I teach English to middle and senior students in Nikopol, Ukraine. I`ve attended a lot of sessions of the Global Education Conference this year. I thank all presenters and volunteers who`s organised and conducted the conference. But I was really amazed   by Noel Feria`s techniques for empowering studentsto become more active in their collaborationMy students are 14 – 17 years old. I have been an English teacher for 19 years. Since 2010, I have been using global collaboration as a teaching tool. My students and I have already taken part in many projects on ePals and since this year we`ve been working with iEarn, too. We`ve become an ePals Classroom of the Month (October 2011) and now we are in "Places and Perspectives Learning Circle" on iEarn. It`s very interesting but I haven`t got enough knowledge for valid collaboration. Thanks to your conference I`ve got it!

It`s an exellence experience! Knowledge is power!

I hope to encourage my collegues to enhance their usage of the Internet and to discover how easy it can be not only to make the best possible uses of the new tools available to us, but also to prepare our students better to participate in the global community.

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