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9 Ideas for Reinventing America's Language Education System

The following post was presented at my blog, The Everyday Language Learner on October 31st of 2011.  It received a lot of reaction and I thought it might be a fun topic to discuss here. I would love to hear what others think.  You can see how others responded in just under 50 comments at the blog and I'd love to see a discussion take place here.…


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Rob's personal highlights of 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, I look back on the most polarised year of my career as an educator. Whilst the teaching I have employed in the classroom was easily the most exciting of my career, the reaction from others was decidedly mixed, and in some cases, outright hostile. Perhaps this is a sign I'm headed in the right direction... or perhaps it is the opposite. In any case, this year has tested my resolve, hardened me, and pushed me into new directions. The journey this year has been…


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Cómo salir de la PDI

Reconozco de antemano que esta entrada no va a gustar mucho a los mercaderes de equipo educativo. Empresarios, políticos y administradores están vendiendo la PDI como una revolución educativa y una forma de incorporar las TIC en la sala de clase. No se sabe cuál de las dos afirmaciones es más absurda. CONTINÚA...

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Light the Candles All Around the World Project

Fourth graders in our school are singing 'Light the Candles All Around the World' by Teresa Jennings for their holiday concert on December 15th.  I have invited interested teachers, students and friends to share a photo of a candle from wherever they are located to add to our google map.  The image that is shared can be a scanned drawing, an original photo of a candle with or without students (back of head okay).  No student names are included.  If you'd like to join this short…


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 2 UzTEA members as active Uzbek NNESs share their ideas and findings of interactive debate per SKYPE on one of short stories of Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature of the year 2007.

They are emeritus lectures at their universities now, being as a consultant and a virtual member of the English chair, they create/conduct/promote virtual classes at Indian educational platform @WizIQ. They plan to repeat their class on Doris Lessing, which was misconduct due a bad…


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Knowing your stuff

One of the saddest things about the end of the year is that I won't be able to team-teach a class with Simone Uren. Simone is an amazingly perceptive woman, with a way of cutting to the heart of an issue with a single sentence. I will write more about my time team-teaching with her as the year ends, but I did want to write about one thing in particular she said recently.

As you would know if you read my blog, one of the things I have worked the hardest on and am most proud of is…


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La Pocilga, Morada del Ser

Miru Kim nos crea conciencia a todos nosotros, destructores del ecosistema y de la biodiversidad, descaradamente biocidas y ecocidas. CONTINÚA...

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Letting go

A quick one tonight. I'm starting to feel the Writers' club is gaining momentum; as if it is starting to be big enough to be self-sustaining, without needing me to prompt students to contribute to it. As a good online community should.

I've been keeping an eye on the conversations spontaneously generating between students. While the ones between students of the same school are interesting, it's the ones that occur between students of…


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