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Soviet Time

Central Asian countries were ‘granted’ so called independence in the early 1990s as the former Soviet Union was dismantling itself of expensive appendages. I say granted because there was no revolution or fight as would typically happen. With independence came also the departure of skilled Russians including technicians, teachers, economists, engineers. Many of Russian heritage stayed because this was the only home they had ever known; and others stayed because there were not welcomed back to… Continue

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A Siberian Wind Blows Through Kyrgyzstan

just received this, sent by Russ Klenbach and published in Foreign Policy. Ever more critical background.

The Russification of Kyrgyzstan

By Baktybek Abdrisaev Page 1 of 1

Posted April 2009

How Russia pushed the U.S. out of a Central Asian stronghold.


An offer he couldn't refuse: Russia has taken advantage of Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's penchant for personal… Continue

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Continuing the blogs

My work was so engaging in Kyrgyzstan.......and took my time completely away! I was also connected to other blogs and Internet postings related to my work. While my trip is now finished, I am going to post my blogs. They are still timely, and I hope you find them interesting...regardless that the assignment is now over!

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Number Three: Arriving to familiar sounds

One always arrives in Bishkek in the middle of the night. It is the final destination of flights, so it is not as though it is a stop over to somewhere more important. And sometimes the plane is even full. But Central Asia is in the middle of the earth……and as you move more deeply into its center, the land underneath is quiet and dark. There is life, there is always life…..but it moves with the sun and the moon, as Central Asia has always now for over 2000 years.

I was whisked away… Continue

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Number One: Ancient Beginnings

Number One: Ancient Beginnings

And so the blog begins. I am leaving for Kyrgyzstan this Wednesday, arriving 3 AM on Friday morning, 10 April. My husband and I spent a year in Kyrgyzstan 2003-2004. He was a Fulbright Scholar and I a visiting academic. While there, I also consulted with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, developed projects for Global Visits and developed the American Studies in Central Asia Symposium. It is now in its sixth year. I have… Continue

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