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My name is Jill and I am a mature student studying an e-communications foundation degree with Sheffield College and Hallam University in Sheffield England. It is the first fully online degree course of its kind in the UK and I am in the first set of students that helped to launch it in 2008.

I had an open mind about this form of education, I was excited about the subject and excited about the way the course was going to be presented. Most of the students have jobs so this course was… Continue

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Facebook Banned or Encouraged in School… It Doesn’t Really Matter

I'm sure many of you have heard about access to Facebook being banned in certain schools and school boards. Security and safety appear to be the prime reason.…


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Intercultural understanding: Exploring Muslim contexts to extend learning - lesson planners for primary and middle years

The International Baccalaureate and the Aga Khan Development Network have worked together to develop sample planners for teaching units for primary and middle years students exploring Muslim contexts, recently published.…


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Social Learning Unleashed

I recently read this article in CLO magazine – Social Learning Unleashed

Article link…


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Mission Trip Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the mission trip to Kenya has been cancelled. I am currently working with Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala who is with the Sima Community Based Organization in Kitale Kenya. He provides social services to the orphans. We have exchanged pen pal letters with one of the schools ans well as students at a church.

We will continue the pen pal program with SIMA. One of Johnstone's students recently wrote a poem about AIDS. I publised it on my blog. Here is…


Added by Gail Cavanaugh on April 21, 2010 at 6:05pm — 1 Comment

Why eLearning is Important for Earth Day

We have all heard about the dangers of our over-polluting cars, over-consumption and general over-disregard of nature. But, a simple solution to help us all be a little more green (and save a little green) is easily available with modern eLearning software…


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A new term, a new inquiry topic, and a whole bunch of new opportunities to use technology have presented themselves at Castlemaine North PS.

Our inquiry topic this term is “Who and what have shaped Australia’s identity?” Somehow, I stumbled on the ABC 3 series “My Place”, which consists of 13 episodes set 10 years apart, from 1888 all the way to 2008. Each episode has a story about a 10 year old child who has been shaped by the preceding 10 years’ history. As well as the DVDs, there… Continue

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Win an iPad at the #interactyx Twitter Party Monday, Apr. 19th at 9pm ET

Interactyx Limited is a global eLearning software company providing engaging and…


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Money and Happiness

It is said that money makes the world go 'round, but it's also said that money can't buy happiness. Which is true? Recent experiences have taught me that both are true (as long as the former isn't taken literally, of course).
After years of ignoring my personal finances and spending without thinking, I found myself right at the curve for credit card debt among college students. On average, college students have four credit cards and $3,100 of debt. I dug myself a similar hole using only one…

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PEACE, the only collaborative Education

Today education is fragmented and piecemeal resulting in more & more creative destruction through violence/terror.Peace which is the blending of "Science of Matter" with "Science of Spirituality" should form an integral part of all education to create a prosperous and peaceful world. Education in human civilization started from "school", a greek word meaning "place of peace/leisure" which is forgotten today. Education now is limited to only "Science of Matter" as a result we… Continue

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Grade 5 Exhibition

5th graders in my school have started exhibition, and emailing resource persons for information has come up. Is this an opportunity to teach appropriate email use or is it a no no to have 5th graders on 'private' emails?

Added by Jeffery A. Adjei on April 14, 2010 at 8:05am — 1 Comment

iPad for Education

It's been a few weeks since we offered our…


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PLN Survey

Please take my survey on participation in virtual PLN's here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHB4aTEtRmlFQld4UEduQ0Nfa0t4MHc6MA

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The Trip to Sohan Village

Our first trip was roaring success by all measures. Seven students from NUML and about 50 from Iqra University made it to the village. Along with me were two other university faculty members. One was from NUML, and the other from Iqra University. The students were in high spirits and we roamed around in the village. Girl students visited a family and talked with their woman…


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"Global lessons" for Earth Day, 22 April

As many of you will know, 22 April is Earth Day. 2010 is the 40th anniversary of this occasion, which originated in the USA. Last year, at the instigation of Bolivia's President Evo Morales, the UN also designated the day International Mother Earth Day, and this year is the first year of its celebration.

There are many ways to mark Earth Day, but this year the International Baccalaureate has developed a number of "global lessons", designed to be taught on or…

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TED sixth sense technology


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Teacher Help Needed for Focus Group on Documentary Films as Teaching Tools

One of ePals' partners, Snagfilms, is looking for some input from teachers. They are a website of free documentary films and would like to develop a specialized area of their site for teachers and classroom use. They are seeking input from teachers like you. Your help would be needed to complete a short survey, and if possible to join an online focus group. Learn more at…


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