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Returning from three and a bit weeks of introspection as part of an early mid-life crisis to an active classroom is challenging. Nevertheless, that time sitting in Parisian cafes watching the people watching the people and shoveling mud from my tent in the wilds of Somerset has prepared me to be with the Ugandan Christian group dancing and singing up a storm this morning. Seeing them dance and sing and rise their hearts in praise prompts me to ask the question - 'What is the role of joy in the life of a learner?' Any thoughts?

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Comment by Steven Caldwell on July 19, 2007 at 4:43pm
I could not agree with you more. My answer would be to inject a sense of drama or, more aptly 'play' into any given situation. This motivates and alleviates the fear of failing if it is seen as part of story. Herein lies a great challenge, however. Can students 'de-role' in order to reflect on the serious implications and then decide on suitable actions?

Comment by Lucy Gray on July 19, 2007 at 11:41am
Joy is key. That's what's missing from working in difficult to reach kids, I think. They haven't experienced enough joy in their lives. My question is: how do we infuse joy into the learning process, particularly if joy isn't something celebrated within a school culture?

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