the diverse ways mobile technology is used to support educational practices.  I would like to invite teachers who are interested in participating to complete a…


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Booking International Speakers


I will be booking some very interesting international speakers in 2011 - please contact me if you are interested:




Missy Gluckmann, Founder

Melibee Global


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Subtitling for Literacy!

Subtitled music video, also called Same-Language-Subtitling is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to impact literacy rates! Add Karaoke style subtitling to all music video!

Please visit http://www.planetread.org and …


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