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FYI, I've removed the animated map from the front page. In addition to being slightly annoying with its animation, it seems to load down the page and makes it hard for people with bandwith issues to see in a reasonable amount of time. I tend to go widget happy with these sorts of pages, so let me know if anything else is bogging down your loading time. The Frappr map is still available and there's a link on the front page.

Also,… Continue

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K-1 Technology

Looking for Kindergarten or First Grade classes to collaborate with!

Added by Jen Kern on July 23, 2007 at 3:15pm — 1 Comment

Global Education - Who or what has inspired you?

My passion for global education and my love for Africa started when I was so fortunate as to meet Dr. Jane Goodall several years ago. While Dr. Jane is best known for her work with the chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania in Africa over forty years ago, she is also well-known in many other ways. One of the most important honors that has been bestowed on Dr. Jane (of many such honors) is that as a United Nations' Messenger of Peace.

Dr. Jane travels over 300 days a year, and her passions… Continue

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Global Classroom - YouthLAB launches July 23rd

Hi - I am a new member to Ning and just love it. I am launching YouthLAB July 23rd and would love your feedback. Read about it below and check out the site to post comments. www.youthlab.net

What: YouthLAB (Listening Across Borders) is a unique summer institute that brings together 23 young people from Chicago and Barbados (African-American, Bajan, White, Latino, Muslim, and multiracial) in a virtual contact zone to create a collaborative and participatory media project on the living… Continue

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Tough Choices or Tough Times

There does seem to be some evidence that shows US schools are starting to lose competitive edge internationally.


swiftly rising number of American workers at every skill level are in

direct competition with workers in every corner of the globe. While our

international counterparts are increasingly getting more education,

their young people are getting a better education as well. American

students and young adults place anywhere from the middle to the… Continue

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Reaching out from the professional sector to educators

I'm working to promote international collaborations between educators.

Over the last week I've put up a sight where educators can register for

what I've been calling the International Educators Collaborative.

It's still a little vague what that means because the more I talk to

educators about it the more the idea starts shift and come into greater

focus. My real purpose is to establish a means for educators to use the

web… Continue

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Web Applications for Educators

I think the biggest disconnect between teachers and technology comes

when a technological

medium requires too much time to understand or maintain. That's

probably part of the enthusiasm behind social networking; you have a

profile page that says who you are and then you can go about

communicating with people who are online in real time. It's simple and

requires no technological knowledge or understanding.

Applications which are in some ways like ning… Continue

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Returning from three and a bit weeks of introspection as part of an early mid-life crisis to an active classroom is challenging. Nevertheless, that time sitting in Parisian cafes watching the people watching the people and shoveling mud from my tent in the wilds of Somerset has prepared me to be with the Ugandan Christian group dancing and singing up a storm this morning. Seeing them dance and sing and rise their hearts in praise prompts me to ask the question - 'What is the role of joy in the… Continue

Added by Steven Caldwell on July 18, 2007 at 8:27pm — 2 Comments

Starting Up

Well after having an explore of Myspace and Facebook I was so pleased to hear about this ning through Jo Mcleay's Blog Open Classroom. I am hoping to start having some conversations with other teachers who are using technology to help students expand their worlds. I had fun learning to add photos,a widget and a video, thinking that it was just for me and used the only video I had, but then was aghast to find it was loaded onto the site!!!… Continue

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Making connections across networks

I want to write a little bit more about the database I've put online

for educators that want to collaborate directly with other classrooms.

I got the idea from interacting with teachers on ning. I've been trying to contact as many teachers as possible through many networks

and it dawned on me that I'm making connections that a lot of educators

need but can't make on their own because they don't have the time. I

also noticed that a database of these people doesn't… Continue

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What is OpenLearn...

…and who are OpenLearners? It’s a question that’s been in my head for quite a while now.

Each week I run the stats which show how many people have visited the site overall, and how many have visited LabSpace and LearningSpace in particular. We report how many people have registered on OpenLearn, and how many people who have visited the site have registered on an OU course in the same session. We keep track on the top ten units, dwell time, page…


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Looking for China connections

Next year, the 5th grade at The School at Columbia is studying China and Greece. Since the olympics are being held in Beijing, I want to try can connect some of my kids with some kids from there.

We're going to begin our study by unpacking the word "culture". Of course we'll explore art and food and all the basics, but I think it would be interesting to explore each others gestures.

Back in college, I remember reading Clifford Geertz and really clinging to the idea that… Continue

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Moving soon!

I'm moving soon to live and teach in Taiwan. Anyone ever been there? Any suggestions? Comments? Stuff I need to know? See? Experience?

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Global Collaborations Wanted

Hello all,

I'm interested in starting some collaborative projects for the upcoming school year with one rather small glitch - the children I teach are junior and senior kindergarten and in Canada that means 4-6 year olds. Specifically, the topics I'm interested in but not limited to are: cultural traditions, esp. around holiday times, living vs. non-living things, life cycles of plants and animals (maybe also looking at migratory paths, etc). I'd be up for any other great ideas…


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Film Review "The Fog of War"

This is a review of the Documentary "The Fog of War". It's from my blog page on christonium.

The entire film can be viewed by searching for "The Fog of War" on Google Video.

Cohesion : 9

Composition : 10

Contrast : 8

Dynamics : 9

Humor : 1

Intelligence : 7

Production : 9

Quality : 9

Cohesion : 9

"The Fog of… Continue

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Workshop Wiki

I'm conducting a general tech integration workshop tomorrow at my old school. Here's the wiki if any of you would like to use the materials or contribute to the wiki. Suggestions are welcome, too!


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An Open Letter To Mark

I just wrote this letter to a teacher on Ning and I thought I would share it here.


I'm looking for Beta testers for web application I'm working on located at http://christonium.com. I've singled you out because you're obviously trying to start a education

focused community here and I think christonium is an ideal solution

for long term education development and…


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Global Peace Collaboration Project

external image main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=559&g2_serialNumber=1 An

effective way to bring an global dimension into your curriculum is by

marking one of the international days such as World Water Day, Earth

Day etc. Here are some resources and ideas you can use to celebrate the

International Day of Peace on 21st September.

Watch a Video

Jeremy Gilley created an organisation called Peace One Day to encourage

the United Nations to identify a specific date for an international day

of peace. He… Continue

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Random and general

1. When did we become so obsessed with the lives of twenty-somethings? Or why is the press so filled with their images?

2. If a US company manufactures goods overseas and the goods are tainted is it the fault of that business or the foreign country?

3. Kudos to Bruce Willis for single handedly saving this summer at the movies!

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