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Learning Accelerator Workshop

Learning Accelerator Workshop

The First Step

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase,…


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Unforeseen possibilities

It has been an intensely exciting period. Our Writers' Club "true believers" welcomed Shanghai Community International School to the fold. Here is one of our girls comically trying to show where Darwin is located on a map of Australia.

Aside from giving students a global audience, exposing them to more, better and different writing from students their own age, and the opportunity to give and…


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Getting kids excited about their global audience


Here's a quick video I put together on how to put a Revolver Map (a map that shows where your visitors come from) on a blog. While the video is designed for use on the Writers' Club, it will work with any Wordpress blog. I find it exciting to check out my Revolver map to see how visited my sites are... I think students should share in that excitement.…


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Personalised learning through personalised communities

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"Yes, but is it important to the kids?" asked my wife, when I showed her the latest map of where schools are located that participate in the Writers' Club. The answer is yes... and no.

I currently look over two communities where the participants are students from schools in different countries - The Writers' Club and…


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MelibeeU - professional development for int'l educators


I have posted some new workshops on MelibeeU.  The next one is "Planning a Family Sabbatical Abroad."  (Yes, it usually IS possible to take your kids and figure out school, travel, accommodation and what on earth to do with your home and pets! It just takes planning!)  Here is the link:…


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Do you like to be outside in nature – or off the beaten track? Then our 2012 Sustainable Living Program is for you!

Dig in to the volcanic soil of Nicaragua, home to dry tropical forests, one of the world’s largest lakes, and some of the best surf breaks in the world.

For three weeks, travel with purpose – discover what permaculture means, from living the life of locals and using local resources, to helping design systems to replenish those resources. Your team will work alongside local partners, helping with a reforestation project and building with sustainable earthen…


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Are you passionate about the languages, cultures, and lifestyles of people around the globe? Join our 2012 Global Citizenship Program!!

Find yourself in Limon, Nicaragua, where the ocean spray blows amidst a rural community that texts to friends on the oxen ride home and watches Rihanna videos on a dirt floor.

For three weeks, embrace the challenge of connecting local to global and back again – learning and sharing 21st century skills from community organizing to phonics to blogging. Go home with the wisdom that comes from true immersion and action, after working alongside local kids, teens, and…


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A crear vídeos. Prohibido estudiar

En estos momentos, es más fácil y práctico hacer un vídeo que una composición. Lo planteábamos en A Jugar. Prohibido estudiar, y que ahora quiero reforzar con el VídeojuegoGee, afirma que los juegos no son solamente una fuente de entretenimiento, sino también un modelo a…


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One Plus One

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The one thing I detest is isolation. If I don’t get a chance to talk, discuss, even argue ideas, then I feel like my creativity has been shackled.

I’m very grateful at the moment that I’ve had a chance to exchange ideas with another global educator, Toni, in Shanghai. Connecting students around the world can be a lonely business, with interested educators scattered far and wide. The connective tissue that is the…


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Visualizing Global Classroom Collaboration

(Cross-posted at iEARN-USA Blog, February 8) 

Last year, our staff in New York City had the privilege of attending a reception for new Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee, who said, “use local experience to build global peace.” That concept resonates with our work over the…


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Escuela para el siglo 21

¿Mi escuela, es del siglo 21 o del siglo 18? 
Si maestro y estudiantes permanecen encadenados a la fisicidad de la escuela (soportes tangibles, biblioteca física, sala de clase, pizarras (PDI), escritorio, pupitres, impresoras, proyector, tabletas, PCs…), estaremos más cerca de la “escuela del  siglo 18 computadorizada” que  de la cacareada “Escuela para el siglo 21”. CONTINÚA>>

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Historia Tecnología Educativa

El siguiente vídeo se quedó corto. No toca la…

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Sickle-cell disease (SCD), or sickle-cell anaemia (or anemiaSCA) ordrepanocytosis, is an autosomal recessive genetic blood disorder withoverdominance, characterized by …


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