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TESOL Membership

I've been in my MA TESOL program for a year now, and I've finally joined TESOL. Students can join for only $33 and enjoy all the benefits of regular members, including a subscription to Essential Teacher (TESOL Quarterly is extra, and I can access it through my school's library), job listings, access to travel and fellowship grants, and a bevy of other professional resources. Most TESOL professionals are already members. If you teach English as a second or foreign language, or… Continue

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Final Thoughts

Overall, this unit seems to be simple, but certainly necessary and helpful for my students. I should have a good foundation on which to build with my unit plan. What surprised me most was how quickly and easily I picked up how to blog and how to use special features such as

bold text and uploading files. This really encourages me to try it in the classroom and makes me confident that it will turn out well! …


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Day Five

For the final day, we will put
everything we know together to solve linear equations. A variable is inserted into an equation and inverse operations must be used property in
reverse order of operations. For example, to solve 3(x+1)^2 - 3 = 9, would be solved according to the attached document.
Sample Solution.docx

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Day Four

By now, my students should be able to successfully understand operations and inverse operations well enough. Covered in Algebra I, we will review the Order of Operations. The classic mnemonic for this is Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, or PEMDAS. In math, this represents the following:

P: Parenthesis (and other groupings)

E: Exponents (powers and roots)

MD: Multiplication and Division, done left to… Continue

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Invitation to participate

Calling all educators:

Please complete a survey about how you use online tools personally and with students: http://snipurl.com/nnpvg

Please invite others - we need to hear what's going on around the globe. Let's make it viral!!


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Day Three

Continuing this process, I next will remind students of properties of operations. While this isn't as relevant for solving equations, it is definitely necessary as basic number sense. Below are the properties we will use throughout the year.

Identity: the number on an operation that doesn't change anything. For addition, it is 0, for multiplication, it is 1.

Inverse: having just gone over inverse operations, this should be easy. An inverse brings a number… Continue

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Day Two

For this topic, inverse operations, there isn't a whole lot to be covered. It will be easy new material/review for students to keep things moving in the right direction. Inverse operations are essential to anyone solving equations. They "undo" the other operation, allowing you to get rid of numbers when solving equations. Here is a list of the most commonly seen inverse operations

addition and subtraction multiplication and division squared and square root nth power and 1/nth root… Continue

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Day One: Operations on Integers

For the first day of formal instruction, I wanted to do something comfortable for the students to build up confidence. Thus we will do operations on integers. Operations consist of +,-,*, and /, while integers are positive and negative numbers without decimals or fractions.

A model student would be able to give the rules as follows (A for any number, P for positive, N for negative):

When adding:

A+P increases

A+N decreases

When… Continue

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Senator Sessions as part of his first day of questioning against the nomination to the Supreme Court made the following statement: In Ricci, Judge Sotomayor’s empathy for one group of firefighters tu…

Senator Sessions as part of his first day of questioning against the nomination to the Supreme Court made the following statement: In Ricci, Judge Sotomayor’s empathy for one group of firefighters turned out to be prejudice against another.” The implied predicate that if you are empathetic to one group you cannot be fair to another is not true. What empathy does is to help you see a person's side of a case from their viewpoint --it does not mean that… Continue

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Young People All Need to Become "Citizen Ambassadors"

Hillary Clinton joins President Obama's vision of young people helping to create a more humane and peaceful world. In her recent Commencement speech at New York University (July 10, 2009) after offering one or two examples of how young people have become a force for change around the world (I did not know about Columbia where "two young college graduates, fed up with the violence in their country, used Facebook to organize 14 million people into the… Continue

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Getting Started

First things first, I first need to plan out my unit zero. To do this, I have created a Google Calendar of my year-long unit plans. It can be viewed here.

My plan is to use the first week of school for class for culture building and begin unit zero on the second week of class. I will teach five objectives that week and review/assess them the following… Continue

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Basic Wiki skills and Collaborative Learning

Join the fully online blended learning workshop. The workshop is being conducted online on Wikieducator and on WiZiQ. Please register for the free online workshop if you haven't already done so. Basic wiki skills and collaborative learning for week 3 of the 5 week workshop. Watch previous sessions:

To register, click here.…


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Le Monde.fr - University of the people se veut mondiale, gratuite, accessible à distance

University of the people se veut mondiale, gratuite, accessible à distance

Article publié le 07 Juillet 2009

Par Catherine Rollot

Source : LE MONDE

Taille de l'article : 357 mots

Extrait :

UNE UNIVERSITÉ internationale, quasi gratuite et entièrement accessible à distance. C'est le projet un peu fou lancé par un entrepreneur israélien, Shai Reshef, qui a fait fortune dans l'offre éducative en ligne et qui veut « rendre l'éducation accessible à tous, y… Continue

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