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Great Forum to share global perspectives

Thanks for organizing this conference. I have attended various sessions but I particularly liked Global Collaboration in Science Education. I have learnt a lot today. How to collaborate globally and share data with students around the Globe.Idea of Skype Classroom, Moon project, Water Project that they shared were excellent.

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Great Effort

This is really great effort and good forum to learn and share our knowledge and experiences with groups of diversity at our own pace. I am really glade to participate in different sessions and this helping me to know new models and make links with international community to get help in my future endeavors. 

This Global conference would help people through understand the other cultures and problems and share new models to solve them. this shall make more harmony at global level and…


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An Innovative Approach to Growing Compassionate Global Citizens

Part I:

The Inspiration

The mission of World Wise Adventures is to foster the growth of compassionate, informed and engaged global citizens through meaningful interactions with…


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Grupo en facebook en inglés y español

Hola a todos,

Acabo de registrarme Y quisiera invitaros a Todos a mi pagina de facebook Donde Todos Aquellos Educadores y CUALQUIERA Que Esté Interesado en Temas Educativos Compartimos ideas información sobre cursos, actividades.... en inglés yespañol.

Un saludo, 



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Grupo en facebook en inglés y español

Hola a todos,

Acabo de registrarme y quisiera invitaros a todos a mi pagina de facebook donde todos aquellos educadores y cualquiera que esté interesado en temas educativos compartimos ideas, información sobre cursos.... en inglés yespañol.

Un saludo, 

David Bravo

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Students present on global learning and more! - Global Education Conference 2014

The Global Education Conference is next week, November 17-21, 2014.

Right now (less then 3 days before starting) we have:

  • 250 general sessions …

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Going Beyond Hour of Code

It's Coming!! Hour of Code 2014 is Quickly Approaching.

When it's over, then what?

December 8-14 of 2014, is sure to be interesting, fun and engaging. I'm certainly excited about it. Getting kids as young as 5 years old into the coding frenzy. Getting the…


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On Task in Class for the Holidays!!!

So you're thinking of Turkey Day already, Decking the Halls, Planning the Meal, Black Friday Shopping, Cyber Monday discounts, and the fact that there are less than 6 weeks till Christmas Break. How do you keep students on task, engaged and creative all while being in the "Festive" Season? Why not ask them for suggestions to Integrate the Holidays in the Curriculum. Besides, they…


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Staying Digitally Connected

Digital Citizenship Ethics, Evaluation, Internet Safety and Acceptable Use

In today's ever evolving world of Technology and the need to be Technology savvy, What are we as educators,…


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Education- From Symptomatic treatment to real CHANGE

"Teaching all Students" is really a compelling vision that inspires any educator and the policy makers as well with the genuine care it carries with it. But the question that this course drew my attention to is; are we doing this in a right way?. Investigating the answers to this question led me to another deeper aspect which is; are we having the required perceptions and thoughts that support us during our journey towards better education?.

The strange thing I discovered during my…


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Classroom to blog with needed

I want my students to blog with students from other countries.  I live in Texas and teach 6th grade World Cultures.  My students are 11-12 years old.

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“Eso que hacemos ahí (en presencia del otro maléfico) nuestro estar-siendo en in-disciplina” con "humanidad hacia otros", Ubuntu.

Una persona con ubuntu es abierta y está disponible para los demás, respalda a los demás, no se siente amenazado cuando otros son capaces y son buenos en algo, porque está seguro de sí mismo ya que sabe que pertenece a una gran totalidad.

Nuestro hacer tiene el sesgo de “Eso…


Added by Pedro Néstor Ibáñez on November 1, 2014 at 1:02pm — No Comments

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