5 effective ways to use smartphone in teaching

Most of us have probably noticed that modern kids are addicted to their smartphones. While we can fight it all we want, we should agree that we won’t win. Luckily, there is a way how we can use it in teaching. For those who are interested, below is a list of tips how we can use smartphones and tablets in the classroom.

Coding. Being an IT teacher I always try to engage my students in learning how to code. You can make it a great day when your students can use their smartphones and tablets during the entire lesson. Simply go to code.org and ask your students to try to code for a good one hour. AngryBirds animations and colorful books will make it interesting even for the little ones. And you will go home with your head up, knowing that you were the first to introduce your students to coding.

Educreations. This will help you turn your ordinary lesson into a great time. This app allows you to explain a difficult concept in Mathematics in a simple and fun way. Homework task will be quite fun as well, with colorful infographics and videos your students will definitely pay more attention to their homework.  

Augment reality. This one is biggest surprise for your children. You can try Layar app to turn your Geography lesson into a real adventure. Simply take a map and ask your students to scan it for the answers. This one is only limited by your imagination. Try to make quizzes and games by connecting digital content with the real world. All you need to do is scan materials and make your augment digital experience.

Stop Motion Movie. You can add some digital storytelling to your everyday lesson with a simple app called Lego movie maker. Illustrate the historical event you were to learn or take mathematical concept no one understands and present it as a stop motion movie. Engage students to participate by creating their own stories and homework with the app.

Use social media in the classroom. If you want to be a part of your students’ “real world”, you will need to understand social media. When used carefully it can be a rather useful tool. What you can do is create a class Facebook page to share interesting news and updates on your next class. You can also start a topical twitter feed and even put blogging as a must during your lessons, kids don’t like to write but they surely enjoy typing. The only thing required is to set boundaries. You can try Pumpic app for iPhones to block 18+ websites and mask dirty words to avoid miscommunication.

Please, share your opinion and your interesting ideas on how to use smartphone and tablets in teaching below.

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