March 2009 Blog Posts (8)

Live Online Event on Moodle and Twitter for Instruction and Learning

Just click on the image and join the live online event on how to integrate technology with Moodle and Twitter for instruction and learning with Dr. Anne Thorpe and Deirdre Bonnycastle. …


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What are you doing? Live blog session

My 9th grade IB MYP students will be hosting a live blog session on Friday, March 27. Our topic is: Within the realms of food, transportation, and housing, what have you done or what are you doing to lessen your impact on the planet, and what goals do you have along those same lines? I'd love to get people from outside of our district participating. Being from another country would be a bonus, but ultimately, we'd like to hear others' perspectives.… Continue

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Cordial invitation

A new group has been added to this wonderful resource: check out Open Source Software Advocates, a place to learn, share and discuss why we all should be using free (and legal) sofware.

Come join us for this new US school year!

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Different Way to Teach English Online

Maggi Carstairs teaches English online in a different way. Looks fun and interesting. I was thinking to share this might you interested to do similar one. Thanks


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Arte contemporânea de Goiás: experiências com a vida cotidiana

Carlos Sena Passos* A produção artística contemporânea de Goiás está preocupada com as questões da arte e da vida que surgem no presente. Com o crescimento e a transformação de Goiânia numa metrópole regional, as poéticas regionalistas marcadas pela linguagem sertaneja arrefeceram e tornaram-se obsoletas. A vida urbana que se formou na capital, com o ritmo acelerado do trânsito, o alto volume de informações em circulação e a dominação do… Continue

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Let's Benchmark against International Standards

Change requires new ideas and alternatives that can be born only when we honestly analyze where we are and where we want to go in education and workforce choices.

Arne Duncan, President Barack Obama’s secretary of education, made an important speech to members of the American Council on Education at its 2009 annual meeting and repeated his comments to members of the editorial board of the Washington Post.

He initiated discussion of a topic that is long overdue in the… Continue

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On Fixing Stuff

Emily fixing a hatch on Faith

My grandpa could fix things. Oh, he was a little rough around the edges when it came to the craft, to the getting all of the little finesse-type details handled to make something feel like new again. But when it came to utility, to getting whatever it was that he was working on at any given moment to provide the function that it was supposed to provide, grandpa could… Continue

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