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Global Citizen Year Launches Accessible New Virtual Gap Year Alternative

Hi Everyone, My name is Molly Weissman and I'm excited to share some information about Global…See More
Jun 26
Molly Weissman posted a discussion

Global Citizen Year Launches Accessible New Virtual Gap Year Alternative

Hi Everyone, My name is Molly Weissman and I'm excited to share some information about Global…See More
Jun 26
Molly Weissman's discussion was featured

Global Citizen Year Hiring Instructors for Virtual Gap Year Fall Semester Program

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Molly Weissman posted a discussion

Global Citizen Year Hiring Instructors for Virtual Gap Year Fall Semester Program

Global Citizen Year is Hiring!  As the world drastically changes, we are looking for individuals…See More
Jun 23
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Jun 15
Barbara Anna Zielonka posted a discussion


Dear colleagues and friends,  We would like to invite you to the global and collaborative project…See More
Jun 12
Barbara Anna Zielonka posted a blog post


Dear colleagues and friends,  We would like to invite you to the global and collaborative project…See More
Jun 12
Kelley Haynes-Mendez's discussion was featured

Global Citizenship Education Training Series

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Jun 5

Better World Cameroon Youth Program (BYP):

Dear Friends of Better World Cameroon,

We’re putting a call out for motivated, energetic volunteers for this coming summer 2011 to help Regenerate and Beautify the Ndanifor Community
Garden in Yaoundé
which was destroyed by floods! We can accommodate up to 20
willing helpers.

Since getting through some of the initial big jobs of clearing the river course and building a thriving education park and garden pavilion…the space and land needs some sprucing up

Please reply back to – we’re communicating all by e-mail: Skype: Joshua.konkankoh

Telephone: (237) 77891580.

WHAT: Work this summer will include everything from digging, removing debris, & raising awareness on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and
teaching children. We really need folks who can catch what needs
doing and run with it! Particular skills and experience are not very
necessary, yet generally knowing how to get things done and ‘think on
your feet’ is, we will be in a position to offer basic direction.

Please note: This is the right time to come out and see how a home grown initiative is contributing to make our planet a better place, and be shown around,
have discussions about things, or be taught new skills and language,
also a time to come out and join in some joyous, hard & messy
work! If you’re interested in that, we appreciate it
greatly! If you’d like to come out at another time for a more
facilitated experience, please do let us know and we can another time
for you to come join us tour or for one of our workshops – we would
look forward to meeting and visiting with you then.


Arrivals – June-October, 2011

Food: Cameroon has a rich variety of organic foods and fruits

Health: Take malaria prevention. Mosquito Nets will be available

RSVP to: - we then will confirm with Directions & Visa assistance and details about what to bring! (or let you know if the summer fills up).
Book early!

In your RSVP please let us know: 1) your name 2) number of people in your group 3) when you would arrive – (*please let us know if you have
skills/experience in IT, Web Mastering, language/Maths teaching, handling children, sports,

Thanks and hope to see you! We’ll have lots of fun and good food while getting this messy work done!

Sincerely and with great thanks,

The Better World Change Markers Team.


  • Start date: July 15 th – August 15th 2011
  • Expected number 20 ( type: STI international)
  • Work Environmental and social (6hours a day and 5 days a week and one field day every week)

A) Work will consist of cleaning river, planting trees and creating and eco village

B) Work with underprivileged children and physically disadvantaged.

  • Accommodation ( students accommodation in dormitory/ home stay with board members of BWC
  • Feeding (cooking by turns by Better World Students Nature Club and willing international volunteers (Breakfast,
    launch and Dinner
    for vegetarians and non vegetarians).
  • Administration: There is a possibility to co organize with UAC Buea.
  • Aim: Using Cross-culture and environment in supporting role of youth and environment. The objective of the camp is: promoting global understanding on environmental issues,
    friendship, and solidarity.

I am committed to the success of this work camp because survival of the Better world Cameroon environmental organization depends on the Garden regeneration which is
its agency of youth employment and income generation for the youth slum

I resigned from the government system six years ago to devote the rest of my life to youth entrepreneurship as a strategy for achieving sustainability at scale. The most visible feature of
expanding our conservation education programme beyond Cameroon
is this work camp and I believe with your support the work camp will
achieve great success and international recognition.


Please even if you are not coming; help with flood recovery and rebuilding by contributing financially or making a donation that can be useful. Thank you! All gifts, small and large, add up to rebuilding and
planting for resiliency.


Our heartfelt gratitude to all of the supportive thoughts, messages, gifts, donations, offers of hands & hearts! You make the Better World Vision thrive while responding to change, finding
solutions amidst challenges and carrying on our educational mission.

