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The Revolution : Rise of the Tablets for eLearning



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Education & Values

Education is to enrich the mind without which education has no values. Education should also aim at developing wisdom so that one develops the spirit of knowing what is right or what is wrong. Mind mending should be the approach for true education which needs to start when the child is in mother's womb.It is time for humans to understand the relationship between education & values for transformation of the present world into a peaceful one.



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eLearning Software Enhances Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration may be the hot term of the decade, yet true collaboration has always been a difficult concept to implement…until recently. The rise of…


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Deterioration of quality of Education

What for education?Is it to earn money only? Now it seems so as the quality of education is deteriorating at a rapid rate.Education is oriented now not towards creating good human beings/citizens but mainly towards mere materialistic prosperity. As a result, we are confronted with weakening of social system across the world.Values are no longer considered for quality education- they have become redundant. Conflicts and violence are increasing on continuous basis. Education has become…


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ePals Ambassador Contest Winners announced

We invited teachers to show us how ePals has opened the world for their students. Applicants each submitted projects that they had successfully implemented in their classrooms, examples of student work, and a video application, telling us what ePals brought to their teaching and to their students’ learning. Outstanding entries came from all corners of the world, inspiring us with amazing projects, successful collaborations, and enthusiastic students. The winning…


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Social Learning & Social Media - Brothers in Arms

Is it me or does it seem that most vendors in the LMS/LCMS market still believe that with some smoke and mirrors, you won’t realize that social media actually must be integrated into social…


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GEC to supprt ECOLOGY BUILDER for true GLOBALISATION- Aluminum Industry

Aluminum Industry is an ECOLOGY BUILDER as only after mining of Bauxite(raw material for production of Aluminum) the land is filled up with soil and plantation can be taken up to create greenery; as on Bauxite even grass does not grow.Vedanta Aluminum Ltd located in Orissa,India is a case where the true process of GLOBALISATION is opposed by vested interest groups from outside the country instigating local people not to allow mining of Bauxite. The company have already put up both…


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'Social' LMS Comes to iPad


Ed tech developer Interactyx has brought its learning management platform, TOPYX, to Apple's iPad.

TOPYX, which was first released a little more than a year ago, is a fully hosted SaaS learning management system that combines traditional LMS functionality with Web 2.0 and social networking tools (audio and video chat, blogs, whiteboards, forums, etc.)…


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