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To iPad or not to iPad? iPads in Early Childhood Education

The introduction of the iPad in 2010 marked significant steps in the development of tablet computing and mobile devices in education. Their intuitive touch screen interface, portability and extended battery life make them an appealing option for students of all age levels. In this pilot investigation, the authors observed how two early childhood services (one kindergarten and one childcare centre) used iPads to extend the range of learning opportunities they offer for children up to…


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Have you ever heard..."I am bored in class"? Learning to learn

In a school with no name…

A boy stirs restlessly in his chair. He is 8 years old and has a sharp, penetrating look. He attends a rural school in a small town. It could be almost anywhere in the world.

Our friend’s name is David, but that is not too important. What is important in this story is that he loves daydreaming, even if he sometimes gets into trouble for doing it too often. On a warm spring afternoon, in the middle of a lesson, the child leaves his imagination fly and…


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Center 4 American Progress-Report on Teacher Evaluation-Interview with the Author Dr. McGuinn

Dr. Patrick McGuinn of Drew University was commissioned by the Center for American Progress to write…


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eTwinning and Lifelong Learning Programme Projects

November 13, 2012 we presented live session at free and online week-long, world-wide 2012 Conference during International Education Week.

Presentation: eTwinning and Lifelong Learning Programme projects

Language: Russian

Presenters: Grazina Likpetriene (Arts Teacher, Lithuania), Vladimir Mosijenko (Russian/English language teacher, Slovakia), Larisa Tichonova (Russian language teacher, Lithuania), Parvana…


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Aprendiendo a aprender

Del blog de Elesapiens:

En una escuela sin nombre…

Un chaval inquieto se revuelve en su silla. Tiene 8 años y la mirada viva, penetrante. Acude a una escuela rural en un pueblo pequeño. Podría ser casi cualquier sitio del mundo.

Nuestro amigo se llama David, pero eso no es muy importante. Lo importante es que le…


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Beluga Learning's New Math App-Mark McCourt from London!

Check out latest podcast Mark McCourt Chief Executive of the Independent Learning Foundation joins the Core to discuss the big news from Beluga…


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Teacher Capacity in Inclusive Education

When some teachers in Zambia brought up the issue of mixing children with disabilities with those without, I felt something was not being adequately addressed. An example was given of a teacher who was required to teach a visually challenged pupil who was brought into her class. The teacher definitely found this to be a huge challenge not only to herself, but to the pupil as well. Again this draws me back to the issue I have always talked about at different forums. This issue also hinges…


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El timo de las escuelas para el siglo XXI


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How can they know?

What week of wonderful experiences this year at the Global Education Conference. Many thanks to Lucy, Steve, all the amazing volunteers, moderators, presenters & sponsors! 

I shared my reflections on the conference in a post called How can they know? on the Cooperative Catalyst blog. I would love to hear what you got out of the conference and what ideas you have for next steps.

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I need some information about Photojournalism.

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Looking for education leaders who use Social Media

Two graduate students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education are exploring the use of social media by school leaders to build relationships within their school community as well as to deepen and extend their connections to other leaders outside of their school community.  We are looking for school leaders who would be willing to share their use of social media and their participation in communities of practice. Would you be willing to have a 15-20 minute conversation with us? Please…


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eTwinning and Lifelong Projects


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It's been a little while since I have blogged anything, but it has been a very busy time for me on a couple of fronts.

Something I've been grappling with has been the future of the Writers' Club. The community has been more successful than I ever could have imagined. It began as an offshoot for work I was doing for Castlemaine North Primary School, known locally asThe North School, which is where the address comes from.

However, the hosting plan for…


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peer teaching.

    Dear Sir,

  Students participating in peer teaching in classroom should be encourage.When students  get involve in teaching in the classroom the weaker students participate fully in class activities.The students enjoy the lesson.They also ask questions in the class.Now, teaching  is not only for class teacher  only but the whole class with the help of the teacher.It reduce fear and shyness among the students.They  develop teaching,speaking and communication…


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Our Session Slides!

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Youth for Human Rights Video from Our presentation

Curriculum and a DVDs are at…


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Project: Animated Videos for Global Education

Dear Global Educators,

the german non-profit / e.V. and edeos- digital education are running a project within which a series of animated videos are produced. They focus on Global Education topics such as Globalization, Human Rights or International Migration.

We would like to use the opportunity to present our clips to a wide audience of Global Education experts.



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