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I only have ten minutes before class, but thought I would talk about something I've been discussing with colleagues at work that ties in with the article about teenagers in cyberspace. Apologies if I cannot quote directly, but someone is using my classroom right now and I don't have access to the article.

There is a difference of opinion as to the usefulness and appropriateness of using Korean-English fusion words, otherwise know as "Conglish". I was reading a post on the USQ forum about a man in Brunei (I think) who had a similar situation with "Arabish". While I do not encourage it's use, I am of the opinion that such types of language, in a similar vein as text language, are simply a natural evolution of modern language. While others disagree with toying with the purity of a Language, I simply feel that in our fast paced world, there is a clear need for faster, simpler, less technical language tools in certain situations. If the world is headed towards the concept of the global village, then I see these new forms of 'dialects' as a natural progression towards better communication amongst it's various tribes. If the Western world wants English to remain the official language of international communication, we must allow the world to tinker around with it in order to better express each of our unique perspectives.


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Comment by natasya on May 5, 2010 at 6:25am
hi jeremy,
am natasya here. from m'sia.
am interested to join USQ.
since u were a student there B4 could u pls assist me which school shud i join.
i'm interested to do my PhD in the use of blog in ESL classroom.
thanks in advance.
i wud really appreciate ur guidance.

Thanks again


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