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Meet Frank Whittle - a great subject to share about determination

Are you looking for an inspiring story for students? Frank Whittle died today in 1996. His story is a great example to share with students. A class activity about aviation with a focus on Frank, who may not be that well known by students. Learn about Frank and other Amazing Aviators.…


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El paradigma de la penuria

La apelación inconsciente y recurrente del maestro por la falta de materiales, medios y equipo en la escuela, evidencia una calidad magisterial en penuria. Incluso, algunos maestros interlocutores han insinuado que la prestación de medios, materiales y recursos intelectuales es un derecho adquirido, no un deber. Así es como el maestro se libera de forma elegante del empoderamiento de medios, materiales y recursos, y se…


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Case study about Amazing People for parents and teachers

View case studies from the U.K. and Washington - See our video information, the Teacher Info and Toolkit, Audios and other articles here.


And don't forget to download the monthly free download about one of our Amazing People, Maria Montessori.



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Anne Hathaway - wife of Shakespeare

Take your class back in time and meet the wife of William Shakespeare, Anne Hathaway. No doubt Anne provided much inspiration for his great work. It is the anniversary of Anne's death today.…


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eLearning Course: Personal Learning Framework - Project Based Learning and Learning Styles

Latest e Learning Course handling Learning Styles and Project Based Learning

  • We are completing a three part series on the Theories and Methods for the Global Learning Framework over the month of August. This is the first part on the Personal Learning Framework that provides practical experiences on how and individual learns and transforms the world while using global collaborative Internet.
  • Goto 45 min…

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My paper on, “Human Collaboration, Africa’s Revolutionary Application for Broad Band Expansion”

Below is a Link to a 20 page white paper I developed as a labor of love (no charge download at for my many friends in Africa and colleagues in academia. As one of my Linkedin contacts thought you might like a copy. The paper is filled with strategic and marketing tips to help expand the Internet’s global education reach. Teacher and community leaders need…

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Free EBook or audio - Maria Montessori

Celebrate the birthday of Maria Montessori with us - learn about her amazing story. A great, inspiring story particularly for girls. Women all over the world have succeeded in making their dreams comes true.…


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