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Conference on Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology 2020

The COMELA 2020 invites academics in the fields of Linguistics, Anthropology, Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology, and Ethnology, pertinent to The Mediterranean and Europe, to discuss work, and engage in scholarly collaborations, thus strengthening global academic networks in the field.


American College of Greece

Athens, Greece


- Taylor and Francis Global Publishers (Official Publishing Partner)

- 120…


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My Good School - Experiential Learning For ALL


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What does Education do?

Is going to school at the core of a good education? Why do successful people walk tall? It all leads us to explore how we build self-confidence and make success a habit. An excellent institution whether a family or even a school should help us walk with pride and build our emotional quotient.

"I believe there's a hero in us all that keeps…


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INVITACIÓN a videoconferencia titulada: "Aplicaciones del Código QR (Código de Respuesta Rápida) en el trabajo del Contador Público.

INVITACIÓN a videoconferencia titulada: "Aplicaciones del Código QR (Código de Respuesta Rápida) en el trabajo del Contador Público", organizada por el FIConta -Foro Iberoamericano de Contabilidad. Separe un cupo en: https://goo.gl/forms/beXHUECHPMIaVMZr2    Vea el programa general en: http://bit.ly/ProgramaFIConta…


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Global Sustainable Goals Research (Google Maps) Project

Just wanted to say hello and share this resource:

Global Sustainable Goals USA Google Map Project Lesson Page:


Google Map: …


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My Entry for the 2017 GED Conference on EdTechFundamentals.com

Check out the following link to see my great review of the AlludoLearning Post-Conference Project!


Email me for more info at hscribner.edtech@gmail.com

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Global Education Conference Got Me Hooked on paper.li!

Ever since I attended the conference, and signed up for the GEC Newsletter, I have been totally blown away by this new application!  PAPER.LI gives everyone the ability to publish a newspaper with information and articles about their favorite topics.  You can even embed it in your favorite social media posts, emails, and websites.  You can choose the content!  I love…


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Going Global with Online GEC 2017 - Part 1

Going Global with Online GEC 2017 - Part 1

Date: 16th Nov 2017/Thursday

The blog is simply inspired by the amazing sessions of GEC Global Education Conference 2017. We are into…


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The Future of Learning

A truly global conference and a tribute to both Steve and Lucy. The winds of change that we are feeling down here in antipodes (New Zealand) are both refreshing and scary for many of our educators, but most recognise the need for a series of transitions in both how we view the future of education and how we adapt our practice to meet new needs.

Without a doubt, we have leapt the first hurdle, and our focus has shifted from teaching to 'learning' - phase one is complete for most…


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call for chapters

I am so glad to let you know of the call of chapters  "Fostering Reflective Teaching Practice in Pre-Service Education". Please check the following link to submit your proposal:…

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Gold Rush Collaboration Project

I am a 4th grade teacher in Culver City, CA! I am looking to incorporate a more global perspective in my gold rush unit this year and am looking for any teacher(s) in Australia that are interested in collaborating around this historical topic!! I would love to see this become a compare/contrast style project with a good deal of interaction between students from both countries via video chats, blogging, etc. I was thinking of 4 topics for the students to explore:

1. Impact on the…


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How can NGOs launch "Massive, Self-Sustainable Collaborative Learning" Programs?

UNDESA – DSPD “Massive, Self-Sustainable Collaborative Learning” The 54th Session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD54) Panel on Sustainable Education


This is a slightly extended version of Richard C Close sustainable education panel presentation that includes material that addresses questions received after the 10 minute panel…


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Education is Worth of Spread....Limitless....Global....

Thank you to the organizers of Global Education Conference especially Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon for the hard work and dedication. Thank you to sponsors for making it possible and accessible to educators across the globe.  

We all know that it takes time and effort to keep alive and spread the grassroots from year to year. It in't just a week that determines the…


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A Glimpse Back-And Moving Forward!!

Buzzword "GLOBAL"

Wordle: My Perspective of the GEC 2014

The world of the week for GEC-was, and will forever be, GLOBAL. What an Exciting,…


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Artist residency in Ghana August 17 - August 31, 2015

Cross Cultural Collaborative brings people from different cultures together to interact creatively and strongly believes in mentoring young African artists.

Our August residency is open to 10 people who are interested in cultural exchange and collaboration with African artists.

Participants will live and work at our cultural center/guest house in a Ghanaian…


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Applause for student presenters - Global Education Conference 2014

The recent Global Education Conference (totally online for 5 full days, totally free) had a number of student-led and student-centred presentations. What a great experience for these students to present to a global audience, and what a unique opportunity for the audience to hear from the students about their global…


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Help! I cannot get into the conference session

Getting into the Global Education Conference sessions.

If you have problems they may be due to the following (try these in this order)


  • Make sure you have updated java – this is one of the most common reasons for problems
  • If this does not work,  clear java cache in control panel (on windows machine) Make sure it clears cookies, browsing history, download history and cached…

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Students present on global learning and more! - Global Education Conference 2014

The Global Education Conference is next week, November 17-21, 2014.

Right now (less then 3 days before starting) we have:

  • 250 general sessions …

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