Better World Youth Program (BYP) is a programme delivered under the auspices of the Department of Common Wealth, Ministry of External Relations MINREX and the Cameroon One World
Linking Association (COWLA). It involves youth in Cameroon and other countries around
the world. Participating youth from other Youth Exchange programs, independent
volunteers and development professionals live and work together with youth from
Cameroon in a community
garden called Ndanifor Community Garden Project (NCGP) situated in the
outskirts of Yaoundé, capital city of Cameroon. They exchange ideas and
experiences on global environmental issues and visit the extraordinary rich and
diverse cultural groups of the country (Cameroon has over 250 ethnic groups and
is often referred to as Africa in Miniature while the Youth Development NGO
Better World Cameroon (BWC) is a microcosm of Biodiversity Conservation and
custodians of traditional lifestyles and inspirational ways of thinking for
youth responsibility).

Within this youth alternative environment, visiting youth can broaden their African perspective, broaden their environmental education and help give something back to the
community by helping teach children Art, Music, Language or Maths, while mutual
understanding and friendship is being promoted.

Together, they foster the spirit of international cooperation and global citizenship and develop the ability to put it into practice.

The objective of the programme is to nurture a New Breed of Youth who can demonstrate leadership skills in various fields of sustainable

By creating and stimulating the concept of a global millenniumnvillage where youth can experience living together in a concrete and practical level, personal networks from a youth
perspective and young people’s cooperative activism is promoted. These and
other important outcomes grow out of BWC’s perspective of nurturing youth
leadership resources, and tangible nature care contributions on a global scale.
Something that we continually strive for-”A BETTER WORLD!”.

BYP was created in 2006 as a result of a collaborative effort between Better World Cameroon and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London.

Our overall goal is to be internationally recognized as a centre where the concept for global citizenship can be enriched and strengthened.

BYP for 2011 involves NCGP, two educational foundations, an orphanage and school for the blind.

Administrative Staff

Administrator: Joshua Konkankoh, National Coordinator, Better World Cameroon; Executive Secretary, Cameroon
One World Linking Association (COWLA)

Deputy Administrator: Susan Agbor, President Better World Student’s Nature Club.

Administrative Staff: 5 other Members


The administrator represents Better World and other affiliated Cameroonian institutions and works with related government Ministries to facilitate Visa, Travel and Security

The Deputy Administrator Assists the administrator and ensures participant’s security and welfare

The Administrative Staff receive directives from the administrator and are responsible for implementing the programme.


· Ibrahim Ndzesop - Cicil Society Desk officer Commonwealth Department, MINREX

· Josephine Nanjoh - Ministry of Youth Affairs

· Emmanuel Ngungoh - British Council Director

· Professor Mbangwana - Fulbright Fellow University of Yaoundé 1

DUTIES: The advisors share the responsibility of educating the participating youth in line with the purpose of the programme. Besides being an adviser himself, the chief adviser from MINREX
convenes the advisers


The administrator negotiates with the participating foreign organizations and independent participants, operational costs.

Selection of Foreign participating youth

The qualifications of external participating organizations and independent candidates are as follows:

a) Must be able to communicate in English or French

b) Must be between the ages of 18-30 years

c) Must have been involved in youth activities locally, professionally or through school or youth organizations, and who can be expected to remain committed to such involvement
upon returning from the programme, and have the discipline to live in a group.

d) Possess basic knowledge or skill in areas such as Art, Science, Culture, Music and IT

e) Must be able to show appreciation and understanding of African values and Cameroon’s Cultural Diversity.

Selection for Cameroon Participating Youth

a) Must be 18-30 years of age

b) Must have been successful in the New Breed Selection Test

c) Must fully understand the meaning and purpose of the programme and be acceptable to act in harmony with the group and respect the vision and values of Better World

d) Can contribute greatly to the various activities for promoting sound development of youth and play an active role in international exchange in the area of their commitments,
occupation, and school or youth organization.


There is a lively participatory 3 day training session held at the Better World Cameroon Head Office in Yaoundé to ensure all participating youth fully understand the objectives of the programme and mentally prepare them for
the fundamentals of what global citizenship and care for the planet involves.


· Biodiversity conservation, Organic gardening and Field trips, Human investment in community development

· Workshops: Role of youth and environment, Volunteerism, Cross-culture understanding, Corporate
Responsibility, Working with special needs children, exhibition, sport and
recreation, Press activities, Fare well dinner.

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Comment by Joshua konkankoh on November 25, 2010 at 12:38am
From a business perspective, Better World Cameroon holds the potential to become an international framework for combating the food & water crisis, educating children, giving jobs to unemployed youth and advocating for better management of the rich natural resources Africa is imbued with.
Better World Cameroon is a critical call for ACTION for professional organizations to support the Spirit of Social Enterprise through Cross-cultural Education.
The specific target is to accelerate progress towards meeting the MDGs in Africa.
Accept All, our highest esteem.

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