Are We Listening OR are We Hearing? A World of Meaningful and Purposeful Difference; Focus on the “D e t a i l (s); It Matters

Are We Listening OR are We Hearing? A World of Meaningful and Purposeful Difference; Focus on the “D e t a i l (s); It Matters

It is indeed a perceptible and distinctive difference between “Hearing" and “Listening”
Listening extends from the hearing to the listening, where attention is focused when the listening begins.

Attention is focused upon what is being communicated. We might be hearing a talk or We might be listening to it.

Each action makes a world of difference since by hearing we are present in the moment physically and part of our attention might be diverted.

Whereas while listening, we are paying attention to what is being spoken / communicated / narrated with attention.

We are seeking to grasp and understand the essence of what is being heard, so although generally it might be casually referred to as simply “hearing” and “listening”; yet each of the above actions have their own advantages and dis advantages, where it may concern with particular relevance / essence accordingly.

Importance / Focus
Listening is an action that relegates an credible level of importance to the task on hand whereas Hearing could be hearing without the diligence that is associated with the Listening aspect.

What Matters
We Hear, We Listen; Both important virtues, however what we Understand is what Matters in the scheme of Life; Understand where it NEEDS to be Understood, there is a World of Meaning in this and Significant Importance since if we were to be simply hearing where listening / attentiveness / alertness / an essential understanding of what is being communicated required, then we might need to identify the particular significance by ourselves since once the particular instance(s) lapses, it might tend to elongate before it were to revert or probably be awaited with keen anticipation earnestly, hence,

The Importance of Listening and More Importantly UNDERSTANDING
the Importance of Listening and genuinely Understanding is of certain Importance. It is also in one way, seeking a pro active approach instead of a reactive approach, seeking to anticipate, innovate and organize one's endeavors meaningful since after having listened carefully and essentially understood the meaning of what has been communicated, taking Responsible actions with due diligence, prudent acumen, alertness, awareness and Accountability.

Seeking clear and prompt clarifications essentially and specifically to ensure clarity in understanding / interpretation and application, when in doubt not hesitating towards seeking clarifications as well as observing various other diligent factors diligently, prudently, carefully and pro actively.

Each Moment is Seeking to Communicate a Certain Meaning, Are we merely Listening or Hearing
The essence of each Moment is seeking to communicate to us a certain meaning; a certain aspect; a certain attribute; encouraging us to take the intiative to Listen; to Understand; however it depends upon what intensity of focus is being devoted / assigned to the concerned aspect(s) / objective(s) accordingly.
Of Course The essence of this comparative difference / distinction is not intended to draw attention solely to the concerned action or the level of alertness; but rather this is a matter of fact and a matter of awareness

It obviously remains at each Individual's discretion whether to “Listen” or “Hear” and each action is not intended to create a debate, but rather to simply encourage listening more where it may tend to carve its impressionable imprint / difference distinctly; It is but seeking to refer to an aspect of being more aware, being more attentive to what is being communicated and most essentially understanding the essence of what is the particular aspect(s) that is intending to reach our attention diligently.

It might perhaps be the very most simplest of aspects, yet hearing and yet listening each make their own individual formidable differences.

Matter of One's Opinion / Point Of View
It is the manner in which the point is put forth that makes a world of difference since each method of communication has its own unique and credible importance and distinctive essence, so either hearing or listening is also referring to the proficiency since depending upon one's experience in utilizing one's creative intellectual faculties.

The extent to which one is able to diversify and mutually pay careful attention to various tasks on hand.

Multi Tasking / Multi Handling
The multi tasking factor may vary, depending upon various factors, one's interest and inclination, whether to seek to hear and let it be heard ior whether to listen and to be aware and understand; seek to relate to the meaning; the significance of what is being communicated.

The Level of Attention
Yet despite all factors such as the proficiency; the faculties; the abilities; the level of attention; the level of awareness; the interest; the intention; it all strongly depends upon what the concerned Individual might wish to pursue and entierely at the concerned Individual's preference, whether to hear or whether to listen; it is a matter of one's choice, yet the choice does make a world of difference where it tends to matter and apply whether in the present moment, whether imminently or whether at a future stage; it does have its own unique proposition and speciality, whether to hear only or whether to listen only.

We might he listening when we are hearing or vice versa; We might be hearing when we are listening; however when referring to listening, there is an predominant precedence of the “awareness factor” / “the altertness”; there is a considerable difference indeed between hearing and listening that can be experienced and noticed particularly when the focus / the attention is particularly assigned / devoted to the concerned agenda/matters/speech/narration being communicated

Listening is considered Purposeful and Objective / Attentive Orientation Listening is devoting, conferring specific attention on what is being communicated with the intention to seek to understand the meaning and utilize what is listened to for a specific meaningful *purpose.

The *Purpose of Life is to live a Life of Purpose The Purpose of Life is to live a Life of Purpose; a Life of Meaningful Principles, Values, Ethics and Purposeful Objectives that create greater Good / Goodness, Happiness for The World / for the Universe

IMPORTANT / For Reference ONLY
The above are a very few aspects that pertain to the above and naturally there are various other details / aspects that need to be taken into very careful consideration, accountability and application consistently with due diligence and prudent acumen and of course time and again with complete / total Accountability and Responsibility

NO warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the above details featured are provided in any way whatsoever.In NO event whatsoever shall the author of this article be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information featured. The details featured herewith are in good faith BUT in NO way assure or guarantee any results / performances from what is sincerely Hoped for since every action(s) / decision(s) taken by the concerned Individual(s) remains completely and entirely the concerned Individual(s) Responsibility and at their sole discretion and risk.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

May One and All be Happy;May One and All have well-being;

May Happiness be showered on all;May One and All be Healthy

O Lord Protect us

O Lord Guide us

O Lord Grant us Wisdom

O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

O Lord May there be Universal Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress

Best Wishes,
Vashi Ram Chandi

Are We Listening OR are We Hearing? A World of Meaningful and Purposeful Difference; Focus on the “D e t a i l (s); It Matters

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