Apple Distinguished Educator Kristi Meeuwse Talks Technology in Kindergarten

Apple Distinguished Educator Kristi Meeuwse joins the Core to discuss the advantages of integrating technology into a Kindergarten classroom in South Carolina. Kristi shares her favorite apps for her students and what it feels like to see young students embrace the excitement of technology. You will learn how Kristi rolls out technology and the choices she gives her students to acclimate them to their new options. Kristi utilizes “Voice and Choice” approaches so that her students can demonstrate competencies using traditional and/or technological methods. I think you will experience Kristi, as has Apple, as an innovator and trailblazer in education. I encourage you to check out Kristi’s blog and Twitter account to continue the conversation. Enjoy! Rod

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Comment by Katherine Bolman, EdD on April 18, 2013 at 3:36pm

I have something for you, has a lot of images that your class would enjoy. If you start with Prehistoric Australia there are enough images for the class to make a story book. If you choose to do this please contact me a I am working on a grant proposal for the NEH and it woiuld help to get letters from teachers! Katherine

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