Teacher issue in the quality of education There cannot be greater issue than the teacher issue in taking the quality of education in the required direction. There is not, as is commonly believed, a b…

Teacher issue in the quality of education

There cannot be greater issue than the teacher issue in taking the quality of education in the required direction. There is not, as is commonly believed, a best and unique way or path for the development and improvement of Bhutanese education. Bone-breaking researches and consensus are reached on what actually impact on the quality of education. The quality of education is tempered or moved by the movements in the educational stakeholders. Education policies as we look into any documents, are always underpinned, whether explicitly or implicitly, by philosophies of education and derive much of their meaning from the philosophical positions. Philosophies of education can be best understood when it is analyzed in a broad context societal evolution and history. Education System has gained great distance in putting the philosophies of education into the practice. Current education system is doing well if we judge its performance with regard to the philosophical evolution. Thanks should be given to the great reformists. They have brought education this far through the inculcation of approaches such as, the Philosopher Approach and the Stream Approach. Then, there on the way popped up the educational dilemmas. The current educational dilemmas can be put into five issues as presented by Mounier (2010).

1. The issue of the child

2. The issue of the teacher

3. The issue of the knowledge

4. The issue of the equality

5. The issue of the state’s role in educational matters.

These issues can be answered to some extent through the proper practice of the educational theories springing from the education philosophies. Educationists have also progressed further down the line by bringing the current educational dilemmas in to focus and developing ways to solve them.

Out of five issues, the real issue to consider at this stage is the second one. The issue of the teacher. The Bhutanese newspaper forum,  http://www.kuenselonline.com/2011/?page_id=6196/from-the-readers/16... adds light to this pressing issue.

The forum administrator- approved, forum post stated:

"Teaching? and gone begging????

A time for real reflection on the ministry of education….Why don’t graduates opt teaching???

a. The pay, which is the basic necessity, is low, very low compared to other civil servants who earn more than their monthly salary in terms of TA/DA(Money issue).

b. Teachers’ reputation need to be restored. Teachers in the most developed countries with the best education system in the world are the cream of the crop. In South Korea and Finland, for example, the one with the highest marks are sent for teacher training. Teachers are synonymous with doctors and lawyers. In our case, teachers are unmotivated people. They will actually spoil the entire generation.

c. The principals need to be taught to deal humanly with the teachers. Some principals are way too burden for the entire staff, and it unnecessarily pollutes the environment because of one person. I’d prefer an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lion led by a sheep.

d. Teachers need to be supported at any cost. These days, even if the teachers are threatened by the students or parents, there seem to be no support or say on the ministry’s part. It’s just a GNH country and the so called learner centered, child friendly that should be promoted. And because of these the students should be protected at all times. This is completely misleading our youth. They are aware of their ‘freedom’ but often forget that freedom comes with ‘responsibility’.

e. The recent promotion scheme has also demotivated the teachers through out the nation. Teachers aren’t priviledged like other office goers. They are teachers but have to become a carer, a disciplinarian, a security guard, a cashier, a statistician, a dancer, a joker, a humourist, and what not. Ask any teacher and they’ll agree with me. The promotion term of 4 years is also increased to 5 years. Will the graduates wanting the teaching profession be pleased with it???

f. In the Scandinavian countries where the education systems are the best, the teachers who become mothers are allowed to stay home to nurture the child, which will become the future generation, with full pay, but in the Bhutanese context, the teaching allowance of few thousands is also confiscated. I believe such is the time when the mother needs to be supported morally as well as financially. She has a new member in the family to support.

g. When it comes to the curriculum revision or revamping, teachers are seldom contacted. The designers often forget it is the teachers who will implement who matter how best the black on white will be. It is the urge that comes from within how the content will be delivered. MAKING long talk short, teachers need to be motivated. And human motivation and self actualization comes only when the basic needs are fulfilled. I’ll leave it to the ministry to decide what those ‘basic human needs’ are, since teachers are also human. This is not a complaint against the Ministry which is doing a great job, but just a professional reflection, which could improve what we have."

The issue is clear.

In an approved reply to the post, Genkhubami, in the same platform said: ”Ya well researched and written.”

Guest User of the forum, Dendup said: Absoutely correct and well said and its practical too. Even stds. theses days seem cynical abt the teaching profession. It's tedious job n they say they would never join this profession. I can't deny the fact and I advise them not to join this profession. Indeed a noble profession????

Preula, said this: I am a teacher and have served 20 years by 1st August 2012. It's nice to read the professional reflection as it spells genuine information. The line which states, "the principals need to be taught to deal humanly with the teachers" seems little personal. Do not generalise and put all people in same category. At times I feel that our teachers also need to be human. Let's not blame the people holding the handle of same umbrella. No personal grudge but sharing my thoughts.

Lorung said: Hey author, Good! Good! Nicely said.It is the right situation facing by the teaching professionals. Some thing special has to be done to retain our teachers. Otherwise the future of Bhutan will be…..am not sure what to say………anyone can analize la…. So concern authority please…please….look into the matter before it is tooooooooooo late…PLEASE….

Peewee, further added light on the status of the teachers: genkhubami, well thought and well written! hope the MoE looks into this. if the country needs productive citizens, education and teachers need to be a priority. if the government had spent more money and more time on education policy and management, we wouldn't be facing youth problems now. how can disgruntled and unmotivated teachers teach well and produce better citizens? and the principals in the schools need to be screened well during their selections. these principals need to be 'leaders' not 'bosses.' they need to be able to inspire the teachers not demotivate them. they need to be broad-minded and capable not dictate their own ideas and smother the teachers. they need to be a role model not someone who would misuse their authority. they need to be an 'instructional leaders' not just an administrators. when one good leader can move a country, think what one good leader can do in a school. may justice prevail in Bhutan!

Borangkota, a member of the forum: teachers i knew they have to be multi-talented.club activities,games n sports beside teachings.we dont learn and get trained during training.its hectic because by the time seventh and eight period is over u r tired.but must carry out those activities.so i think thats the reason for not joining teachers.the other reason could be status as to where teachers are placed by society,weakness of ministry to help teachers cope up with our own country's rules n regu.so n so…ummmm let hear from others

It is probably a time for the stakeholders in the education administration section  to take good actions with regard to this issue. Teachers are very humble. Teachers live by examples. Teachers live the simplest life. Teachers are perhaps the most shadowed servant. Teachers handle multiple issues. They handle schools issues and home issues. Handling school issues is easy as it does not take money. Handling home issues is the most difficult issue as it demands money. Teachers do have families. Families do have desires. Desires do require health and wealth and respect. A good health, wealth and respect do require good steps taken by the ministry. Anyone can check the bank balance of a teacher and cross compare with other servant and find out what actually is happening with the teachers’ future. The future of the teachers’ sons and daughters are bleak. Their children’s future direction is already reflected in the bank credit sheet. This I think leads to the misunderstanding within the family. I have this issue in my family. One in hundred teachers may not have a financial issue taking family’s issues to the messed up fights. Teachers’ voices are rarely raised. Once raised means there is a need to raise.

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