Define the Moment or Permit the Moment to Define Ourselves

Define the Moment or Permit the Moment to Define Ourselves

Define the Moment or Permit the Moment to Define Ourselves; This Moment in Life will never come back again, even if we may wish to recall it how much ever; it never comes back

Appreciation / Gratitude
Appreciate each and every Moment and utilize it Wisely and Responsibly

Like it has been said, that either we define the Moment or the Moment defines us; sooner or later the Moment expended measures up in the context it has been utilized

Shape / Desingn
Design your Life; Shape your Destiny; Design your Destiny(*Performing Ethical, Good, Proper, Responsible deeds, Invoke the Blessings from Nature, the Universe and Divinity) Shape your Life

Life encourages and inspires us to invest in each moment wisely with an attitude of appreciatve gratitude for all the resources that we have been provided / equipped with and to utilize these responsibly.

Life teaches us to discover our proficient abilities and utilize our resources wisely and responsibly.

Immense Gratitude
We owe our gratitude to Nature, The World, The Universe and its Wonderful People for the tremendous environment and goodness that prevails.

We should Inspire one another consistently whilst of course attending to our respective agendas / assignments / endeavors / objectives with due diligence, punctuality, prudent acumen, accountability and responsibility consistently and attentively with a perspective of awareness and time and again attention to “detail(s)”

The *Purpose of Life is to live a Life of Purpose
The Purpose of Life is to live a Life of Purpose; a Life of Meaningful Principles, Values, Ethics and Purposeful Objectives that create greater Good / Goodness, Happiness for The World / for the Universe

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

May One and All be Happy;May One and All have well-being;

May Happiness be showered on all;May One and All be Healthy

O Lord Protect us

O Lord Guide us

O Lord Grant us Wisdom

O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

O Lord May there be Universal Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress

Best Wishes,
Vashi Ram Chandi

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