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would love to meet an early childhood educator or adminstrator outside the continental US, in order to compare stories, get new ideas....

etc.... anyone out there who can share my stories of success, craziness, and just plain love of children and learning on the other side of the globe??

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IHEC Blog will Participate in Blog Action Day 2009 Focusing on Climate Change

October 15th will be Blog Action Day 2009 and International Higher Education Consulting Blog has registered and will participate. The theme of Blog Action Day 2009 is Climate Change and my plan is to highlight the various efforts and resources in the field of international education that focus on climate change. Examples of what might be included in my Blog Action Day post are: -… Continue

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Does Twitter have a place in Education?

Clearly this has been a tremendous year of growth for Twitter.

Current valuation estimates of the company are in the order of $1 billion, and users are expected to reach 250 million over the next few years. A an eLearning provider, on a daily basis, we are talking to schools that looking at using it both for themselves as well as possibly having their students use it in some fashion.

Campus Technology recently reported,… Continue

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Does eLearning need to have a ROI that’s more than just money?

The Adobe Captivate Blog earlier this month reported on a Higher Ed blog - “Around 70% of faculty believe that the learning outcomes of online learning are inferior to F2F.”

This got me thinking about business eLearning. I have seen all sorts of content classified as eLearning and as an educator I have to ask –

Is it important to have learning outcomes… Continue

Added by Jeffrey A. Roth on September 18, 2009 at 8:19am — No Comments networks provide new lessons in learning

Social networks provide new lessons in learning

By Lara Farr

Published September 10, 2009

(CNN) -- As millions of students across the world go back to school this month, 178 students from 49 countries will turn on their computers and step onto the virtual campus of the world's first global, tuition-free online university.

Called University of the People, the non-profit, California-based endeavor comes from Israeli entrepreneur Shai Reshef… Continue

Added by Shai Reshef on September 15, 2009 at 3:20am — No Comments What is the Future of Teaching?

What is the Future of Teaching?

By Josh Catone

August 31st, 2009

....I recently talked to Shai Reshef of the University of the People, an online-only institution aiming to bring quality education to students, mostly in developing nations, for whom cost is a prohibitive barrier to traditional classroom learning. Reshef told me that his University really acts as a guide, helping people to organize the types of knowledge discovery and peer-to-peer teaching… Continue

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FastCompany-How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education

Anya Kamenetz

Free online courses, Wiki universities, Facebook-style tutoring networks -- American higher education is changing.

......The online University of the People, founded by Shai Reshef, who made his fortune in for-profit education, signed up its first class this fall -- 300 students from nearly 100 countries. While it has yet to get accreditation, the not-for-profit plans to offer bachelor's… Continue

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Business Standard | India -World's first tuition fee-free varsity to start operation soon

By Press Trust of India

Sunday August 16, 2009

In a bid to provide higher education free of cost to needy students, the world's first tuition fee-free online university with its academic-support operations based in India, will start operation from next month.

Founded by an Israeli entrepreneur, the University of People will use the concept of social… Continue

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UoPeople is on NPR Radio

NPR News Radio
By Robin Young
Broadcast July 30, 2009

Click here to listen to the broadcast-

Added by Shai Reshef on September 15, 2009 at 3:17am — No Comments In the Future, the Cost of Education Will Be Zero

In the Future, the Cost of Education Will Be Zero

July 24th, 2009 | by Josh Catone

The average cost of yearly tuition at a private, four-year college in the US this year was $25,143, and for public schools, students could expect to pay $6,585 on average for the 2008-09 school year, according to the College Board. That was up 5.9% and 6.4% respectively over the previous year, which is well ahead of the national average rate of inflation. What that means is that for many people,… Continue

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The Jakarta Post-Learning goes the distance

Learning goes the distance

Anissa S. Febrina , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Wed, 07/15/2009 12:30 PM | Features

A passion for knowledge can be limited by neither time nor space, especially with distance learning helping people to indulge that passion, wherever they might be.

For eight years, 41-year-old housewife Ida Rahayu has been juggling her daily house chores and her… Continue

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Colleges are Failing

David Leonhardt of the New York Times recently wrote an eye opening article entitled "Colleges are Failing in Graduation Rates." The full article can be found online at

He mentions that at the University of Massachusetts, only 33% of freshmen graduate within 6 years. It's an… Continue

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Are non-verbal cues all that important?

Last week the Wall Street Journal ( - Mark Bauerlein) had an article about Gen Y not being able to "read" each other. Which got me thinking "Is non-verbal communication" all that important? Is the sound of a person voice or the smile on their face needed? Nielsen Mobile reported late last year that teenagers on average sent and received 2,272 texts per month. A year earlier the National School Boards Association estimated that middle… Continue

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Film Recommendation - AMREEKA

A film that GEC members might be interested in is AMREEKA ( It's the story of a Palestinian woman and her son who move to the US circa the Gulf War. They encounter many difficulties, but surmount them with humor and love.It's a family movie and is distributed by National Geographic.

I think it gives an accurate impression on what life in occupied territories is like and shows the prejudices new immigrants to the U.S may encounter. I would have taken my… Continue

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Associations Need to Evolve

The world is full of associations and associations are full of members. It would be valuable for both associations and members to have comprehensive, complete and easy dialogue of information around the organisation.

Yet, many association websites are purely one way. The association puts up pages or material or news, and members see it, if they happen to look. There is very little opportunity for interaction and maybe very little reason for them to ever look at the site at all. It's… Continue

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