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Film Recommendation - AMREEKA

A film that GEC members might be interested in is AMREEKA ( It's the story of a Palestinian woman and her son who move to the US circa the Gulf War. They encounter many difficulties, but surmount them with humor and love.It's a family movie and is distributed by National Geographic.

I think it gives an accurate impression on what life in occupied territories is like and shows the prejudices new immigrants to the U.S may encounter. I would have taken my… Continue

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YackPack Walkie Talkie Widget for Cities Around the World Project

This widget allows one to talk when the press the button, and listen when someone else is pressing the same button, I think. I'd love to test it with someone so let me know if you're up for it. I put this walkie talkie thing on the front page for the Cities Around the World wiki (, too, so that project participants might chat with each… Continue

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FYI, I've removed the animated map from the front page. In addition to being slightly annoying with its animation, it seems to load down the page and makes it hard for people with bandwith issues to see in a reasonable amount of time. I tend to go widget happy with these sorts of pages, so let me know if anything else is bogging down your loading time. The Frappr map is still available and there's a link on the front page.

Also,… Continue

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Workshop Wiki

I'm conducting a general tech integration workshop tomorrow at my old school. Here's the wiki if any of you would like to use the materials or contribute to the wiki. Suggestions are welcome, too!


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New job!

Hi All -

Just wanted to share that I'll be starting a new job in July at the University of Chicago Center for Urban School Improvement. I'll be a lead technology coach in a charter school two days a week, and developing and implementing a professional development tech plan during the rest of my time. It should be a challenge and a great opportunity to develop a new skill set. I'm excited, but nervous and a tad sad as I do love my current job. At… Continue

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Google Scavenger Hunt

Here's something I created for my sixth grade students yesterday... thought you all might be interested. Feedback would be appreciated!


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Workshop Resources for NECC

Excuse multiple crossposts -

Julene Reed and I are teaching a workshop at NECC on global collaboration, and I've set up a series of resources to demonstrate

during this class. I hope that these resources will live on as people

become interested in sharing resources used to teach global awareness

concepts. Please consider jumping in and joining any of these groups.

Some of them are already seeded with material, but others are just

getting started. Feel… Continue

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Welcome to the Global Education Collaborative Ning Community

At the National Educational Computing Conference to be held in Atlanta, Georgia this June, fellow ADE Julene Reed and I will be hosting a workshop on global collaboration. I plan on utilizing a variety of tools and resources throughout this hands-on class, including Ning, a service that allows one to establish a custom social networking site.

I've made a few prior attempts at creating an online meeting space for those interested in global collaboration which included the establishment… Continue

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