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Aiming ‘high’ is the message this week as we celebrate famous Aviators.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Amelia Earhart's solo flight across the Atlantic and today in 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris in The Spirit of St Louis -



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MAY 17, 1792 - New York Stock Exchange was formed under a buttonwood tree?

Yes that’s right!  Just over 220 years ago, 24 stock brokers in the United States signed a trading agreement under a humble buttonwood tree on Wall Street.

Join in and share our stories and take a quick quiz about entrepreneurs....will you know the answers? Click …


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From a humble peasant teenager to a Saint

Can you imagine as a teenager confronting a royal leader, let alone leading soldiers into battle?

We invite you to introduce this brave girl as an inspiration to others by…


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Leonardo da Vinci - top of the list!

Hi all - noted that Leonardo da Vinci heads the list of the most famous people of all time. So decided to highlight his amazing story today so we can remember him and, most importantly, take him into the classroom or into our homes for any budding artists out there. Click HERE to visit Leonardo.…


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‘Don’t think......Try!’ was the advice given to the young Edward Jenner by his teacher. Edward followed this advice throughout his life with amazing results! 

Be inspired by, Dr Edward Jenner; the ‘Father of Immunology’, the pioneer of the smallpox vaccine and the man whose works have saved countless lives, as he reveals his own incredible story. Follow Dr…


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IPad's in the Classroom....and at home....a great learning experience

The advancement of technology in the classroom is at the fore front of learning. IPads are now utilised in many learning activities. We would like to share our ideas with teachers, student and parents who are keen to find new and innovative ways to entice and captivate their learning experiences. We would love to hear what you think about our amazing eBooks. Click …


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FREE eBook/Audio this month especially for Mother’s Day – Inspirational World War II Nurse, IRENA SENDLER

Please enjoy this free audio book about this amazing nurse, Irena Sendler. It's possible many students have never heard of Irena. Share this with your class as we celebrate Mother's Day and women all over the world. Click HERE to read a little about Irena and to join us and receive many other inspirational titles from time to time. Students can come face to face with our heroes and inventors through…


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Amazing Mothers around the world - classroom activity to share with students

The Amazing People Club® are proud to introduce the amazing Queen Victoria. Our…


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Happy Birthday Tchaikovsky!


Today is a day to celebrate and pay tribute to this musical genius. Teachers, students, lovers of music, everyone, can take a journey back in time and meet Tchaikovsky in a way that will captivate all.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky led a somewhat troubled life, despite achieving immense success.  He was undoubtedly one of the greatest composers of the Romantic…


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A Mother, A Scientist, A Researcher - an overall amazing role model for students.

Would teachers like to discover an innovative way to connect topics with people? Personalising a subject makes it far easier to engage students and springboard into various areas, that may otherwise be daunting, or even 'boring' for students. Let us take the…


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Education Case Studies - Seeking Teachers

How Teachers can introduce Amazing People to Students…


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