Creating A Positive Future for the Planet--or "United We Stand With our Heads in the Sand"?

I believe that those of us who are deeply involved with the global education/global awareness movement are being challenged to create an important part of our own and our children's future. I am sometimes (frankly) discouraged in this effort in the face of apparently well-funded and persistent "international education" and "climate change" detractors and deniers, whose motto might as well be "United We Stand--With Our Heads in the Sand." I came across the following quote from spiritual teacher and EnlighteNext magazine editor Andrew Cohen, which has inspired me and given me comfort. Here are Andrew's words:


"If you are trying to do something genuinely new, you have to be a pioneer
you have to be a change-agent. In order to contribute to creating the future
you need to be aligned with the very edge of evolution. Otherwise, you are
going to be following the beaten path, living out the patterns that have been
formed by countless others. Most human beings are born and die within a
preexistent cultural context that we don't necessarily feel is up to us to
define. Without even knowing it, we tend to do what everyone else is doing. But
at this particular time in history, for new evolutionary stages, structures
and potentials to emerge requires rare and heroic men and women who have
awakened to the conviction that this next step needs to happen and that we're
the ones who have to take it.”

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