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Ten days in the Philippines and Hong Kong was basically an excuse to eat.

Something did strike me, though, on my trip that I thought would make a good blog post.

See, I was in the Philippines to visit my good friend, Dr Chrisso. Dr Chrisso married a very nice Philippina woman, Zhar, and the wedding was (very well) organised by her sister. Over a meal (!), Zhar was telling me that her sister, who lives in Iloilo city, Philippines, works as a teacher and also tutors English to Korean students using Skype.

It struck me that, when I talk to people about the kind of world that our kids are going into - global, technology-rich, connected, and one in which our kids in the west might be competing with entrepreneurial people in other countries for work - people might think that what I'm talking about is some theoretical extrapolation that may or may not occur. Perhaps because we live in Australia, we are insulated by our wealth from the urgency to educate our kids in a way that reflects the world they're headed into.

But it isn't a theoretical concept. It isn't something that won't happen for another decade. It's happening now. Ordinary people are out there in countries we don't ordinarily think of as being technological leaders, using technology to work with people in other countries, to be able to make a living.

How long can we in education afford to ignore it?

(The title is a Philippino slang word I plan to introduce to Australia: it means outrageously kitsch).
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