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Our multi-lingual tool can help teachers communicate with different parts of the world.

Chat written in Ajax (GNU GPL), we added a Google translator function. This is…


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CONGRESOS ACADÉMICOS del Prog. Sci-Co - Mentor de la Universidad de Naciones UNU-ViE (Chile)

CONGRESOS ACADÉMICOS del Prog. Sci-Co - Mentor

de la Universidad de Naciones UNU-ViE (Chile)

a través de Internet

Qué son estos…


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'How I spend my time' global project using social media and spreadsheets

Next global project ready to begin - The Webtowhere project - http://webtowhere.ning.com/group/time-lets-compare

My students, from Australia, have just started to collect

data on how they spend their time each day – they can estimate this if

necessary. Let your students compare how they spend their time with my students.

Get your students involved - allow them to combine social media and…


Added by Gail Casey on October 26, 2011 at 11:55pm — 2 Comments

Twitter, un concurso y la radio

Un concurso es algo que los estudiantes universitarios casi no “ven” entre sus materias y poco a nivel de la Universidad, a no ser durante la Expociencia científica que se desarrolla cada año. 
Pero lo más importante no es el concurso, sino su significado. Dirigido a incentivar el empleo de Twitter, para incorporarlo como parte de su sistema personal de aprendizaje. Esta red es una de las más importantes en dicho sistema y la mayoría de los estudiantes antes de ingresar a la…

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GEC 2011: I'll be there, and I won't be square!

Glad to get the chance to hang with y'all *:-)  Been doing iMoots and AP Conferences, but looking forward to the upcoming, lengthy, seemingly less formal exchanges planned for GEC.  Onward!

Added by Lee Allan Sanders on October 24, 2011 at 6:32pm — 2 Comments


Mentoring young learners to connect and collaborate in a world of exciting opportunities. This is my subject at the Global Education Conference. Look forward to the thrill of networking with so many digital leaders..

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Los primeros pasos de nuestros webinars

He trabajado en un proyecto sobre tecnología educativa en México por poco más de año y medio. La experiencia ha sido un vaivén entre aprender y entender los grandes retos a los que se enfrentan los docentes, y discutir con ellos si es posible hacer las cosas de manera diferente a cómo las hemos hecho siempre. 

Una de las demandas más importantes de los maestros en…


Added by Daniela Perez Michel on October 19, 2011 at 10:36am — 1 Comment

World, Hold On

I always admired this music video for it's depiction of learning - authentic purpose, self-directed learning, research skills, connections between theory and practice... not bad for a Bob Sinclair track....

One thing I'm learning right now is that sticking to your guns isn't always easy. For me, the learning of my students will always be priorities… Continue

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Varios alumnos de SEK-Ciudalcampo en TED YOUTH Madrid

La pasión por el aprendizaje ha sido el tema de un proyecto para 4º de ESO en el último año de ARTES PAI. Al término de la tarea han mandado sus trabajos a la conferencia TED Youth Madrid y algunos han sido seleccionados. Sus vídeos se pueden ver en el siguiente link:


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Candidates start UCE exams

About 273,032 candidates have today started the Ordinary level examinations this year. Of these, 107,977 candidates are under universal secondary education. There will also be 977 candidates from South Sudan sitting at 19 centres. Their examinations will be taken on the same dates of UCE examinations in Uganda.

Thousands of students could miss their S.4 exams after private schools implementing government’s free secondary education warned that they will…


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¡Todos/as a Leer!

...como consejeros/as escolares podemos contribuir a fomentar en nuestros/as estudiantes  la Lectura...Así que...

¡A Leer!

Added by Dra. Nayda E. Morales Díaz on October 16, 2011 at 10:25pm — No Comments


Karsıyaka Anatolian High School students and teachers have been doing student centred ,collaborative iEARN projects for more than three years.They have a lot of collaboraions with friends around the world.Those projects help our students,

*communicate with their peers around the world,

*practise their language skills,

*exchange ideas and share experiences,

*become more globally aware citizens,

*learn about a culture through video conferences of forum…


Added by Buket Ertenu on October 16, 2011 at 11:42am — No Comments

Who is my teacher? Who isn't my teacher?

This is the question a couple of my students could be asking themselves, having just been awarded third prize in a state-wide immunology competition. This is their entry...

The curious thing about this is that these students found out about the competition not from their "teacher" (in the official sense), but from one of our Virtual… Continue

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Rol del profesor en entornos educativos en red

En el artículo que publica en el número de verano de la revista Educause, George Siemens convierte en esquema su importante post -del que nos hicimos eco en su momento- sobre los 7 papeles del profesor en entornos educativos en red… Continue

Added by Claudio Ariel Clarenc on October 14, 2011 at 6:24pm — 2 Comments

Teaching Generation Text

Cell phones are the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective digital tool available for today's learners. You don't have to wait for them to turn on. Everyone knows how to use them. They don't require an onsite technician to use them.… Continue

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What's in your students closets? Students discussion together via social media

My students have started to make groups. They can be so clever at times - check out one student group at http://webtowhere.ning.com/group/the-big-happy-closet-thingy-majigy?xg_source=activity

My students are still waiting for others around the world to join them. They don't understand that their closet could be different to closets of others depending on where they live. They find it…


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UNESCO PPN video on "I am Africa. This is my story..."

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