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Summer Vacation?

Dean Shareski has an interesting post about summer holidays. As Dean comments

For me though, I don’t get as excited as I once did about June and it’s not just that I haven’t spend 185 days with kids, although that does make a difference, but as I said before, I still

longed for summer vacation even after I left the…


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International Projects Rock!

To really know and understand the power of global collaboration, each and every teacher must make the effort to form a partnership with another country and engage students in worldwide conversations. Aside from physically traveling around the world, the next best opportunity in becoming globally aware and developing global citizenship is to connect via technology! Video conferencing, digital storytelling, digital music making and playing games together cultivates the ultimate environment for… Continue

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Connecting World Regions, Geospatially!

Connecting World Regions, Geospatially is a project based unit on introducing students to GIS and GPS and examples of how it can be used to connect regions around the world. People are connected around the world through the natural resources that they share such as land, water, air, plants, and animals. Students can made a difference in the environment by investigating and understanding their own region and how it has changed… Continue

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If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,

and the bus is interrupted as a very last resort,

and the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,

then the…


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Human Relations

Human relations are so important as an educator. Each day we are required to interact with many different people in a variety of different ways. As an administrator, I've learned that what I say is

not always what the other person hears and, I am responsible for what

it is I have said/written. If I offend someone, I have two choices.

This entry is about this very fact.

This week, while my edublogs account was down, I've been involved in a heated discussion about the…


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South Africa at ALA

Are you curious about libraries in

S outh Africa? Are you planning on attending the

IFLA conference or just want to explore the possibility of



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Here is a video about The Global Challenge. Pre-registration for Sept 2007 is now open. Feel free to be in touch! Email: David Gibson

Here is a video about The Global Challenge. Pre-registration for Sept 2007 is now open. Feel free to be in touch! Email: David… Continue

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Digital Confusion

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a few themes that have caught my attention. Now, a few of them are very positive, like the Future of Education that is being hosted by George Siemens over at University of Manitoba. Another is planning, especially for the summer months as many teachers

prepare for some time off and away from the school. Now, I would…


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New job!

Hi All -

Just wanted to share that I'll be starting a new job in July at the University of Chicago Center for Urban School Improvement. I'll be a lead technology coach in a charter school two days a week, and developing and implementing a professional development tech plan during the rest of my time. It should be a challenge and a great opportunity to develop a new skill set. I'm excited, but nervous and a tad sad as I do love my current job. At… Continue

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Impromptu project this Tuesday


the idea came up in this very forum, so here it is:

On Tuesday, take a picture of the highest clock around or of the area around your school from a high point within your school at the right moment: 02:03:04 on 05.06.07.

Post the image to Flickr with the tag "020304050607".

(So far there is only one image with that tag taken on the 6th of May. The project makes more sense on a Tuesday than on a Sunday, hence 05.06.07 rather than… Continue

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Google Scavenger Hunt

Here's something I created for my sixth grade students yesterday... thought you all might be interested. Feedback would be appreciated!



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Global Messenger Free Learning Resources

This edition of Global Messenger coincides with two very important events, the G8 Summit and Father's Day!

World Environment Day Contents

Communicty.org Update

British Council / Global Gateway Update

Global Dimension Update

Oxfam Cool Planet Update

Sustainable Schools Update

SSAT / iNet Update

Art for Life: Bridging the Digital…


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Giving ICT a Global Dimension

example leaflet

Click on image to view a pdf of the leaflet

It is clear that technology has a significant role to play to inspire and motivate our learners. We all know that WWW stands for World Wide Web. However, many schools have yet to realise its true potential for bringing the real world into the classroom. Communication is literally at the heart of ICT. Sadly,…


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