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Curbing School "Push-Outs"

When the education authorities in Zambia announced that out of a total of 300,000 children who enroll into Grade 1 only 30,000 reach and complete grade 12, I was startled. This is a startling fact going by those statistics. A quick explanation one would give for such a huge school drop-out rate would be the obvious examinations that exclude all those who do not pass them. Then there is the obvious natural factor of death which could be quite common in 

the lower age groups…


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Apple Distinguished Educator Kristi Meeuwse Talks Technology in Kindergarten

Apple Distinguished Educator Kristi Meeuwse joins the Core to discuss the advantages of integrating technology into a Kindergarten classroom in South Carolina. Kristi shares her favorite apps for her students and what it feels like to see young…


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Homo sapiens FM

Homo sapiens te invita a encontrarnos con las personalidades de la ciencia y la cultura, todos los martes y jueves de 19 a 20 horas (argentina), a partir del 4 de abril, por UB 90.9 -La Radio de la Universidad de Belgrano, y en simultáneo por para todo el mundo.

Con la conducción y producción integral de Pablo Duarte y Marcelo…

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Education Case Studies - Seeking Teachers

How Teachers can introduce Amazing People to Students…


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Una meta peligrosa en su cumplimiento.

Tal como sabemos, Uruguay participa del acuerdo Metas Educativas 2021 de la OEI, firmado en El Salvador el 18 de mayo de 2008, y que intenta ser una aproximación  a lo que otros países han inicidado en 1960, alcanzando una plataforma de indicadores de evaluación de la educación como la OCDE y la UNESCO en la décado de 1990. Me propongo reflexionar sobre una de ellas, la meta general cuarta que dice “universalizar la educación primaria y la secundaria básica y mejorar su calidad”. Dentro de…


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Can we kill two birds with one stone by benefiting from Hidden Curricula in schools?

       Nowadays, changes in the field of education are parallel to technological advancement. In classroom, we profit from technology by using projectors and other useful aids that paves the way for educating effectively. At first glance and perception, this may sound interesting and jolly. They are so, too. Yet, I will handle and elaborate the issue in a different way by coming up with a new suggestion in general perception…


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Doing the work

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It's difficult for me to believe, on occasions, that it was back in 2010 when I started dabbling in getting students to contact experts outside of the school to support their own inquiry learning. Fast forward to 2013, and from Castlemaine via Maryborough I find myself at Crusoe College.

When innovating, the structures of a secondary school can make things more difficult than at a…


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Virtual Students Fairs : for USA College Application

I'd be grateful if you could spread the word (especially to careers/counselling colleagues and students) about these upcoming virtual student fairs designed to help students who are applying for entrance to USA Colleges (Universities) in 2013.

They are free and online with the opportunity to win one of several scholarships available.

Register before the event at


For Asia Students :…


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