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La educación díscola

Hacia una educación sin enseñanza. Invertir la educación, prohibir la enseñanza del docente y subvertir el aprendizaje. …


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Cracking the Nut


Unleashing students’ intrinsic motivation to learn

By Greg Reiva


Two of the best books dealing with student intrinsic motivation to lean are the following:  Flow: the psychology of optimal experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the book called Mindset: the new psychology of success by Carol Dweck Ph.D.

This summer I am again working on and reflecting…


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Ages 6-9: The Ability to Reflect on Oneself and the Environment

A significant change occurs in a child’s development between the ages of six and nine. He comes out of his individual cell and becomes aware of the environment. This, in turn enables him to reflect upon himself and his environment. This age period is, therefore, the ideal time to start teaching children higher concepts since they are…


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Global Education for a Global World

The world today is integral and global. Hence, connections between us must become integral and global as well. Such a change is feasible only by educating to globality. Every person in the world must realize that in the new world, we are all interconnected, and hence must be mutually considerate.

An educational-academic institution must be set up in the spirit of mutual understanding and collaboration as promoted by UNESCO, to qualify youths to serve as “Global Educators.” To…


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A Problem, as Well as a Contribution

The current state of youths reflects the reality of the 21st century. On the surface, youths today may appear superficial, indifferent, lost in a virtual realm of smartphones and tablets, but the truth of the matter is that they are far more developed than we are. It is a generation that lives and breathes in a connected, fast, and integral world where…


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Children Paying Heavily for Our Mistakes

The erosion of the morals on which society was founded can be seen most distinctly in the next generation.

Gangs: “A national study by the Home Office estimates that approximately 6 percent of all boys and girls aged 10 to 19 – or around 50,000 people – are members of gangs.”

Dysfunctional Homes: “The…


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Guidelines for Raising Happy Children in the 21st Century

Today Is the first time we feel , while

still not understanding,

that the younger generation

Is discovering a need to develop


1 ) Adapting Ourselves to the Younger Generation

To touch children’s…


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A must read book - The Psychology of the integral society

The world we live in today is global and integral.

This means that all it's components and systems are completely interdependent, and each element determines the fate of all the other elements in the world. This state is the result of progress, and from the moment on, there is no room for discord among the different parts of the…


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Our Reality of the 21st Century

The primary goal of a 21st century school should be the preparation of the younger generation for life in the global world.

A child should learn how to correctly interpret what happens to him/her day by day: why do people relate to him the way they do, and what is the right way to relate to them in order to be happy?

A person’s…


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Integral Education

" Once we understand that educating others can be achieved only by personal example, the question of education falls away and only this question remains: what is my life supposed to be like?"
Leo Tolstoy

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The Pivotal Role of Education in Africa’s Development

What is development?

Until recently, development was conceived narrowly as no more than an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country. Such a narrow and limited understanding of development is totally misleading and obscures more than it illuminates.  As we are all probably aware, most African economies have been experiencing steady economic growth over the last five to ten years without corresponding social development. Take the case of Nigeria; as at 1999, the…


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Ways to Diagnose then Deal with Registry Issues

If there are errors in your personal computer registry, the efficiency of a computer system can decrease a lot and in some cases various programs could be impacted. Some may not function normally, often hanging and closing whilst some will respond strange, windows registry issues may also lead to a computer to lock up dependent on the extent of the issues. Should you be a professional with personal computers, you could study the pop up texts and fix these inaccuracies manually although the…


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Learn to get Best Virus Protection for your personal PC

The importance of antivirus can't be denied no matter what inside our everyday lives. No one ever wants his or her personal computer being at the mercy of various personal computer infections and also computer viruses such as Trojans. This is because these types of personal computer viruses are really damaging for the laptop or computer along with any data that is within all of them. It is important to know at the same time that individuals are not able to just remain protected from the PC…


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This is my first blog post in a little while.

It has been a tumultuous little period for me. I had the honour of being a part of two presentations by Lucy Gray, one at ISTE, where I had the opportunity to talk about the Writers' Club in particular and global learning in general.…


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See what happened today at Colorado.Sustainability and Peace- How long we continue barking in nets? See today in a shoot out in Colorado,USA more than 16 people were killed including infants and hundreds injured. President Obama expressed his shock. But will the lives killed are going to come back? Please introduce Peace & Sustainability education from play school level to highest level of education and incorporate in all work places to give true meaning to Peace & Sustainability.Can…


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Eco-certification for the Argentina hoki (Macruronus magellanicus) fishery

The Argentina hoki (Macruronus magellanicus) fishery finally was certified to the Marine Stewardship Council standard. This eco-certification is currently the most prestigious in the entire world. The big first step has been taken. Remains to be seen from now on, to what extent the fishery complies with the conditions and recommendations established by the assessment team. The full report (English, 820 pages) can be downloaded from the following link:…


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Optimizing for Professional Generosity

(originally posted at Connect All Schools on July 18, 2012)

This August, the US Department of Education is sponsoringConnected Educators Month to highlight “online communities of practice in education.” The Connected Educators site now features more than 80 online…


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Todos sabemos que el contar una historia, realmente permite la movilización de capacidades de aprendizaje, puesto que pone en juego funciones de la mente relacionadas con las emociones, mismas que activan el recuerdo y logran un aprendizaje significativo.  Es por ello que el incluir en los espacios de aprendizaje el esquema de "storytelling" se logra integrar los conocimientos, es decir la información, con los significantes que tienen sentido para el alumno.  No solo este modelo se puede…


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Connecting US Classrooms Globally for National Security

(Cross-posted on Connect All Schools, July 10, 2012. Love to collect a list of articles from other countries on this topic. Which countries have invested in language learning and connecting schools with partners worldwide in order to bolster their…


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