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Shaking Up Blended Learning

Blended Learning as a concept is widely used in the academic, corporate and non profit sectors throughout the world. We're seeing a great deal of change in it's utilization, and in my blog today, I'll try to highlight some of the changes.

Historically, as Margaret Driscoll pointed out in her paper for IBM Global Services "Blended Learning: Let's Get Beyond the Hype" when institutions consider blending learning they are considering four slightly different scenarios.

* To… Continue

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Online Education Beats the Classroom

Wednesday, Aug. 9, the New York Times published an article based on a 12 year study comprehensive study on online education at all levels (K-12, college and adult continuing education programs of all kinds) was recently published. The study encompassed 99 quantitative studies comparing online and instructor lead courses.

Conclusion - online education beats the classroom.

In the article, reporter Steve Lohr states:

"Until fairly recently, online education… Continue

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What tools are prestigious schools incorporating into their eLearning programs?

The University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School implemented a state of the art virtual learning environment (VLE) with Interactyx Limited’s TOPYX® VLE platform.

Beginning this term, the candidates of its Executive MBA program will use the TOPYX platform. Judge Business School is built on an ethos of collaboration.… Continue

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Interactyx Limited Announces Global Affiliate Program

Interactyx Limited is delighted to announce a comprehensive affiliate program that is focused on reaching new international markets and providing additional penetration into certain domestic industries with TOPYX®, the affordable eLearning 2.0 Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with integrated social networking, mobile learning and eCommerce functionality. Interactyx Limited is continuing to review and accept high-value affiliate… Continue

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Soviet Time

Central Asian countries were ‘granted’ so called independence in the early 1990s as the former Soviet Union was dismantling itself of expensive appendages. I say granted because there was no revolution or fight as would typically happen. With independence came also the departure of skilled Russians including technicians, teachers, economists, engineers. Many of Russian heritage stayed because this was the only home they had ever known; and others stayed because there were not welcomed back to… Continue

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But Why?

Why am I doing this program? What do I hope to get out of it?

So goes my first assignment from Alecia, to get the ball rolling on channeling the goals for my program this year. Here is my response. And though I will definitely be working with Soledad in Cusco, Peru, let me know if you have any other ideas of other projects to help in this realm!


"Personally, I feel strongly about the value of globally-connected and globally-relevant learning. My family chose to… Continue

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What if Textbooks Disappeared?

As reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education, many states are implementing budget cuts of 5% -15%.

Clearly, the entire issue is a complex one. Tax revenue to the states and municipalities has decreased based on both lower realty tax revenue and income tax revenue as a result of economic contraction and the real estate… Continue

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Web 2.0 Is A 4 Letter Word

Day 1.

Today my school started our back-to-school Inservice, led by Alecia Berman-Dry of the World Leadership School. I will be working closely with Alecia and her team over the next year to pilot a collaboration between my school (Ensworth High School) and the Santa Rosa Colegio in Cusco, Peru. Right now I'm just working on the tools available to help this collaboration take shape. So I'm going to get a little more comfortable with the big Web 2.0 4-letter words. Ning. Blog. Chat.… Continue

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New platform for collaborative writing:MixedInk

A Jane Hart's twitter suggest a new platform

MixedInk. Certainly this is a new collaboration form of writing.

Here is an image with a sequence of screenshot to create a topic with MixedInk; I think we use this platform in my laboratory teaching in a third class for the significance from an educational perspective. Here is the video… Continue

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Understanding the Benefits of eLearning 2.0

What is eLearning 2.0? How can I incorporate social networking and mobile learning tools? How easy is it to get started with eLearning software? These are very important questions that people face when looking into available eLearning solutions.…


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Invitation to participate in important survey

If you have not completed the survey on how you use AND how you have your students use online tools, please go to

If you have, please share with colleagues.

Thank you,

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